Friday, October 12, 2012

TCU - Baylor Preview: "The Avengers"

How great is it going to feel to avenge last year's epic defeat at the hands of the mighty Baylor (Tarp) Bear(ers)? Especially with our backup QB? Pretty damn good, if you ask me. We all remember (though I have tried to forget) opening night a little over a year ago, where our D got torched early by the goofy sock wearing QB down in Wac(k)o, only to see the mighty Case will the team back to an almost improbable victory that was a couple of Ross Evans doinks away from coming to pass. Well, a bit has changed since last year, and we will be counting on a different result from a different quarterback on Saturday night.
Iron Man Stansley Maponga, Captain All American Brandon Carter, Trevone Hulk Smash Boykin, Coach Thor Patterson, and RGIII looks like a girl.

By now, you know the story - our program is bigger than any one player and any one season, and our Coach is a decent human being who values the lives of his kids more than the notches on his belt. Pachall is off to get the help he needs, and the team has been handed over to Boykin and Brown, for better or for worse, for 2012. So how will the team respond, now that they have had a week to prepare for the new guy(s) under center?

I think we were all hoping that the D would rally behind Boykin last week and carry the Frogs to a victory over Iowa State. That didn't really happen. Though they weren't a total mess, our secondary got burned for a few long pass completions and TCU wasn't able to consistently pressure the QB. They look unsettled and maybe a little unfocused, which isn't hard to understand after the shakeup they endured Thursday night/Friday morning. Now that the dust has settled and the decisions have been made, I expect to see the circling of the wagons that I hoped for a week ago. The Baylor offense is potent, but certainly hasn't gone up against a defensive unit that is capable of dominating the way the Frogs are. Baylor is going to put points on the board, but this ain't West Virginia, Bears. I have been waiting for Stansley Maponga to break out, and this seems like the game that the leader will step up and take over. Nick Florence is going to end up on his backside more than a couple times at the hands of Maponga and Fields. I also think Bumpas will be more aggressive with his unit, as he and Patterson try and find ways to change momentum and field position.

This is a game that could easily come down to special teams, and I am making the call for a punt block Saturday. It's time, TCU. As much as I would love to see Deante Gray returning punts, it's probably still Skye Dawson back there primarily, but this is a team he can break a big return or two on. Jaden Oberkrom has been a revelation, and his solid season continues as he knocks in a pair of big kicks late.

Offensively... well, Boykin did some really great things last week. He also made more than a few of the type of mistakes you expect a young kid put in an impossible situation at the last minute to make. He broke some big runs, made some nice passes, and had the team in a position to tie late. He and BJ Catalon both had some very untimely turnovers, but showed flashes of brilliance that should excite Frog Fans for the future. I think we have our first turnover free game of the season tomorrow - wishful thinking much? Boykin accounts for 350 yards of total offense and three TD's between the air and ground. Matt Brown gets at least 10 snaps and is effective. Carter and Boyce take over against Baylor's non-existent D and both have big scoring grabs. BJ Catalon will be big on the ground, with 75 yards rushing and no fumbles.

Final Score: TCU 34, Baylor 31. Good guys win.

Time for your predictions in the comments. Does TCU bounce back and avoid one of those... what are they called? Losing streaks I think? It's been so long I can't hardly remember. Will the Frogs HOLD ON TO THE FOOTBALL? How many tarps will the Bears have out? Two? Three? The entire upper bowl? Let's also hear your guesses for total yards of offense, mocking DUI signs, and of course final score.


FrogHorn07 said...

I am not sure of our chance in this game, I think the Baylor offense torches our D, but I think we can return the favor. Unfortunately I see continued turnover problems costing the Frogs, the team is still very young. In the end I can't see TCU pulling the upset in Waco.

Final Baylor 63 - TCU 48

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

Gone unnoticed through the first four games is that Kevin White is really, really bad at CB. Went back and watched the KU, SMU, and Virginia games. He was beaten repeatedly, but the WR's either dropped wide open passes, or we were fortunate enough to play against Garret Gilbert. After watching Baylor's offense several times this year I fully expect them to go bombs away, and unless we can get pressure with the front 4 they will put up at least 42. I think we CAN top that, but I've thought that every game, and it just doesn't happen. I think the turnovers continue, and we fall short of the road win.

Baylor 45
TCU 31

I pray to David Karesh that I'm wrong.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

oh, it has most certainly been noticed and its damned terrifying. I'm not sure why he hasn't gotten safety help over the top. Speaking of safeties, is JOnathan Anderson alive?

JT said...

I think we'll get torched again this week. If we can hold on to the ball, we might be able to keep up on offense (since Baylor's defensive line might be the only one worse than our offensive line), but with Kevin White on the field, they've got a guaranteed open target every play.

I hate to say it but I'm gonna say 49-35 BU.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I like the reverse jinx potential going on here