Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frogs in the NFL - Week 8 Recap

As a TCU and Cowboys fan, I felt like Saturday and Sunday were back to back gut punches. But can I just get on my soapbox for a minute? I've seen friends and fellow alums, on other forums and social media, complain about GP and ready to throw in the towel on TCU. That's garbage. This is one of the youngest teams in the conference, if not the youngest, and well over half our starters are guys that the coaching staff probably hadn't planned to allow to see the field this year. And yet, they have fought and competed and played their tails off as injury after injury and distraction after distraction pile up. Was the defense gassed in the second half against Okie State? Obviously. Did they give up? No way. Depth is going to be our undoing this year, but anybody that has watched this team play, and has seen what the rest of the Big 12 has going forward, should be really excited about the future and an even bigger believer in GMFP.
Now on to the recap...

Marcus Cannon - OT - Patriots (beat the Rams 45-7 in London) This was an absolute demolishing, as Brady threw for 300+ and the Patriots ran for over 150 yards. Brady didn't get his jersey duty, and probably could have hung in the pocket in his Ugg boots and still passed for 200 yards.

Tank Carder - LB - Browns (beat the Chargers 7-6) Tank didn't collect any stats in this game, probably for the best as it was a snoooooooooooooooozer.

Andy Dalton - QB - Bengals (Bye Week)

Clint Gresham - LS - Seahawks (lost to the Lions 28-24) The Seahwaks fourth quarter magic ran out a little this past week, as it was Matthew Stafford and the Lions who pulled off the come from behind victory. Marshawn Lynch had the longest TD run of his career, as he broke free for a 74 yard score and all of the skittles.

David Hawthorne - LB - Saints (lost to Denver 34-14) No Hawthorne still for the Saints, who could have used him or anyone to try and get a rejuvenated Peyton Manning and co off the field.

Jerry Hughes - LB - Colts (beat the Titans 19-13) Hughes had a sack and a tackle for Indy, bringing his season totals to 3 sacks and 20 tackles. He has been a solid producer for a Colts D that has performed better than expected, as Andrew Luck and Indy are one of the feel good stories of the year.

Colin Jones - S - Panthers (lost to the Bears 23-22) Jones had two tackles as the Carolina D allowed 16 points in the fourth quarter, squandering a big lead to Cutler and the Bears.

Jeremy Kerley - WR - Jets (lost to the Dolphins 30-9) Kerley, coming off possibly the best game of his career, game back to earth with five catches for 43 yards, as Sanchez was absolutely awful for the Jets.

Marshall Newhouse - OT - Packers (beat the Jaguars 24-15) In a game that was never really as close as the score indicated, Newhouse and Co gave up two sacks but otherwise bought Rodgers enough time to make enough plays to win the game.

Jason Phillips - LB - Panthers (lost to Chicago 22-23) Phillips had a single tackle in the loss. 

Herb Taylor - OT - Jacksonville (lost to GB 15-24) Gabbert was back for the Jags and was sacked twice for 24 negative yards in the loss.

Daryl Washington - LB - Cardinals (lost to SF 3-24) The Cardinals were hammered by the Niners on Monday night, but it wasn't our man D-Wash's fault. Washington had six tackles and two sacks as he was a beast on the field, but unfortunately doesn't play offensive line or quarterback so Arizona struggled.

Malcolm Williams - DB - Patriots (beat the Rams 45-7 in London) Williams was activated for this game and had a tackle in the win. Can we talk for a minute how dumb these London games are? Does the NFL really need to be a global thing? I know it's all about the almighty dollar, but let them keep soccer across the pond and we will play our football over here, thankyouverymuch.

What's on tap for this week? Can Andy Dalton out-duel Peyton Manning at home? Will Washington win the battle of fromer Frogs against Marshall Newhouse and the Pack? How many total TD's can
TCU alumni score on Sunday?


Tanner said...

the first part of your post is crazy talk, has that really been said? GP navigated our ship through the storm that was our football existence prior to this year and has a very clear point where he can trace all of this season's shortcomings to. Anyone with that attitude is a pretty much just a nearsighted dick, and has no idea that even nick saban would have a few losses after losing that many players.

SnK said...

Nobody can outduel Peyton Manning at this point. D Wash is a freak. Watching him and Patrick Willis on the same field last night was probably a matchup of the 2 best MLB's in football right now. Both are just freaks.

danders said...

Perhaps the best move of the Frogs in the NFL was Hughes doing the wheelbarrow with Matt Hasselback - made ESPN's C'mon Man Monday! http://www.thebiglead.com/index.php/2012/10/28/jerry-hughes-pulled-the-wheelbarrow-move-on-matt-hasselbeck/

Daryl Washington was freakin' awesome Monday night!

LOLfolding said...

I'm not going to bother commenting on Washington. He's playing out of his mind.

Kerley continues to be the only watchable player on the Jets.

Hughes looks much better as a 3-4 DE, to no one's surprise. I thought that was a really weird draft pick for Indy since they weren't planning on changing at the time.

Gabbert being back under center is not good for Jacksonville. I wonder how long he's going to get 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances to be a competent player.

Dalton's not going to out play Manning, but I wouldn't be shocked to see Cincy pull out a win. They're in a desperation spot and even with losses to BAL and PIT, the division is winnable.

LOL Cowboys.

SnK said...

Hughes is actually an OLB in the 3/4. Wayyyy undersized to be a DE in that scheme.

LOLfolding said...

My bad. That's what I meant. He should be playing OLB in the 3-4 like he is now, not a DE in a 4-3 like they had him playing.

Chet Steadman said...

D-Wash is third in the league in sacks. Watts and Matthews are 1 and 2. Those guys rush the passer almost every play (especially Watt). D-Wash is an Inside LB in a 3-4 defense. The fact that he is 3rd in the NFL is amazing. MVP