Friday, September 7, 2012

Thank you HornedFrogBlitz

I want to say thank you to everyone over at the TCU Scout site for donating to the 2012 Spitblood Golf Tournament. Jeremy Clark, Alex Apple, and Jeremiah Glenn do a fantastic job providing the most up to date information regarding recruiting and all TCU athletics. If you have never checked out the Scout site,, I highly recommend getting a subscription. Not only do the guys that manage the site provide great information, but you will have access to info provided from other Scout staffers from around the region. This is one of the major things that I like about the site, as you will see info on recruits that TCU is targeting that you might not get anywhere else. From full practice reports to information on guys still 3 years away from college, you will be getting the best news and updates that are out there. They cater to the readers and like to hear feedback from all of the subscribers, which is also a huge plus when it's a paid site. So get your asses over to, sign up, and help support some other Frog faithful. Trust me, it will help you get through the work week and will make you a TCU sports guru. Thanks again HFB for everything y'all do for the TCU community and helping support the 2012 Spitblood Golf Tournament!!!                               


VikingFrog said...

Thanks HFB. We need a Spitblood tourney recap!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

seconded. but you'll realistically never get one.