Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Around the Big 12: Week 10

Another week, another Kansas State victory, and once again they look like the clear cut favorites to win the Big 12 this year and quite possibly the team that will get a chance to be Alabama's whipping boy in the national title game.  Texas started the day off comically by trying to let lowly Kansas get their first conference win, but unfortunately it wasn't to be as the Uglier McCoy led a late TD drive to win it.  By "led a late TD drive" I mean he got the ball to track star Marquise Goodwin on fly sweeps and let him run.  Don't be fooled by the comeback.  Texas is bad, David Ash is a nightmare under center, and Case McCoy isn't their saving grace either.  I know some Texas fans would've liked to see a loss there so Mack would be run out of town, but Mack Magic prevailed and he's still not going anywhere.  LOL.  My prediction of Kansas State over Tech of 84-2 wasn't that far off as K State sent Gumnut Cottage back to the petri dish with their tails between their legs.  Good to see Tech come back down to earth.  Iowa State beat Baylor by 2 touchdowns which was a pretty spot on prediction.  Baylor- winless in the Big 12.  When are they going to learn to play "big boy football" in Waco?  Finally, the night cap and game of the day was OU/ND, and it didn't disappoint for about 3 quarters.  Unfortunately for the Sooners, that Notre Dame defense looks for real and Everett Golson is a pretty talented young QB.  I hate to say this, but ND isn't going anywhere.  I take back what I said about Te'o not being a Heisman candidate because that guy was all over the place.  ND 30 - OU 13.  Ouch.  Not too many high-profile games his week, but let's take a look.

#12 Oklahoma (5-2, 3-1) @ Iowa State (5-3, 2-3) - Saturday, 11am, ABC

Don't look now, but Iowa State is a win away from being bowl eligible.  Can they upset what promises to be a pissed off OU team who still has Big 12 championship aspirations?  I don't believe so.  Iowa State still lacks the offensive firepower to hang with the OU's of the conference, and OU doesn't hand you points the way Baylor does.  Also, star Iowa State LB Jake Knott had season ending shoulder surgery this week, so that's a huge blow to an outstanding LB corps for them.  I think OU plays angry in this one and it shows.  Final Score:  OU 38 - Iowa State 17.

Kansas (1-7, 0-5) @ Baylor (3-4, 0-4) - Saturday, 2:30pm, FSN

This might be my favorite Big 12 conference matchup of the year to date.  In one corner we have lowly Kansas, fresh off a complete meltdown at home against Texas blowing what should've been their first conference win of the season.  In the other corner we have Baylor, who despite all claims that they wouldn't regress post-RGIII have fallen to a very respectable 0-4 in Big 12 play.  I guess those struggles against ULM and Sam Houston State weren't a fluke, were they Bears?  Poor, poor FSN has to actually air this broadcast?  I bet the Mtn would even say no thanks to this one.  As much as I want Baylor to continue to be the conference laughingstock and go winless in the Big 12 this year, I just don't see it happening because Kansas is know what, F it!  Kansas wins on a last second TD and Jayhawks all over Waco unite and do a victory dance all over the Baylor tarped endzone!  "This is Bear Country" no more, as the Jayhawks take them down in my upset special of the week.  Final Score:  KU 37 - Baylor 31.  The post-RGIII apocalypse continues in Waco.  

#23 Texas (6-2, 3-2) @ #18 Texas Tech (6-2, 3-2) - Saturday, 2:30, ABC

Texas beat 1-6 Kansas on a last minute drive and stayed in the exact same place in the polls.  I repeat, Texas beat a Kansas team capable of beating nobody on a last minute drive and was not dropped in the coaches poll.  Sometimes I wonder if college coaches and their staffs or their SID, whoever is doing their voting, even watch college football.  Texas being ranked is quite possibly the greatest mystery in college football right now to me.  They are TERRIBLE.  Ask anyone in Austin.  They know they're terrible.  I think the only person who won't tell you that they're terrible is Ole Butterteeth Brown.  Whatever, it doesn't matter.  I hate...I mean I am not a fan of either one of these teams.  Got to watch what I say or the Tech Internet police will come back in full force.  I don't even want to pick this game because I don't want either team to get the satisfaction of a win, although wins in Austin at this point seem to piss their antsy-for-a-new-coach fan base off pretty good.  I still don't think Tech is that great, but as I said earlier, Texas is terrible.  What do I do here?  My brain says Tech wins, but my heart says...Final Score:  UT 84 - Tech 2.

#24 Oklahoma State (5-2, 3-1) @ #2 Kansas State (8-0, 5-0) - Saturday, 7pm, ABC

After you watch us become bowl eligible at 2:30 on Fox, flip it over to ABC for this game that could very well decide the conference champion.  Both of these teams control their own destiny, so the winner here is firmly in the driver's seat.  Oklahoma State has something that K State hasn't had to deal with yet this year, and that's an incredibly balanced offense led by RB Joseph Randle.  You could try to tell me OU's offense is balanced, then I'd just show you highlights of their rushing attack vs. K State and Notre Dame and tell you to shut up.  K State has something OSU hasn't had to deal with all season either, and that's a freak-hybrid QB who is the runaway favorite to win the Heisman at this point.  Also, K State plays a lot better defense than anyone OSU has seen yet and they are playing this in Manhattan.  I'm assuming their stadium isn't underwater from Hurricane Sandy despite being in Manhattan, and I think K State uses that home field advantage/hurricane momentum to beat down the Pokes.  Final Score:  K State 42 - OSU 24.


VikingFrog said...

Very worried about this week. Very worried about every week.

FrogHorn07 said...

Losing here would mark the worst season since 2007, likely it would lead to the worst season since 2004. With how young the team is it would be really nice to get a bowl game so we get the extra practices.