Thursday, September 13, 2012

Players to Watch Game 2: The Kansas Jayhawks

Is that an inner tube around his waist?

Another week, another miserable opponent for the Frogs.  Let's all enjoy it while we still can, because soon enough we will be facing real Big 12 teams that will pose a much bigger threat to us than the Grambling's and Kansas's of the world.  I know I shouldn't be overconfident, but when I look at box scores and see a 2 touchdown win over South Dakota State and a 1 point loss at home against Rice, I can't help but be pretty sure of our squad in this one.  Let's hope the days of losing unexpected games like this are dead and gone for TCU.  Besides, do you really think Charlie Weis is going to have his head entirely in a game that will run right through the lunch hour?  Around the start of the second quarter I'm sure he'll be sending an errand boy to the concession stands for a foot long chili dog, and he won't be able to give any sort of halftime speech because he'll be in his office devouring a stuffed crust pizza.  But back to football...

Offense:  RB #24 Tony Pierson (5'10, 170 Sophomore)

Charlie Weis gained a lot of notoriety thanks to a guy named Tom Brady who he coached in New England.  Brady's success led those in the coaching world to believe that Weis was some sort of quarterback guru.  After coaching both Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen at Notre Dame, having moderate success, and duping many into believing they were going to be legit NFL QB's,  Weis was run out of town and sent down to Florida to try to run that offense with hot shot QB prospect John Brantley.  You see where this is going.  These guys have not panned out.  His current QB is Dayne Crist, who was a very highly touted recruit out of high school whom he convinced to come play for him at Notre Dame before he got the boot. Now Crist (who couldn't hold the starting job at ND) has followed his former coach to Kansas where it's becoming apparent that they both still pretty much suck.  He's throwing for well under 200 yards per game and has 3 picks to 2 TD's in the early going this season against the mediocre competition mentioned earlier.  Luckily for the former Irish duo they seem to have a pretty talented young RB on their hands.  Pierson, the diminutive sophomore from St. Louis, has run for 244 yards and 2 TD's so far in their first 2 games.  He is already more than halfway to matching his season total in carries from his freshman year (39 this year, 71 last year), but he showed flashes as freshman too by averaging 5.6 yards per carry and scoring 3 TD's.  RB Taylor Cox, who is a stout 5'11 210, provides a change of pace for the Jayhawks and he too has been a force in the backfield for them early on this season (200 yards and 2 TD's).  Don't expect much from the receiving the ball though, as they've combined for just 3 yards on 1 catch in 2 games so far this year.  However, that's probably just because Dayne Crist sucks.  Like really sucks. 

Defense:  LB/DE #35 Toben Opurum (6'1, 250 Senior)

I have no idea how you say that name and it's a good thing this game isn't at home because I'm sure our PA guy has no idea either.  Anyways, Opurum led the team in tackles for loss a season ago with 10.5 , sacks with 4, and QB hurries with 7.  If those numbers lead your defense, that's probably not a good thing.  Opurum seems to have picked up where he left off last year as he's been spending a little time in opposing backfields early on this season.  He has only 8 tackles, but 2 of them are for a loss including 1 sack and he has forced a fumble and recovery.  I think we were all very pleased with our young Offensive Line last weekend against an over-matched Grambling squad, but this weekend should at least make them work a little.  Pachall lauded the line for not allowing him to be touched last weekend, and in order for that to happen again this weekend then Opurum will have to be accounted for.  


Lyle Lanley said...

If Weis doesn't dress up as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for Halloween, then I have no faith left in humanity

J. Thaddeus Toad said...

is weis wearing a livestrong bracelet? what an endorsement.

David Persons said...

After looking at Coach Weis, perhaps he could give Kansas the "win or I'll eat you" pep talk. Everyone would believe it.

VikingFrog said...

I've never understood how a coach that is supposed to be pushing his players in practice can be so out of shape.