Friday, September 14, 2012

Game Two Predictions - TCU @ KU

TCU travels northbound on I-35 this week to take on the Fighting Charlie Coronaries in Lawrence, Kansas - The Frogs coming off an absolute demolishing of Grambling State in their season/home opener and the Jayhawks fresh off a loss to Rice. TO RICE. AT HOME.

TCU didn't open up their bag of tricks much last week, as the game was over pretty much as soon as Grambling lined up to punt on their first possession and freshman Deante Gray took his first collegiate touch to the house. The defense was dominant, the offense was near perfect, and special teams was record breaking. Even though this game has a huge spread, it's still a conference game on the road, and you would expect Kansas to put up at least a bit of a fight in front of the home fans, who might actually show up since it's not yet basketball season.

I don't expect the Kansas defense to put up much of a fight, you may remember that they lost to Rice last week. Casey Pachall should have another solid game - though he might have an incompletion or two, I think he plays four quarters and tops the 300 yard mark on Saturday. Pachall ran the read option much better than I saw last year, and I think he scores his first rushing TD of the year, to go along with two passing scores. BJ Catalon was a pleasant surprise out of the backfield last week, combing for over 100 yards on 13 rushing attempts and four receptions, but I think Waymon James' is the bell cow in week two, and is the first TCU back to go over 100 yards in 2012. Boyce has another big game, pulling down his third TD of the year and pulling in 8 grabs for 100+.

The Kansas O, QB'ed by Notre Dame transfer Dayne Crist (and if you can't quarterback at ND, can you really quarterback anywhere?) is going to have a rough week, as the Bumpstache releases the hounds and throws more blitzes at KU than he has to use against Grambling. Maponga, who had a vicious sack on Saturday gets another tomorrow, and Devonte Fields continues his strong start with a sack and two tackles for loss. The secondary also wreaks havoc, with another pick and a forced fumble that halts a potential Kansas scoring drive. Crist leaves the game - either for performance or injury reasons, and the Kansas fans starts counting down until Midnight Madness by noon as TCU starts off conference play with a bang and a 45 - 17 win.

I will be heading up to Lawrence for TCU's opening Big 12 game, and hope to see another dominant victory. In the comments, let's hear your predictions for score, Pachall's total yardage, leading rusher, and whether TCU will have more total yards than Charlie Weis has total pounds.


Laces out Finkle said...

TCU 42 Kansas 13
Pachall 17-25 for 310 yards 3 TD and 1 int through the air and 30 rushing yards w/ 1 TD on the ground.
Waymon leads the ground attack with 95 yards and a TD.
TCU total yards greater than Weis's weight depends on how big of a pre-game brunch he has.

RicketyFrog said...

There won't be any blitzes by the Defense. They won't need to. GMFP and the stache don't like to blitz unless they absolutely have to, and they won't have to. Not to mention, we are not going to see much more than what we saw against Grambling. GMFP likes to save the surprises until later in the season.

SnK said...

I think we get about 20/135 from Tucker. He's been the back GP is happiest with and he will reward him with the carries. Defensively I think Verrett gets a pick and we have to watch lousy Skye Dawson return punts until he loses his job after a fumble.

45-12 not Kansas.

BuckNasty said...

We're just gonna pull an ol' number six on 'em.

Lyle Lanley said...

31-10, Frogs

Griffin Gilbert gets in the endzone.

Olabode has another INT.

Someone, don't know who, steps up to shine at LB beside Cain.

general125 said...

A pretty damn confident half-a-hundred

TCU 52 KU 21

Curt McDurt said...

TCU 48- Gayhawks 10
Pachall 307 Yards
Waymon 109
Less yard than Weis weighs cause im assuming he weighs about 850 LBS.

VikingFrog said...

48-0 frogs make a statement in our first official big 12 game.

SnK said...

Pachall doesn't have a perfect game again since Skye Dawson is back to assuredly drop at least one pass.

David Persons said...

Kansas wins after Charlie Weis eats the entire TCU offensive line, starting a new, real horror movie - NIGHT OF THE LIVING WEIS!

David Persons said...

Absent Coach Weis eating all the Frog starters, TCU 56, KU 7