Friday, October 5, 2012

Prediction Post - TCU vs Iowa State

Well, this isn't as much fun to write as it normally is, and forgive me if I don't predict TCU putting a whooping on our first home Big 12 opponent. If we are being honest with ourselves as Frog Fans, the truth of the matter is it's just hard to say what tomorrow will bring. Our defense will still be the same guys, for the most part, that have been out there kicking ass and taking names all year. Our wide receivers are still the incredible playmakers that have been dominating the highlight shows and scoring long TD's on impossible catches since the get go. Our running backs are still... well, what's left of them, actually... you know what, never mind about our running backs. And our Coach, oh our Coach, is still GMFP.

Pachall's loss is a big one, but I don't know exactly how big yet. He was playing like an All American, he was the best QB in the state, and at worst the second best in the conference. Though his ball security wasn't great, he had thrown only one INT all season and was running the offense better than last year, when TCU was able to keep possession of the ball at least. But in comes Trevone Boykin, he of the cannon for an arm and the wheels for feet. A young kid, who is impossibly talented, but who hasn't had the snaps to guarantee success on the big stage of the Big 12. Add in the media scrutiny, the National TV audience, and the vitriol of both Iowa State fans that will be in attendance, and it's a potentially a perfect storm of "oh s*@t".

In Boykin We Trust.
So, what can we expect to see tomorrow from our boys in the chrome purple helmets (which are awesome, by the way)? Normally, when the backup QB is thrust into a starting role suddenly and last minute, a coach will turn to his running game and rely on his backs to carry the load. Well, that hasn't exactly been a TCU strength this year, and compounded with the fact that the new starting QB was prepping to be the new backup running back, I don't think Coach P is going to look for much help out of the backfield. So, do you turn the young guy loose and let him sling it all over the field to the trio of impossible to defend receivers? I expect something in between - a heavy does of option reads, bootlegs, and sprint outs, along with some jet sweeps, screens, and play action. I don't think the Frogs have any choice but to go to the air, but Boykin's legs are a legit weapon as well, so he will probably have a run/pass option on the majority of his drop backs.

I think Boykin throws for 175+ and runs for another 100+. Like Pachall, his favorite target is Brandon Carter, but Boyce makes a big play and scores the game winning TD. Tucker gets it going just a little bit, with 60 yards rushing and three receptions for another 40 yards. Young QB's love their tight ends, and this is the game that Gilbert finally breaks out and scores his first TD.

I am hoping to see Deante Gray back returning punts - his instant offense can be a difference maker, and the field position battle becomes even bigger in light of recent events. Special teams will play a critical role this week - I believe the gaffs of the SMU monsoon are behind him, and Ethan Perry has a big game and swings the field multiple times.

The defense will be asked to step up even more than they already have, and will do so in a big way. Devonte Fields continues his unbelievable play on the edge - as the name Steele Jantz is enough to fire him up to the tune of 1.5 sacks. Jantz gets it from both ends though, as Stansley brings him down once as well. I can't forsee another 5 pick game, but Verrett comes down with a big INT late in the fourth, and the secondary does a solid enough job to get the win.

Final score: TCU 24, Iowa State 20. Let's see your predictions in the comments - How many times with Patterson let Boykin air it out? Will the running game collect more than 150 yards combined? For those watching at home, what's the over/under on how many times the words "Pachall" and "Drugs" are used in the same sentence on the broadcast (I am thinking at least 20)? How dumb is the name Steele Jantz and how super douchey is that brah? And of course final score.

Go Frogs!


FrogHorn07 said...

With my purple shades:
Boykin and the running game hold their own and a couple big passing plays are the difference. The defense destroys ISU.

Final TCU 24 - ISU 6

Without my purple shades:
The o-line can't keep ISU out of the backfield, Boykin is rushed on the few passing attempts Patterson allows and the running game never gets started. The defense does ok, but ISU wins the field position battle all day.

Final TCU 10 - ISU 26

Great Davey's Ghost said...

TCU wins 27-24. Boykin plays well and takes the helm full time.

What channel is the game on? I didn't think there was national coverage for this game.

Gringo1873 said...

Frogs dominate and win by 34.

Horny Frog said...

Have you guys noticed "tTrevone Boykin" is perfect to replace the "jeremy kerley" chant???

THEFINCH said...

Aka co-ry rod-gers

Middle Man said...

24-14 TCU.

Team is amped and pumped to show everyone that Casey doesnt make the team who they are. O-Line blocks well enough to give Boykin time to make some good throws.

Running game still sucks cause Dean is a lost cause. Catalon and maybe even Brown get some good yardage on the ground.

SnK said...

Probably don't wanna chant "Trevone Boykin" while he's trying to get the offense set, but I wouldn't put it past our fans.

Travis said...

After 42 years, I just read a first: female writer using the term "douchey". Excellent usage by the way.
From the Urban dictionary:

adj: 1. of or like a douchebag
2. used to describe something only a douchebag would do
Synonyms: lame, weak, sucky

ex. Casey made a douchey decision early Thursday morning!

Whiskey Frog said...

I've been high on Boykin since he stepped foot on campus. He's got a good head on his shoulders, and from what I've seen, the other guys in his recruiting class look to him as a leader. I think we will all be relieved to see he can deliver an accurate football. GMFP said at lunch yesterday that of Dalton, Pachall, and Boykin, Trevone was the best athlete of all of them. Trevone manages the game well enough for the Frogs to win, 34-13.

Hornedfrog1982 said...

I just hope all of the players on offense do not try to do too much. Take what the defense gives them and protect the football. If they manage their emotions and play within themselves and with all the talent they posses they could easily be an amazing offense.

If they do the above they should win 31-14. If they try to do too much and do not protect the ball they could easily lose but with GMFP at the helm I am looking for a big win tomorrow.

SnK said...

^^^above comment was so riddled with cliches. I loved it. It's like I was listening to Kirk Herbstreit.

Travis said...

Before games Ja'Juan Story takes a "Rod Gilmore" bigger than Kirk Herbstreit.
Can't wait to watch Boykin throw to Boyce, Carter, Brown, and Story next season.

VikingFrog said...

42 - 0 Frogs

JHale said...

I have a feeling they are going to blitz a ton tomorrow... but after watching Boykin's highlight video from his senior year -- he actually throws a pretty good deep ball... I can see us busting out a big pass play or two. Defense will be stingy

THEFINCH said...

31-17 Boykin's

Scott Weeden said...

I am an ISU grad, flew in from Arizona...honestly thought we'd win and we did...however, we loved your fans, the stadium, the whole atmosphere. I am so happy you are in the Big 12! You will be top 25 for many years...