Saturday, October 20, 2012

Morning Dump: Pregame Edition 10/20

#18 Gumnut more than ready to play to play TCU this time -
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Prediction: Gumnut grinds out a win against TCU -
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The last time Gumnut visited TCU, as conference rivals, 34 teams claimed a share of the SWC title - Big Mac Blog
Who will transform tomorrow: Week 8 -
TCU #6 in missed tackles in the Big 12 -

A guide to the Mr. and Ms. TCU Candidates -

TV Map for the out-of-staters:


Ed said...

Will someone with technology acumen please create a video of the three OBVIOUS offensive pass interference no-calls? I want to punish myself by watching it over and over again.

FrogHorn07 said...

I figure we have 3 more very winnable games left (OSU, WVU and UT), all of which will be tough road games. KSU and OU are winnable, but will be much, much tougher, even at the Carter.

JHale said...

I agree with that. With all the issues we have had this year I just want to make it to a bowl so we can have the additional practices to grow our team up. I think we have very good chance in those 3 games.

FrogHorn07 said...

I think we can get one if not two of the road games. 7-5 (4-5) would be a good year for how young our team is, and I would be happy. Okie Lite and Texas are probably the most winnable. WVU will be tough coming off a bye week and back to back blowouts, sucks getting them off of bye week.

Laces out Finkle said...

I agree with Ed. I want to lock myself in a dark room and watch the replays over and over like I was a Red Sox fan watching re-runs of the Buckner error.

Tanner said...

terrible no calls, and sketchy play calling. no time outs at the end of regulation = you must have two plays called so that you don't put yourself in the................exact situation we did, spiking the ball, forced to kick. overtime with them scoring on our defense like they were? can't win that one.


also, we need less oberkrom fg and more oberkrom pat.

tough loss, maybe playing away from home is just what we need.