Monday, October 8, 2012

Daily Discussion Question: Where Do We Go From Here?

After Saturday's "back to earth" loss to Iowa State, I'm sure many of you have conflicting feelings about where exactly TCU goes from here.  So let's vent.

After meeting with the brass yesterday afternoon, Gary Patterson has suggested that he will make a decision on Casey Pachall sometime after Tuesday.   Word is there is a LOT of pressure from the top to keep Pachall on the sidelines for the rest of the season.  GP originally said he'd make the call Sunday but pushed the decision back - could it be because of some last minute pandering to the Board to have Casey back this weekend?  What will the decision ultimately be?

Also, game by game, how do you forsee the rest of the season playing out?  Do the Frogs take a nose dive following Saturday's loss and challenge the 03 group for worst season of the Patterson Era? Or do Boykin, Catalon and the O Line improve and get the Frogs to bowl eligibility and beyond?

Fill us in.


Tyler said...
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Tyler said...

Scenario 1 - Pachall is suspended three games and comes back for the final five games

I predict we lose to Baylor and Tech, win 2 of the last 5, finishing 6-6. We are competitive in our losses.

Scenario 2 - Pachall sits bench rest of year or is released

I predict we somehow win a game somewhere and end 5-7. Although, the losses are much much worse than in the prior scenario. Anger ensues. Arkansas watches the meltdown with a hopeful eye towards FW.

Mr. Bubbakins said...

We'll get to 6 wins..Beat Baylor or Tech and then steal one more down the road. Steady improvement for the rest of the season.

Kelly said...

At first, I thought Pachall wouldn't play another snap of TCU football, and I didn't want him to either. Now that I have cooled off a bit, and I know the University policy is a 3-day suspension, I don't think Patterson will punish CP any more than that.

I think with Pachall in the lineup we can get to 6 wins, but no more than that in the regular season.

Without him in the lineup, I think we beat Tech, but no one else.

Either way, I don't think Patterson will leave us for Arkansas.

BuckNasty said...

I think Pachall has got a serious problem and won't be back for the rest of the year. Our team struggles the rest of the year, might win a few more, but I won't be too pissed. You could tell who had the better athletes on Saturday, just need to get our guys more playing time. Kinda reminds me of Dalton's first year, and look how his career played out.

VikingFrog said...

I don't think Pachall comes back this year.

I do think we win a game we shouldn't though, and end up with 7 wins somehow.

I'll totally backtrack on this if we lose to Baylor this weekend.

65frog said...

When we were young and stupid, we did young and stupid things. Perhaps, not quite so stupid as Pachall's recent reckless conduct.

My 30 years experience as a lawyer makes it clear that almost every young person is given a slap on the hand for his/her first criminal arrest. Pachall is entitled to equal treatment - which means a 3-game suspension.

We lose the next two games and win the rest.

Hornedfrog1982 said...

I think (hope) Pachall is done.

This is one of those crazy years. I remember Dalton's sophomore year he could not complete a touchdown pass to save his life in the first 4 or 5 games and this year we can not hold onto the football inside the red zone. How many 18 yard gains are going to end with a fumble?

We were turning the ball over with Pachall and we are without him as well. Now you get to add interceptions to the list.

But I want a clean program and will happily wait for this team to mature. Boykin had 2 days to prepare. Maybe he and Catalon will do better with a whole week to get ready.

I have watched teams under GMFP get better as the year goes on and I think this one will as well. Even with the stiffer competition we can still compete.

We end up with 6 regular season wins and add a win in the bowl game to set us up for a great 2013.

BuckNasty said...

I just think there might be other stipulations for Pachall to remain on the team. I.e rehab. Stefan Stevenson tweeted that Kenny Vacarro, S at UT who played with Pachall in high school, was told by Pachall that he is taking some time off.

Travis said...

Yep, full article up on the FWST now regarding the Kenny Vacarro conversation. Tuesday will be interesting.

Todd Carruth said...

I think Pachall is gone. What a great waste of talent but I hope he gets the help he needs. I will be disappointed with 6-6 but I will take it. Young team needs to grow up and hang on to the damn ball.

two-tons said...

My uneducated predictions:

Pachall is suspended for the remainder of the year.

We beat Baylor next week through adrenaline pumped hatred. We squeak by Tech then somehow have a zero turnover game to defeat K-State.

We lose to WV, but the D stands up and holds them to 35 points.

We lose a heartbreaker to Texas on a game ending rushing touchdown that the refs will apologize a week later on how they blew the call since the runner was down on the 2 yard line ... only to then have to retract their statements after a call by Daddy Deloss.

And the Sooners finish us off at the end of the season.

Hopefully we go bowling in San Antonio (and play UCLA).

Jerry Jones didn't want GMFP at Arkansas during the last coaching circus so I expect him to favor someone else (like Warden Bryles).

and maybe, just maybe the fans will leave their tailgates and the cushy bar in the Club Level and sit in their seats to watch the games (oh, that's too much to wish for)

bowtie said...

As a 30 year TCU fan and a person who understands that we may have won our last game for 2012 against SMU, I really hope The Tatooed One is gone. I understand that it takes all kinds to win at the Big 12 level. But we've gotten out of whack, and CP is the personification of this. We might beat Tech, we migh beat OU, we might beat Baylor. Maybe one of those three is a win. The rest we lose. But, I promise you, we'll earn a lot of respect and it will pay off with the families of potential recruits if we show that we're serious about running a stand up program.

Travis said...

Two-tons, what about your Okie Lite prediction?

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I appreciate the optimism of some of you guys, but until I see us win another game I'm gonna have a hard time believing it. I'll be at all but two of the remaining games (road and home) and will cheer my ass off. But we are too young on defense, and now too inexperienced at the most important position on the field. ISU was far and away the worst team we will play for the rest of the year. I'm just hoping to get to a bowl game and will be incredibly excited if we pull it off.

And count me in on the "Get rid of Pachall" bandwagon. I hope the guy gets the help he needs and a chance to get his degree, but he's had enough chances to represent the TCU football program. Our collective image has taken such a huge hit over the last nine months that I think it's in our best interest to start showing some tough love.

Kelly said...

On a lighter note, we landed a top basketball recruit in Karviar Shepherd!

Kelly said...

On a lighter note, we landed a top basketball recruit in Karviar Shepherd!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I think we squeeze out 6-6. Lose this weekend, then beat tech and osu. Can't see us beating wvu, ksu or ut. Ou would be a shocker but maybe we finish strong.

As for pachall. You have to wonder what the team would think if he came back. A lot of second chances and such. Can't see him coming back.

Mason said...

After watching Geno Smith play, I don't think we have a chance against WVU. Geno is accurate as hell, holds onto the ball with the exception of his last game, and he's smart off the field too.

I think we'll win take Tech and then get lucky with one of the others. With improvement as TB and BJ get their reps in.

two-tons said...


I have OSU down as a loss, forgot to mention them. We go 7-5 ... I will change my bowl prediction to the Holiday Bowl against Stanford. Qualcomm has been good to us. All this is based on us rebounding and beating Baylor. If that doesn't happen, we go 5-7 and end up watching Air Force play Southern Miss in the Armed Forces Bowl.

Still proud of our team. We are light years better than the dark days of watching fellow students get maced by the Tarrant County Sheriff's Dept. after beating SMU at the end of a dismal 1-10 season.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

When we were 4-0, SB posts were getting 5 comments... the last three posts I've put up, all dealing with Pachall, have hit 20+... looks like all you guys needed was a little negativity to come out of the woodwork!

SnK said...

Gluttons for punishment.