Friday, September 7, 2012

We Gettin' PAID.

I had presumed the Morning Dump would cover it, but since it did not exist today we may as well post the news a mere 24 hours after it initially broke because we're hard hitters:  The Big 12 be gettin' PAID!  Like, REAL paid, as the vidja above suggests.  A few highlights of the deal which you are all fully aware of but we need some filler material:

  • Deal includes an agreement with ABC/ESPN and Fox thru the 2024/2025 school year, is worth $2.6 billion overall and will deliver each of the ten current member schools around $20 million per year.  For reference, TCUs TOTAL athletic budget is $52 million.  So that's probably going to up the ante some.
  • The new deal makes the Big 12's deal the second most lucrative in college sports, immediately behind the Pac-12's which pays each member school $21 million annually and includes a bevy of regional network for each member school.  I'm guessing the Washington/Washington State package isn't a popular as the LA based one.  Also, let's enjoy it while we can before getting used to being in third place because the SEC is about to absolutely make it RAIN dollar bills in TV land here in the next couple of months.
  • Perhaps the most important aspect of the deal is the extension of the media rights agreement that was put in place last summer when the Conference was getting died.  Basically, any school wishing to leave the Big 12 may do so, but they give up their media rights throughout the life of the contract.  This might not stop a school like Texas that prints its own currency, but I think you're safe assuming that the current ten teams comprising our fair Conference aren't going anywhere before 2025.  
So what should we do with all this new money burning a hole in our pocket?  I vote we throw a kickass keg party when our parents go out of town!


johnjesse2122 said...

It should be mentioned that our game against Texas has officially been moved to Thanksgiving Day. 6:30 pm on ESPN the Uno. Best holiday ever if you're a cowboys and frogs fan like myself.

VikingFrog said...

Make it rain!