Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daily Discussion Question: Why do YOU Hate Baylor?

"I wasn't born with enough middle fingers?"  That's some good hate right there, Paul from The Wonder Years.

If the title of this post seems like an obvious cop-out, there's a reason for that - it is.  It's a HUGE cop-out.  You'll have to forgive our lack of homespun Baylor hate this week, but with the Iowa State loss to digest and the Pachall situation casting a pall over Spitblood America until Tuesday afternoon, time slipped away from us a little bit.  It's a poor excuse, but it's all we have, so forgive us.

So what we want to do is turn Baylor Hate Week over to YOU, the readers, in hopes that the festering part of your soul that fosters your hate for all things Waco is practically bouncing around your rib cage, just waiting for an opportunity such as this to release itself.  Let Robert Griffin's noggin' bouncing off the turf at Fed Ex field be your guide.

But in case that's not enough, clip show time!









Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I hate them because they act like their flukey 2-point win over us last year means they have dominated us for some stretch of time. Plus, other than Tech they were the worst with the whole "TCU wins because they play crappy teams! We're in the Big 12!" bullshit. If that weren't enough they also put a tarp in one of their endzones. That would be embarrassing enough, but they also happen to play in the biggest shithole of a stadium in the Big 12. The fact that I have to drive two hours to that shithole town to watch that team of shitbags in that shithole of a stadium is more than enough to bring out the hate. I hope Maponga and Fields wreck Nick Florence's world and one of our safeties gives Terrance Williams the Marvin White treatment.

janorman74 said...

I hate them for similar reasons - I mean good lord they beat us by 2 pts and act like a 10 win season and the freaking Alamo Bowl is winning the national championship.

But you also have to just HATE all of the alumni from that place that for four straight years never spent a weekend in Waco and came up to DFW or were in Austin or anywhere else actually remotely fun but then after they graduate talk about about Baylor is the GREATEST - please what is there some sort of mass brain washing at graduation - all of you are LIARS!

Chet Steadman said...

I agree with both posts. Its like their memories of their consecutive 3 losses against us before last year were wiped away during their brainwashing session. Everything about Baylor sucks and their sense of entitlement is humorous. Waco is Hell on Earth. Just ask David Koresh.

bowtie said...

I've never understood the hate for Baylor. They're a pathetic school located in a miserable location, but they don't come close to reaching the doucheness of SMU or the arrogance of UT. UT is where our hate needs to go. The 'horns are truly the source of all that is evil. Baylor is just their little goofy stepbrother who eats his own boogers.

Boyce of Summer said...

"But I wipe my own assss"

LOLfolding said...

I get excited - like an Alzheimer's patient - every time we get to go down there because it's another game I can see my beloved team in person and as a student primarily during the CUSA+MWC years getting to go to an away game was something of a treat. What you come to realize is that it's just far enough away to be a pain in the ass of a drive - not long enough to be a "road trip" like UT and not short enough to do without thinking like SMU.

And then there's the fact that nothing is at all redeemable about Waco. Literally the best part of that trip is that if you do it early in the morning, you can stop at Czech Stop and get kolaches. Other than that, the whole town sucks ass and has zero interesting things to do, everything is a rusted out eyesore and the food is all shit. Nightlife tops out at "Club Applebees", 3rd World Hooters or a keg of donkey piss in the middle of a field. Waco is a wasteland fit only for hiding dead hookers in.

It is fitting that Floyd Casey Stadium - having all the visual appeal and exciting atmosphere of a metal trashcan cut in half and laid on it's side - is situated right in the middle of town as an unholy temple for a self righteous and largely unwanted football program to derp around in. Parking is a joy next to the 1st Spanish Assembly of God or Elliot Electric Supply. You may get really unlucky and wind up next to some meth trailer that would make Walter White's RV look like the Ritz. You leave your car pretty sure it will be on fire next time you see it, but are pleasantly surprised to find it buried under an inch of dust with 15 flyers for plumbers/honkytonks/lug nuts under the wiper. There's a mile walk to the stadium past all manner of bank repossessed shithole housing you could probably pick up with the change in your cup holder.

And then you have to deal with actually watching Baylor play football and their pathetic-because-they're-so-excited Baylor Line fans. That's worse than the Waco/FCS experience because you either beat them soundly (I <3 Marcus Jackson?) or Satan goes ice skating and they win by 2 (because 45-10 the year before was a fluke RGII SAID SO!!) but either way their asinine fans continually spout the most ridiculous borderline incoherent nonsense you could imagine. "Well, it's this strong tradition of excellence at Baylor (*crickets*) that really pushes the team through." "We're a 3rd down kind of team." "Once the Baylor Line gets into the game, it's hard for visiting teams to focus, so they're tackling really suffers." HOLY SHIT, DO YOU PEOPLE HEAR YOURSELVES!?!?

Why do I hate Baylor? Because everything having to do with a game with Baylor, from the Waco itself to the fans and team, makes me want to stay away from a team I love.

65frog said...

If Texas ever gets an enema, the insertion point will be Waco.

65frog said...

If Texas ever gets an enema, the insertion point will be Waco.

johnjesse2122 said...

I hate Baylor because the two people I know who went to Baylor changed their names on facebook to include "III" at the end. Goddammit that pissed me off. And the undeserved sense of accomplishment for winning the alamo bowl. It cannot be overstated that I would rather win the rose bowl as a team than the alamo bowl + heisman. We damn near beat them with a new qb last year, lets hope we can beat them with a new qb this year.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

slow clap for LOLFolding. That kind of effort brings a tear to my eye and completely validates this post.

SnK said...

Wow man. That was impressive. I've gotta work out some hate tonight, but I feel like LOLfolding already hit the high notes. Bravo.

LOLfolding said...

Terrance Ganaway, listed on Baylor's own athletic site as "arguably most prolific running back in school history", was cut from the New York Jets before the season started. The Jets sat down, looked at what they had and decided that Bilal Powell was a better option than a player they just drafted. He is somehow getting paid (though he has only dressed for 1 game) by the Rams for being on the active roster behind 2 sub-200lbs rookies from Cincinnati and ACU.

I could go all day about how much Baylor football sucks. I hate other teams (i.e. UT, SMU) in the way you hate a rival, but I hate Baylor and everything about it the way you hate someone who runs over your dog or knocks up your sister.

I regret in my first comment that I mis-typed "the Waco" because I really don't think Waco deserves a definite article. Can't edit once you hit publish though so going to have to live with the fact that I indicated significance for Waco.