Thursday, October 11, 2012

Morning Dump: 10/11

TCU Horned Frogs linebacker eager for challenge against Baylor -
Baylor vs. TCU: Nick Florence excelling in his first year -
Video: Baylor, TCU rivalry continues -
Five things to know about Baylor, TCU -
Pachall's suspension and TCU's reputation -
Baylor Bears gameday: TCU Horned Frogs - Our Daily Bears
Patterson finally lives up to tough talk - Kevin Sherrington
TCU @ Baylor Preview -
What to watch for in the big 12: Week 7 -
Gary Patterson show tonight at the railhead -

Man's Basketball:
Center Karvair Sheperd picks the Horned Frogs - Bleacher Report

Chris Del Conte:
Notes on a scorecard -


Sir Wesley Willis said...

HOLY BALLS HAS ANYONE READ THAT SHITHEAP KEVIN SHERRINGTON WROTE?!?!?!? STUNNING! It's so full of fact twisting I was almost certain it had to be Bleacherreport's own doing. PLEASE read it, folks.

At first he makes the distinction between Brock getting busted for drugs and Pachall NOT getting busted for drugs and commends Patterson for kicking off Brock... THEN he sasses GP for not kicking off Pachall and only kicking off Brock because he was only a "borderline NFL talent." WHAT? You can't have it both ways. God I hate the Dallas Morning News.

JHale said...