Friday, November 9, 2012

Frogs vs K-State - Prediction Post

Well, this game wasn't the one that I initially circled on my calendar when the schedule first came out, but it has quickly become one of the most anticipated match-ups for TCU fans, as we welcome an undefeated squad to The Carter tomorrow night. Back to back weeks on the big stage, the chance to knock-off a National Title Contender, and the opportunity for Coach P to beat his alma mater, all make for what is sure to be a great atmosphere. And, as if we needed more - GUS JOHNSON IS CALLING THE GAME!

So how will TCU fare against one of the best teams in the country? A lot of our success will be dependent upon if all everything QB Collin Klein is on the field or not for the Wildcats. I do think TCU has a chance in this game, even if he is on the field for K-State, but obviously the chances increase if he is not.

Defensively, the scheme changes dramatically based on who is in the backfield - Klein is a threat to both run and pass, while freshman Daniel Sams is a speedster, but isn't going to kill you with his arm. I do expect Klein on the field of course, and the challenge for TCU isn't much different than it was a week ago - contain him in the pocket, don't give up the deep ball, and keep the WR's from racking up too many yards after the catch. Klein is going to make plays and rack up some yardage - that offense is too good to shut down completely. And my biggest fear frankly is their big tight end, who I just don't know who on TCU's team can cover.

On offensive, K-State isn't immune to giving up the big play, and basically any QB that stepped foot on the field for OSU last week was able to make plays. Boykin hasn't been the most accurate guy lately, but does tend to make the plays when needed. He should be able to have some success against the Wildcats, and with the additional attention Boyce is sure to garner after his big week, things should open up for Brown, Carter, Dawson, White, etc. Boykin will have another big game, to the tune of 17/29 for 275, 2 TDs, and 48 yards on the ground for a third score. Boyce will once again lead the team in yards, with 8 catches for 120, and Brown scores both TDs through the air. I'm also going to go out on a limb here and say the tight ends get involved in the passing game with a handful of catches.

The running game has improved week by week, and BJ Catalon is looking stronger and stronger. He will break free for 80 yards and a score, and Tucker, who is starting to look like his old self, will add 60 on the ground.

Special teams is an area of both strength and concern, as Oberkrom has started to look human, but I think he is back to being automatic at home tomorrow night. 3/3, with a 50 yarder in the first half. Who knows who will be back returning kicks - Skye lost his job late last week, but I think he starts and breaks a big gain. And Ethan Perry continues to be solid - pinning the K-State O deep will go a long way to our defensive success.

As much as I want to predict the major upset... Aw, what the hell. I will. TCU shocks the world, with Gus Johnson screaming his ever loving head off for four quarters, and beats K-State at home 33-31. Patterson gets to take out his alma mater, TCU impresses the Alamo Bowl guys enough to earn a bid, and the Carter rocks for four quarters. Purple tinted glasses fully engaged.

Let's hear your predictions in the comments: final score, if Collin Klein plays and how effectively if so, and if we will be able to hear Gus calling the game from the stands.

Let's shock the world! Go Frogs!


JT said...

Well you predicted 37 points (4 TDs + 3 FGs) :) which I think is a better goal than 33.

Um, like I said in the other article I think we hang pretty well but I don't think we'll win. We have been playing sloppy this year, with lots of penalties and turnovers. Although we've gotten better on both counts, we aren't out of the woods yet, and KSU is the best in the country in both those categories.

I think Klein will play but won't be 100%. If we hit him a few times he'll probably come out of the game.

I think it'll be close... maybe just a two or three point game. 28-26 KSU.

Melissa Triebwasser said...

Yeah, my math was very bad in that... Oops. I agree it will be close, think we have a better shot than most outside the program have said.

Porkins said...

TCU 35
KSU 17

Dave ofTCU said...

I still stand by TCU winning by 1 point.

VikingFrog said...

oof. Where'd our O go?

Defense looked decent, but defense doesn't win ball games.

SnK said...

Our O went to rehab and the injury list.