Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Around the Big 12: Week 5

Last week was definitely the most entertaining week of the young Big 12 season, starting off with Baylor on Friday night spending a few quarters trying to figure out how to stop a 2 QB system before realizing that all they had to do was throw deep and it wouldn't be stopped against ULM.  It was close, but the Bears pulled out a 47-42 victory.  West Virginia, much like TCU, played some uninspiring football against a mediocre ACC opponent but still managed to win 31-21.  As predicted, Kansas still sucks and couldn't beat Northern Illinois on the road, falling 30-23.  Ouch, Kansas.  The headliner of the Big 12 slate last weekend was Kansas State/OU, and K State and Baby Tebow took their act into Norman and knocked off the Sooners 24-19.  Landry Jones- congratulations on being the most overrated player in college football this year.  Yikes, you're not good.  I'm going to gloat about predicting that one as well, because K State was a 14 point underdog and to be quite honest, I probably won't have nearly as much success guessing the result of these Big 12 games as I did last weekend.  Give me my moment please.  Now it's time to look at this week's slate of games, a week where everyone else in action plays their first conference game.  OU has the week off to lick their wounds and K State has this week to celebrate breaking into the top 10.  Kansas doesn't play this week either, but even if they were playing I don't think anyone would notice nor care.

#25 Baylor (3-0, 0-0) @ #9 West Virginia (3-0, 0-0) - Saturday, 11am, FX

Does West Virginia play any road games this year?  4 games all at home so far, but Baylor might be their first actual test of the season.  The early over/under for this one is set at 79.5 and I bet you see it go up even further than that.  Seriously though, first team to play defense wins, and I think that'll be West Virginia.  Can you imagine the terrified Baylor dorks that have the stones to actually make the trip up to Morgantown?  This is a school that didn't allow dancing until the '90s and they're going to play amongst a swarm of fans that are twisted enough to have a Rob Zombie movie based on them.  If you like watching Baylor lose and suffer as much as I do, I'd start your hate filled SMU Saturday by watching this bloodbath.  It'll put you in the mood for a day's worth of TCU enemy misery.  There will probably be lots of tears, blood, and one very, very overrated football team being grossly exposed early Saturday morning.  Final Score:  WVU 52 - Baylor 28.  

Texas Tech (3-0, 0-0) @ Iowa State (3-0, 0-0) - Saturday, 6pm, Fox College Sports

Both teams had a bye week last week to prepare for this game and I think for the most part they are pretty evenly matched.  By "evenly matched" I really mean "incredibly average".  Tech's blowout wins over Northwestern State, Texas State and New Mexico have somehow been impressive enough to get into the "others receiving votes" category of the rankings.  Iowa State's 3 wins haven't been impressive either, knocking off Tulsa, Western Illinois and Iowa (who might be the worst of the 3 teams they've played).  If you're an optimist, you'd say this is the first real test for both of these teams and it'll be a great matchup of two undefeated Big 12 teams.  I'm a realist though, and this game is a battle of crappy Big 12 teams who haven't played anyone yet.  Thankfully one of them has to lose.  I'm glad this one is during the TCU game and I don't know what channel Fox College Sports is, because I don't even accidentally want my eyes to come across this game.  Since I have to pick a winner I'll pick the home team, mainly because I think Paul Rhoads is a really talented coach with an extra week to prepare.  Final Score:  Iowa State 34 - Texas Tech 28.  

#12 Texas (3-0, 0-0) @ Oklahoma State (2-1, 0-0) - Saturday, 7pm, FOX

FOX has landed a couple of pretty nice Saturday night games in a row over the past two weeks with USC/Stanford two weeks ago and OU/KSU last weekend, and it looks like they might have another hotly contested matchup this Saturday night as well.  Again, we have two teams coming off of a bye week to prepare for their first Big 12 game.  Texas has looked impressive offensively and suspect defensively early on this season, which is pretty much the exact opposite of how most imagined it would be for the Horns.  Oklahoma State, per usual, is getting it done offensively, leading the FBS in scoring at 62.3 ppg. That might be more than the TCU basketball team averages this year. Their defense has been their achilles heel this year, giving up 27.7 per contest despite shutting out Savannah State in their opener.  They gave up a whopping 59 points to an Arizona team who was blanked last week by Oregon, another team not exactly known for their defense.  I think the UT philosophy will be to pound the ball on the ground and control the clock while wearing down a weak OSU defense and keeping the ball away from their high powered offense.  I think it works and UT leave Stillwater with a W.  This win still doesn't sell me on UT though because I think OSU was incredibly overrated to start the year and could have a tough season.  Final Score:  UT 38 - OSU 31.

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