Monday, November 12, 2012

Morning Dump: 11/12

Kansas State 23 - TCU 10
Kansas State resembles Rose Bowl-winning TCU team of 2010 - Star-Telegram Gil Lebreton
TCU offense smothered by K-State - Star-Telegram
Photo Gallery - Star-Telegram
Patterson: We thought we could win this ballgame -
Patterson: This program has not forgotten how to play big ballgames -
TCU Showing it has a bright future in the Big 12 - Dallas Morning News
Devonte Fields acrobatic INT for TCU ends remarkable streak for K-State - Dallas Morning News
Parking a premium on TCU game day - WFAA
Tee Kid in K-State vs. TCU game needs a pep talk - SBNation
TCU considering mascot change to Bearded Frogs - SBNation
Hottest TCU Horned Frogs college football cheerleaders -
Boykin should be fine after shoulder injury - Dallas Morning News
TCU coach GP "I want Kansas State to win out" - Dallas Morning News

Delusions in Arkansas, news from Friday:
TCU's Gary Patterson said to be leading candidate at Arkansas - Saturday Down South
Sources: TCU's Gary Patterson "Leading candidate" to coach hogs -
Arkansas wants GP, would he leave TCU - Big Lead Sports
Reports says Patterson is leading candidate for Arkansas job -
Patterson's work at TCU means more offers loom - San Antonio News-Express


FrogHorn07 said...

We need to protect Boykin better, I actually feel sorry for him. He is getting hit almost every time we pass.

FrogHorn07 said...

I felt our defense played a great game. We contained the Cats very well and held them to field goals for most of the game.

Tanner said...

Re-watching the game the defense did a great job neutralizing the damage (muffed punt/8 yard punt given them ball in redzone) as well as forcing 5 punts, or that game could have very easily gotten out of hand. Man I can't wait for next year.

LOLfolding said...

Wake me up when it is August 2013.

Rebecca said...

I thought the defense looked great, they are really hitting their stride. Unfortunately, they can't win it by themselves. Offense and special teams, yeeeps!! Esp, offense line. Can Boykin get a little help over here?

JHale said...

I feel like our O-line is watching an instructional video from the Cowboys. It is rough to have two first year starters for Tackles with the talent level of DE's in the Big12 -- Then again it is not like our senior led interior line is doing much better. Loved how our defense played -- Special teams continues to slide.

Skeptical Frog said...

We held KSU to their lowest point total of the season and the third smallest margin of victory. Plus, they had more FGs than TDs and no passing TDs.
If our offense wasn't such a hodge podge of players and schemes, we might have made it more of a game. I'm just gald we didn't get shutout/blownout.
For what we've got at this point, I fairly satisfied with Saturday's result. I still think we have a good chance of stealing one in Austin.

FrogsUTD said...

Our Defense has really stepped up. Olabode is everywhere on the field. Maponga/fields/Pierson are now consistently getting to the quarterback something we sorely missed earlier in the season. And Verret was even close to having another pick. The Coordinators tried to limit Boykin from throwing downfield to much, probably worried about how his shoulder was holding up and with the wind and his recent accuracy issues they didn't want to risk more turnovers. Our Oline is getting Boykin killed specifically the freshman RT Collins who has gotten worse each game(or the defenses we play are getting better) but he has been the cause of half of he sacks the last three games. He finally got benched late in the third to no real effect. Also did anyone else hear the stadium announcer give tank carder credit for two tackles in te second half?

VikingFrog said...

Tough game to watch because it seemed so winnable. Not from Saturday night's perspective, but from the way I know our guys can play when healthy. K-State played exactly like I thought they would. Not sure what they were doing at the end continually giving the ball to Klein on two option runs instead of taking a knee. Then throwing on third down and proceeding to fumble the next handoff. Glad we punished them for that with another TD and makes the box score a little easier to look at.