Friday, September 14, 2012

A Useful Tool For Football Season

Our friends at Crowdtilt continue to make it seamless and fun to pool money together, especially for football season.  If you need to collect money for tailgates or party buses, Crowdtilt is the way to go.  Spitblood has recently used Crowdtilt for our March Madness pool and for our Spitblood Scramble Golf Tournament and it couldn't have been easier.  For you visual learners, here is diagram of why Crowdtilt makes PayPal look like Killer Frogs and their contingency.
Crowdtilt is offering our readers an exclusive deal that will waive Crowdtilt fees from your pool for the first time you use it.  If you start a campaign, enter "spitblood2012" in the promo code section.  This may or may not be a shameless plug, but having used Crowdtilt multiple times I can honestly attest that there is no better way to collect money from your scum bag friends.

Now lets compose ourselves after that plug and beat the fat out of Captain Front Butt's Jayhawks.


Gringo1873 said...

No shame in this plug.

BeerfightFrog said...

the Tilt is badass.

Wheres the Dub over the Greenbay G?