Friday, September 28, 2012

Prediction Post - Pound the Ponies Edition

Kickoff is just a day away and it's time to prognosticate on just how much of a butt-kicking TCU is going to put on our neighbors to the east tomorrow night. You know we are going to "ball out" Dallas style and TAKE BACK THAT SKILLET. SMU got their once a decade win last year in The Carter, but it's time to restore the natural order of things and get back to our dominating ways.

This is a statement game for the Frogs, and I think it's a game they must not only win, but win handily. After seeing what other teams have done to the SMU "defense", unless less than a 40+ point output will be a bit of a disappointment. I expect another big game from Pachall, with over 300 yards (unless the game is out of hand and Boykin gets some second half snaps), a couple of TD's through the air, and one on the ground. He's going to have to pick up for a running game that has been subpar, and for an o-line that has been inconsistent. Boykin will run some Wild Frog, and lead TCU in rushing as he breaks off a couple big gains and has at least one score. Does everybody remember Josh Boyce? He's been lost in the (well-deserved) BC hype, but JB has a break out game tomorrow with two TD's and well over 100 yards. I also think we finally see some Griffin Gilbert action - with a couple nice grabs on third down to move the chains.

On the defensive side, after giving up a TD against UVA - that never should have happened, JV had a pick in the end zone that he dropped - the Frogs allow a couple running touchdowns to Zach Line, who has been a TCU killer. But they shut down the passing game and dominate the second half. TCU continues to force turnovers at an impressive rate - I see a Stansley Maponga fumble return for a score in the future. Garrett Gilbert gets sacked a couple of times and hit a few more, and throws a pick or several.

I'm going with a final score of 42-17, in favor of the Frogs. Let's hear your predictions in the comments: score, Craig James mentions of the telecast, how many times we will see the Gilberts in the stands and whether they will be in red, purple, or one of those half and half jerseys, and if TCU fans will outnumber Pony supporters.

Lastly, #RememberTheFive and #CJK5H.


Lyle Lanley said...

I'd love to predict a blow-out, but my skeptical head says Frogs 31, Ponies 20.

Running game makes a comeback, though. Catalon finds the endzone.

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HFrog77 said...

I think the Frogs will stack em deep in the box to shut down Zack Line, and dare Gilbert to beat us.

Which he won't.

Line rushes for 58 yards on 21 carries.

VikingFrog said...

TCU 54 SMU 0

Suck my dick ponies