Thursday, October 18, 2012

Around The Big 12: Week 8

Now that I've successfully gotten every Tech fan that owns a computer and knows how to read and write all riled up after my hate post, I'll get into some actual football content for the rest of you.  It's not going to be as fun though, because seeing how butt-hurt all of our new readers from the Dirt Capitol of the World got was a great way to make the time pass on hump day.  Last week showed varying levels of success for me as far as predicting what our conference foes would do.  I got the OU win over Texas right, although I didn't see that blowout coming.  Maybe I should have though, since apparently every time Bob Stoops beats Mack Brown he decides to thoroughly kick has ass.  I got picked the other two scrub games correctly as well, KSU/ISU and Kansas/OSU, but I missed VERY badly on Tech blowing out WVU.  Didn't see that coming, so here you go Tech fans:  that was an impressive victory and I'm glad somebody laid the blueprint out on how to stop Holgo and Geno.  Let's take a look at this week's games now.

#24 Iowa State (4-2, 1-2) @ Oklahoma State (3-2, 1-1) - Saturday, 11am, FX

Admittedly I didn't watch Okie Lite play last week, but I can assume that they looked incredibly "meh" in beating Kansas 20-14 in Lawrence.  Then again, we looked pretty "meh" in Lawrence too.  Maybe it's hard to get up for a game against a bad Kansas team.  I'll give them a pass there, although I still don't think they're very good at all.  Iowa State is 1-2 in the conference but has been in every ball game they've played and gave the current conference favorites K State everything they could handle in Ames last week.  I think this will be another case of Iowa State keeping it close but barely letting this one get away again.  A young Oklahoma State team might be a little better suited to be playing at home and they get that luxury here.  Final Score:  OSU 26 - ISU 21.

Kansas (1-5, 0-3) @ #9 Oklahoma (5-1, 2-1) - Saturday, 6pm, FSN

Do you really want to read a breakdown of how badly a confident OU squad is going to curb stomp a terrible Kansas team in Norman?  I didn't think so.  Final Score:  OU 55 - KU 6.

#4 Kansas State (6-0, 3-0) @ #13 West Virginia (5-1, 2-1) - Saturday, 6pm, FOX

Here's your Saturday night Fox Gus Johnson special.  I'll be watching this one for sure after leaving The Carter victorious on Saturday afternoon.  You think Tech has a pretty salty defense?  This K State team shut down OU and might rely more on ball control than TCU does.  Tech laid out a pretty nice blueprint as mentioned before for slowing down WVU, and I'm sure Bill Snyder took notice and will have his squad ready to go Saturday night.  All K State has done for the past 2 years is win close games, and this could be another one.  Surely the emotions in Lubbock East will be quieted a little after the blowout they were handed last week, but honestly I don't know if they have TV's in West Virginia and the news of Tech beating them Saturday might not have reached the wire out there yet.  Could be a hostile environment, but I doubt it'll matter too much.  K State wins this one with a game plan very similar to ours at Baylor.  No turnovers, run the ball, control the clock.  Final Score:  KSU 38 - WVU 28.

Baylor (3-2, 0-2) @ #25 Texas (4-2, 1-2) - Saturday, 7pm, ABC

Is there anyone out there who can give me a logical explanation for why Texas/Baylor is the primetime Saturday night ABC game?  Man, Fox really has stolen the Saturday night thunder and I have to be honest with you.  I love it.  Give me Gus Johnson all day over Herbie and Musburger and all the dumb shit he says.  I get that Texas/ESPN are basically the same entity at this point, but who wants to watch this?  You've got 2 teams who have got to be reeling after blowout losses that they did not see coming.  This game is pretty much the reason that LSU/A&M, a battle of 2 top 25 teams, is being relegated to 11am coverage.  Get off the UT teet, ESPN.  It's disgusting.  As for the game, I honestly don't know.  I personally don't think either one of these teams are anywhere near good.  Like maybe, maybe 8th and 9th best in the Big 12 this year.  After seeing the give up that the UT players had Saturday against Oklahoma, I don't even know if they'll come to play for the rest of the season.  Not to mention the loss of stud DE Jackson Jeffcoat for the year and the questions/rumors swirling about David Ash's broken/not broken left wrist.  Ash isn't very good anyway, so I don't know how much that changes what they can do offensively, but he's still better than Uggo McCoy.  That being said, Baylor still has the worst defense that football has ever seen, so if Texas can run 11 able bodied players out there on every offensive possession they should be able to score at will, and I'm sure Nick Florence will give them the ball once or twice on offense.  I think the Horns win, but nobody leaves this place happy.  Final Score:  UT 42 - Baylor 35. 


CPA_Frog said...

Give me -

Okie lite
WV wins big
And TCU of course...

Home teams go 5 for 5

SnK said...

WVU wins big? Bolder prediction than anything I got. I dig it.

general125 said...

Here's a pretty good theory why LSU @ Aggie is at 11. ESPN doesn't want it competing with Texas so they picked alabama and tennessee as their primetime SEC game.

SnK said...

Yeah I saw that. There's definitely something to that theory.

LOLfolding said...

OU (-35) is free money as far as I'm concerned and I'm not so sure that Okie Lite can cover 14 points, so that seems like a good bet too, but I'm not as convinced.

Lorenzo said...

Hey puss face, why'd you take the hate post down?

THEFINCH said...

A tech fan took it too far and threatened personal information about the author and his job. Really pathetic. I know who you are but am not shallow enough to post your personal information on here and threaten to call your boss. UNBELIEVABLE

Lorie Tawney said...

I've lived in Lubbock and have been a Tech fan my whole life. I thought the blog was funny! Too bad you took it down.