Monday, September 24, 2012

Morning Dump: 09/24

TCU 27 - University of Virginia 7:
Defense Helps TCU Stuff UVA -
TCU-UVA Breakdown -


Slay Purple said...

Mac Engel is the worst

LOLfolding said...

Is this the least confident you have ever felt about a 3-0 team?

Melissa Triebwasser said...

Mac Engel is awful. The heat was awful. I guess it shouldn't be an excuse, but there is no way I could have stayed out in that sun all four quarters. I think good conference games won't have this issue because of the season (and hopefully) the close scores.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Mac Engel knows exactly what he's doing. Seriously, let's stop linking to his articles.

Tanner said...

for real.....2nd quarter the stadium was packed, at least the bottom section. but good lord. it was so hot, there was no way I was going to make it.

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

I stayed till the bitter end...It was not easy, but it wasnt like we were blowing them out so i really saw no reason in leaving...Lets just say it how it is and admit TCU fans are for the most part casual observers and only get revved up for big time games. We will never have crowds like SEC schools, etc no matter what the hell happens so theres no point in trying to change our less than enthusiastic fan base..its unfortunately a lost cause

JHale said...

@SuperSweet -- I think it will take a few years for that mentality to change. I stayed the entire game (thank the lord for my flask) as well but as our fanbase grows I think it will slowly change -- you have to remember what our fanbase has been used to over the past decade or so of lackluster opponents and most of the games were decided by halftime (and mostly made up of families and old people who tend to go the "golf clap" route on cheering). I have an old couple that sits in front of me and when I am up screaming they turn around and look at me with a "look" -- sucks but over time I think it will change.

Maybe just maybe we will see a difference with conference games this year

general125 said...

You can't help but read the Mac Engle. If I have to read him, I'm putting him in a dump.

The best way to show his stupidity is to give him a voice on our little forum.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

We could be #1 in the nation and our fans wouldn't show up and stay for any games outside of Big 12 ones featuring Texas, Tech or Oklahoma. It's sad, but it's true, although the "getting mean mugged for cheering" epidemic is super troubling. I heard from several folks this weekend that they felt like they were doing something wrong by cheering. In fact I heard of someone - I believe it was vikingfrog - being told to, "Sit down and stop acting like a bunch of aggys" That is just REALLY poor form. The LSU game next year is going to be incredibly embarrassing when they pack 3/4 of J World, screaming their asses off and our 25% thinks they're at Wimbledon.

As for Engel, all we're doing is enabling him, and that's not good. The more attention we give him, the more output he has. We should be focusing on tuning him out and getting him fired.

Samisaur said...

The cheering and screaming will come around in time. It just will. For the longest time (maybe forever?), the games have first and foremost been social affairs, with the first half of the game serving as a halftime show to the real event - the tailgate. There have been a few games in recent memory where glimmers of the crowd's potential has been visible. The season/stadium opener vs. Grambling was, in my opinion, a good sign for things to come. There couldn't have been a less interesting game from a competition perspective, but during the first half (before the Grambling band caused about 20,000 white people to shamefully walk back to the parking lot) that place was loud and fun. It will only get better with better competition and bigger rivalries, which is exactly what we got with the Big 12.

However, a HUGE part of getting the rowdiness up has to do with the student section, as that is the lifeblood of any college football stadium. I think that the size/location of the student section is amazing. It has the potential to be incredibly disruptive to the visiting team as well as set an example for the west side of the stadium on how to go completely nuts. That being said, I was incredibly disappointed with the student turnout on Saturday. Yes, it was hot and bright and early, but that sometimes happens with early fall games in Texas. It's something that you just deal with. Why aren't we talking more about the game one complaints that there weren't enough spots for all of the students and then this week's completely empty northeast section? There's absolutely no excuse for that few students to show up to a game.

It's really up to them to set the atmosphere in that place, and they could use all the practice they can get - as they've had none of it over the past couple years. Also, whoever is producing the video board content needs to be sat down and given a good talking to. I think that the "ironic" fans ("Let's Go Sports" sign, anyone? That kid needs to be taught a lesson as well, but that's a different story) were given just as much - if not more - screen time than the real, screaming fans.

Yes, there is a lot of work to be done, but it's nothing that can't - and won't - be solved as we play more Big 12 games and less 11:00 AM Virginia suck-fests.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I sit in Section 403, and after 9 years of the old section Y on the east side I feel like I'm in a whole new world. My group of nine mid-20's alumni stands and yells throughout the game. We are surrounded by old people who look at us like we are from another planet every time we cheer. I was told to sit down twice by someone two rows behind me and nearly told the grandma behind me to fuck off. It's a college football game not silent performance art.