Monday, October 22, 2012

Morning Dump 10/22

Ya, I know it's the afternoon.
The sad stuff:
Oberkrom named Big 12 special teams player of the week-
TCU loss to Tech has some self-evident truths-
TCU loses 56-53 in 3OT- AP
Red Raider D keeps TCU out of end zone-
Tech Prevails in OT Thriller at TCU-
TCU out of BCS standings-
Five Answers: TCU v. TTU-
TCU learns margin of error slim in rugged Big 12-
Coach P after loss-

This week's opponent:
OSU football: OSU, TCU quarterback cursed teams-
TCU vs. OSU game notes-
Game Notes- Cowboys host TCU Saturday-
Injury leaves OSU options at QB dwindling-

TCU soccer beats UT for first Big 12 win-
Story on Danny Morrison, former TCU AD-

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Skeptical Frog said...

I don't much care what anybody says. Our boys impressed on Saturday. The "mighty" Red Raiders were mostly outplayed and required 3OTs to beat a team comprised of so many freshmen that this might as well be considered a Div I JV team.
These guys are getting great experience and the Big12 should be very afraid, since this is basically the squad they'll be seeing for the next 3 years.
I'm thinking we can realistically get 3 more wins (OSU, WVU, UT), maybe an OU upset, and let's be honest, KState is gonna stomp on us. But still, a 10 win season (with bowl win) isn't completely unrealistic at this point.

In another note, does anybody NOT see Kansas State winning the Big12 this year?

LOLfolding said...

Not trying to be blatantly pessimistic here, but I think we've got one more realistic shot at a win @OSU and some distant shots at WVU and UT. OU and KSU are going to curb stomp us. Gotta temper the expectations a bit here.

I do hope this team takes full advantage of this experience though. The future looks incredibly bright if we're able to build on this experience.

In other news, I'm excited for the "Frogs in the NFL" post this week because Kerley looked awesome this week.

FrogHorn07 said...

I don't see anyone with a real shot at beating K-State, and I definitely don't see them getting beat twice (which will be needed since they have the tiebreaker on OU.)

I guess TT and OSU have shots, but OSU is too weak at QB with all the losses and TT is not going to get through the season better than 9-3.

BuckNasty said...

It's hard to say anything bad about this team. Our Pass D has been what has hurt us, so I honestly think we could match up pretty well with KSu. Not calling for a win, but they are more of a running team. I like our chances against them more than OU.

Skeptical Frog said...

I'm calling for wins over both WVU and UT. They are both so weak at defense it's ridiculous. I think we can outlast WVU and UT just looks like a confused bunch of guys on the field. Very VERY beatable.

WreckEm817 said...

Fellas, I just wanted to stop by and say congrats on a hell of a game Saturday, and it is truly a shame either team had to lose.
Now that the TTU vs TCU game is over I will be pulling for y'all the rest of the way.
I know there was a lot of not so friendly chatter going on back and forth in the days prior to the game, but I feel both fan bases should be proud of their teams.
I look forward to future match ups vs the Frogs and it looks like we have the makings of a great rivalry on our hands.

Good luck the rest of the way.