Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The SOUR (and NOT so Sour) GRAPES For The Week

Usually SOUR GRAPES is published on Tuesday at lunch time, but as most of you know yesterday at lunch time was also the same moment that Coach Patterson, at his weekly media lunch, was announcing his  decision regarding the future of QB Casey Pachall. 
Since SOUR GRAPES is dedicated to discovering what the rest of the College Football world is saying about our own Horned Frogs, I decided to wait an extra day to find out not just what the Iowa State folks were saying about their surprising outscoring of our beloved Frogs (remember - TCU never loses, but we do very rarely and occasionally get outscored), but also what the larger College Football planet was saying about Coach Patterson's decision regarding a star player with serious personal issues. Both perspectives were interesting!
OK, let's get the less pleasant part over with first. Cyclone Nation was actually pretty complementary about our stadium and our campus, with several folks who attended the game expressing outright jealousy at our new Amon Carter 2.0.- Patterson's Palace Rules! (and someone please remind me to cancel my trial membership - aren't you glad that Spit Blood is free?) pointed out that there was one TCU fan who had posted to Youtube and "was not very happy" about the Frogs being outscored, an understatement similar to "nuclear explosions make a little, tiny bit of noise". Other than the usual "TCU is overrated" nonsense, Iowa State fans seemed to think that their outscoring TCU had a certain, and I will use their word here, sound of "inevitability" to it. Thank you Agent Smith and Mr. Anderson.
Several of them kind of ran with GMFP's quote that appeared in the Dallas Morning News and Bird Cage Liner about "losing being a disease". For the Frogs, being outscored is such a rare occurrence that its more like having a mild seasonal cold, but I have to admit that even I am worried about the rest of this season. Which guy at the Big 12 S&M Department put the second half of the Frog's schedule together?
Most of Iowa State's posters and posts, except for a number of the usual "come on, you know we were going to beat that overrated mid-major" horsepockey, seemed to think that TCU was an honorable opponent who was outscored as much by off-field events (see below) as any acumen on the part of Iowa State.  And they all seemed to think that it was a good game.
THE OFF-FIELD EVENTS (aka Casey & the Too Big Curb on Devitt St.)
The response to Casey Pachall's fate has been much, much more positive than I would have guessed. I did a search through some of the usual pundits (a pundit is someone who watched football in college, took a couple of sports journalism classes, and then interned for a week at ESPN). What I found there was interesting. David Ubben basically reported the story and broke a small piece of news in stating that "Patterson said Pachall may already be at the facility, less than a week after being arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated." Rob Rang at also simply reported the story. The Waco Tribune, in true Baylor fashion (the Baylor Sour Grapes next week are going to be fun, fun, fun until our Daddy takes the T-Bird away) ran the headline "TCU QB Pachall To Enter Rehab; Will Not Play Against Baylor" - yeah, because everything is about Baylor after all, isn't it? - and then used the words "suspended", "arrested" and "substance abuse" as much as was humanly and literally possible. Except for that baptist school down south and its minion newspaper, most everyone else seemed to feel that GMFP had once again show a wisdom and discretion rare for an FBS coach. One comment on one of the boards summed up reaction to GMFP's decision nicely - "Coach Patterson had an impossible situation for the second time and once again managed to decide the matter without splitting the baby in two, offering both stern accountability, but  also forgiveness and a real hope of redemption. He has more class than any coach in football and is what other coaches should aspire to". "Too bad Ohio State can't steal him away" (OK, I made up the Ohio State part since we know how completely jealous they are of us, but the rest is verbatim)
Coach Patterson is a truly class act who understands the meaning of the word "team"-and that a college team is made up of young men who make mistakes and have infinite potential-and let's hope,  as the majority of comments seemed to echo, that Casey Pachall will get his demons under control and come back next year and maximize his considerable talents. 
 - Next  SOUR GRAPES - Baylor
 - My Prediction: TCU:Lots of class,  Baylor: No class whatsoever 
 - (oh yeah, TCU 24, Baylor 21 too)

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