Friday, October 19, 2012

Daily Discussion Question: Personal Fan Interactions.

Has this ever happened to you?  Let us know!

SURPRISE!  I'm back, for a brief moment.  You knew I'd never be able to stay away.

So all of this name-calling, muckraking hullaballoo has gotten me thinking:  Why are we spouting irrational hate based on poorly formed opinions when we could be mining real, factual information and making reasoned arguments why we feel the way we do about Texas Tech?  And, vis-a-versa, Tech fans, why do you feel the way you do about us?  No bullshit, "Well, TCU fans have rich parents!" or "Tech fans are STEWPID!" I'm talking real, actual personal interactions you've had with the opposing fan base.  Tech fan threw a battery at your grandmother's head?  Spill it.  TCU fan drop kicked you down a flight of stairs at the old Amon G?  Let us know.  Let's settle the "who has the worst fans?" debate once and for all.  And, lest Tech fans think I'm offering to air their opinions in jest, keep in mind that the now second biggest Spitblood related kerfluffle happened within our own fan base and that we dislike our own far more than we dislike others.  It's just our way.



Laces out Finkle said...

Allow me to begin. I have a friend that didn't get into SFA but got into Tech...boom

Lyle Lanley said...

The TCU-Tech fan interaction is a lot like the TCU-Baylor fan interaction, in that for a long time, both sides wanted what the other had.

TCU has had Top 10 rankings, BCS appearances, etc. but wanted the "seat at the table" that Tech had. Conversely, Tech had the rivalries with the regional powers and the big-game atmosphere/buzz when they played them but wanted the media-darling status and premier hardware for their trophy case that TCU had.

This would be cause enough for some animosity, but the scarcity of head-to-head competition between the two only fueled each fanbases' efforts to discredit the other.

Despite Tech's reputation as having mean & aggressive fans, I have to say that the majority of the Red Raider fans I know do not fit that stereotype. Even so, though, I do think there is something in the DNA of Tech fans that steers them toward being agitators. Some of my closest friends that happen to be Tech fans will constantly attempt to draw me offsides, though not always with the effectiveness of SnK's efforts this week.

I have no doubt that, at some time tomorrow, I'll think to myself that "Tech fans are the WORST". I also said that about SMU & Baylor fans, and will likely do so with Texas, OU and possibly other teams later this season. That's why being in a geographically-fitting conference is such a great thing for TCU, though. The Big 12 will NEVER be the SWC, but at least we have some of the hyper-competitive spirit back from those days.

I'll say this about Red Raider least they're not Aggies! Also, after having been to a Cowboys/Eagles game in Philadelphia, I'm pretty sure I can handle even the worst that Tech fans can bring.

Lyle Lanley said...

Oh...and yeah, our fans do suck. I hate most of our fans. No sarcasm.

Casey said...

Tech fans take your mother out for a nice seafood dinner...and NEVER call her back.

InGaryWeTrust said...

They cemented their reputation when I was watching games at a sports bar one Saturday when they lost a tight game to Oklahoma State. One of their fans, in a jersey of course, lost his shit after the game in the bar. He was screaming every four letter word you could think of at the top of his lungs. He challenged anyone to a fight who told him to be quiet. Smashed his beer mug on the table. Got escorted out screaming F bombs the whole way. Probably a T-Shirt fan, but jeeeezus.

JT said...

My opinion of Frog fans was much better until I had to sit behind an entire fraternity in the student section in the Grambling State game. They brought not just flasks and pocket beers but entire bottles of liquor (how do you even sneak in a liter bottle of rum, btw?) and proceeded to pour their cokes all over the brand new stadium just to mix their stupid drinks. They also jostled and crowded everyone, hit on everything with boobs (including my girlfriend), and then accidentally threw an entire drink on me.

TCU fans are also horrible to their teams because of their fickle ways and inconsistent stadium behavior. But this comes of them being, largely, entitled d-bags, but I guess that's what you get when 40% of your campus is Greek. Not enough real fans to drown out the people who just want to change the scenery in their alcohol-hazed memories of college.

Here are my grievances with Tech fans:
1. They have SEC stubborn pride without the record
2. They constantly mock Aggies despite Texas A&M being a better school in every conceivable way
3. They brag about their engineering school as though one good program makes up for a hundred mediocre ones
4. They brag about having a medical and law school, even though nobody I know who applied to med or law school wanted to go to either one
5. They brag about how large their campus is like it's a good thing that you have to hail a cab to get to class on time
6. They brag about partying seemingly apropos of the fact that their university is best known as a breeding ground for new and terrifying strains of venereal disease

To sum up, I hate a lot of TCU fans for who they are as people and I hate Tech fans for who they are as fans. Most Tech people are good people, just not good fans.

VikingFrog said...

I've got lots of great friends that went to Tech. I talk shit to those friends every chance I get and they do the same to me.

Middle Man said...

Most of my Tech friends from the metroplex have gone on to become TCU fans since they graduated. They went to more TCU games, saw a better product on the field and ended up being pretty cool. They were also engineers and could think logically so that might have something to do with it.

They try to avoid Lubbock as a whole and usually only go back for campus recruiting events. They tell me horror stories of Lubbock, football games and such.

TCU fans are no different than any other fan, we like to talk trash but unlike A&M, Baylor, SMU, Tech, we have gone to multiple BCS games and have the hardware to show for it. Bitch all you want about our old conference, you put us there, we did what we had to do and made the best of it.

As much as I dont like Aggies, they have tradition, a hardcore fan base and fill the stadium all the time and then have 30k people outside because they couldnt get tickets. I would take that in a heartbeat, but no, we have to leave at halftime, bitch about where we sit and who doesnt show up and then get all defensive when people call it out.

Skeptical Frog said...

I actually have several good friends that are Tech fans (including my best friend of nearly 30 years).

Now I used to have a "boss" who was a Tech fan and he was a worthless piece of dog poo as a human being. He didn't really ram Tech stuff down your throat, but his everyday actions were worthy of an ass kicking. One of the best moments of my life was when he told me (again) about some task that he wanted done that would further mess with my non-work life. So I told him I quit. And he started to say some BS and I went off on him. Spent about 5 minutes screaming at him and told him what I everybody else in the office thought of him and why he was a waste of space.
Later on that day, pretty much everybody else thought it was hilarious... especially since he sat quietly at his desk and looked completely demoralized.

But mostly I just find Tech fans to be generally meh... they can be really annoying but I don't despise them like I do Baylor and SMOO. Tech is typically just good enough to not be laughable but never good enough to be respected.

People = Shit said...

JT - Hey champ, DON'T SIT IN THE STUDENT SECTION if its not your cup of tea. Let the kids be kids and drop the choir boy shit.

Fucking cry baby...