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Ya this really happened...a year ago...

What are you going to do about it?

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Hate Bowl Preview.

Peruna, LOLing at Gilbert.

Before we begin, a quick follow up on Wednesday's post regarding SMU Bro-lester, David Mahaffey:

  • It now comes to light that he attacked his victim TWICE, once in a parking garage and once again near his fraternity house.  So, uh, there goes the whole, "THIS WAS JUST A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING!!" defense.
  • Mahaffey is a member of SMU's IFC Council, meaning he plays a role in making decisions for the fraternity system as a whole.  In hindsight, it probably makes a lot of sense that Mahaffey lobbied so passionately for nude Greco Roman wrestling to be added to campus intramurals.
  • Mahaffey is a fourth generation SMU student.  That's potentially over a CENTURY's worth of little Mahaffey's running around and molesting their fellow brothers.  This thing could make Penn State look like a humdrum operation before they get to the bottom (pun intended) of it.
  • And, the big one, Mahaffey's great-grandfather FOUNDED SMU!!  If the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I think we're all safe in assuming that SMU was founded on molestation, right? When you take into account that SMU has yet to actually file any charges against Mahaffey, that accusation becomes even clearer. Last time I checked, neither Add nor Ran's desdendants were firing off deviants and funnelling them through TCU, although it's entire possible they just left said black sheep in Waco when they got the hell out.  That would explain a lot about the current state of affairs there...  
I know SMU kids love to, "Go to the bar and ball out."  I just didn't think they LITERALLY liked to BALL OUT.  

A moment of silence for four generations worth of victims.


Now, a few quick notes on Saturday's game:
  • Frogs lead the series 44-40-7 all time.  TCU is 10-2 since the clock hit 00s, yet it is still considered a rivalry.  
  • TCU still has the nation's current longest win streak at 11 games.  The game before the streak started?  SMU last year.  GP probably hasn't brought that up.
  • TCU is 18-2 in the last 20 road games, with the only losses coming against Baylor and... Utah?  I can't keep track of 2 losses in that many seasons.  It's a burden we all must bear.
  • GP is 8-2 against SMU since taking over in 2001.  He is 12-4 all-time when you include previous assistant jobs.
  • This will be TCU's 34th game against a former SWC foe, and the last time this stat can be mentioned since we've joined back up with the ones that count.  The Frogs are 21-12 in these games, a 57% winning percentage.  Gonna go out on a limb and say we improve on that mark in regular Big 12 play as the years go by.  CALL ME CRAZY.
  • Yes, SMU and TCU still play for an item that is mostly featured on wedding registries.  It means a LOT more to them than it does to us, probably because you can cram way more cocaine in a frying pan than on a glass mirror that fits in your purse.
Oh boy, the annual Hate Bowl is upon us!  REVEL IN IT!  Revel in it because it's only the second time most of us have had the revenge factor in play since we became TCU students.  Revel in it because we get to re-right the ship in front of their home crowd as a Big 12 team.  And especially revel in it because SMU is terrible.  Like, really terrible.  Like, the worst defense in Division 1 terrible.  Like, Garrett Gilbert is their best option under center terrible.  Like, Saturday's game might be the most Amon Carter East arrangement it has ever been terrible.  

Oh yeah, and ONE OF SMU'S FOUNDERS MALE DESCENDANTS MOLESTED ANOTHER DUDE ON CAMPUS!! DURING HATE WEEK!!  Probably not the headline SMU wanted during Super Bowl week.

So you could say I'm feeling pretty confident about tomorrow night.

For you stat geeks out there, here are the facts.  I'm feeling very bullet point-y today. (Bullet points - the lazy man's preview technique).

  • Casey Pachall is currently the nation's most efficient passer, having completed 76.1 of his attempts for 841 yards, 8 TDs and only 1 pick.  SMU, god bless em, is dead last in country defending the pass, allowing 388 yards per game through the air alone.  SMU also ranks 107th in the country in sacks.
  • On the whole, SMU gives up 561 yards per game.  561.  FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY ONE.  That is dead last in the country.  Check this stat:  SMU forced TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! turnovers against SFA in week 2, winning the game 52-0.  YET THEY STILL GAVE UP 466 TOTAL YARDS INCLUDING 391 PASSING.  Ralph Wiggum says that is unpossible.  
  • On average, SMU gives up 180 yards more per game than they produce.  They have played Baylor, SFA and aggy.  None of those teams play defense.  TCU averages 485 yards per game.  Could be a record breaking day, despite ourselves.
  • SMU gives up 22 points in the first half of games.  That's a lot of points... until you consider that after a fiery JJ halftime speech, they give up 31.5!  So, uh, if we start slow, don't worry too much.  Like the above, TCU could shoot themselves in the foot for the third week in a row and still scorew points.
  • SMU gives up 35 points per game, 105th in the country.  Now I'm just rubbing it in.
  • And they aren't much better on offense.  Despite having Zach Line, SMU is 109th in rushing yards per game at 107.  Zach Line is the best player on their team.  They have also allowed at least 7 sacks-can't find a number that includes that Baylor game. It's POSSIBLE that SMU's offensive line is not very good.
  • SMU only scores 26 points per game.  That's less than 4 TDs.  They give up 5 TDs per game on average.  You do the math.
  • Garrett Gilbert is SMU's QB.  Garrett Gilbert is not very good at football.  Even Darius Johnson can't make him look good, and Darius Johnson made the experts suggest that JJ McDermott had next level potential for a brief period of time.  Kenny Cain, do you want to score a defensive touchdown?  WATCH THE UNDERNEATH ROUTES.
  • SMU has only one player with double digit receptions.  SMU's offense is called the "run n gun," averaging 53 attempts per game.  Again, Garrett Gilbert is not very good at football.
  • SMU only converts on third down 35% of the time.
  • SMU has only made 50% of their field goals.
  • SMU players are made to squat when they go #1.
So, in case you missed the point I am trying to make, on paper SMU might win 1 game this year, and that 1 is already in the books.  I realize that SMU "always comes to play" against TCU.  I realize that SMU has had 2 weeks to prepare for this game.  I also realize that we are playing this game on their home turf.  HOWEVA, check the scores - TCU plays SMU away almost EXACTLY as well as they do at home.  Since GP took over, TCU and SMU have played each other 10 times, an even 5/5 split.  Including the loss margins, TCU beats SMU in Dallas on average by 16.4 points;  At Amon G, TCU beats them by 17.4.  Excluding the losses, in 8 wins TCU's margin of victory at home is 23.5 points;  on the road, it only drops to 23.25.  SO, home field advantage doesn't really seem to matter too much in this one.  

I'm not going to sugarcoat it - if TCU loses tomorrow night, we will not break .500 for the season.  SMU is genuinely that bad and a loss to them will taint our season that dramatically.  This will be the weakest atmosphere for TCU/SMU in most of our lifetimes as TCU fans.  There is literally no reason why TCU doesn't wipe the floor with the Ponies.  For that not to happen, Garrett Gilbert would have to become Johnny Unitas - he admitted this past week that he has yet to master Junebug's offense, so this would seem unlikely - SMU's offensive line would have to become 5 Larry Allen's, SMU's pass defense would have to become otherworldly and, yada yada yada, you get it.  I haven't felt this assured in a TCU/SMU game in quite some time.  The Frogs may have sputtered a bit the past two weeks, but Kansas and UVA are NFL teams compared to SMU's product so far.  June spit the bit, so to speak, when he tried to bail on his team.  Now, it appears, they are bailing on him.

The Pick:  TCU 45, SMU 10.  Yes, that's double the point spread.

**UPDATE:  Revising the pick to 41 - 3.  I'm that confident.**

Prediction Post - Pound the Ponies Edition

Kickoff is just a day away and it's time to prognosticate on just how much of a butt-kicking TCU is going to put on our neighbors to the east tomorrow night. You know we are going to "ball out" Dallas style and TAKE BACK THAT SKILLET. SMU got their once a decade win last year in The Carter, but it's time to restore the natural order of things and get back to our dominating ways.

This is a statement game for the Frogs, and I think it's a game they must not only win, but win handily. After seeing what other teams have done to the SMU "defense", unless less than a 40+ point output will be a bit of a disappointment. I expect another big game from Pachall, with over 300 yards (unless the game is out of hand and Boykin gets some second half snaps), a couple of TD's through the air, and one on the ground. He's going to have to pick up for a running game that has been subpar, and for an o-line that has been inconsistent. Boykin will run some Wild Frog, and lead TCU in rushing as he breaks off a couple big gains and has at least one score. Does everybody remember Josh Boyce? He's been lost in the (well-deserved) BC hype, but JB has a break out game tomorrow with two TD's and well over 100 yards. I also think we finally see some Griffin Gilbert action - with a couple nice grabs on third down to move the chains.

On the defensive side, after giving up a TD against UVA - that never should have happened, JV had a pick in the end zone that he dropped - the Frogs allow a couple running touchdowns to Zach Line, who has been a TCU killer. But they shut down the passing game and dominate the second half. TCU continues to force turnovers at an impressive rate - I see a Stansley Maponga fumble return for a score in the future. Garrett Gilbert gets sacked a couple of times and hit a few more, and throws a pick or several.

I'm going with a final score of 42-17, in favor of the Frogs. Let's hear your predictions in the comments: score, Craig James mentions of the telecast, how many times we will see the Gilberts in the stands and whether they will be in red, purple, or one of those half and half jerseys, and if TCU fans will outnumber Pony supporters.

Lastly, #RememberTheFive and #CJK5H.

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Lessons in SMU Hate: Upward Mobility?

College Conference realignment is a somewhat volatile subject to discuss depending on which side of the fence your team landed on.  For TCU, despite the emotional roller coast it sometimes took us on, our landing spot in the NCAA's game of musical chairs is where we've wanted to be for nearly 2 decades, so we like it.  Getting into the Big 12 afforded TCU opportunities we never would've been able to imagine were we still in the Mountain West.  Things like access to better bowls, a more secure position in the NCAA landscape due to the media rights waiver in effect thru 2025, a less volatile situation in the polls and of course, the big one, a LOT more money.  Like, hilarious amounts of money.  Like, more money from TV than some schools have in their entire athletic budgets.  But while all of those things are great - and, oh, they are - there's one aspect to joining the Big 12 that pleases me just as much as the others, if not moreso:  The fact that we're in it and SMU, despite inviting themselves into the Conference, isn't.

When SMU was invited to join the Big East, I think we were all somewhat disgusted by the way they rode our coattails into a better Conference situation and at the same time laughed at the Big East for basically becoming Conference USA 2.  Still, it was extremely appalling to think that should things remain as they were - and recall that at this point a college football playoff was about as realistic as Mack Brown negotiating a teeth whitening package into his next contract - SMU technically had just as much access to the BCS as TCU, despite doing absolutely nothing to earn it.

Well, things have changed a bit...

True, the Big East was probably a dead Conference walking in the next round of BCS negotiations, had it stayed together, without TCU, Pitt and Syracuse - and maybe even with us - but when the dissolution of the BCS was an actual thing, it became all but official.  Once a playoff was announced, the Big 5 leagues immediately locked in big money contracts with the bowl affiliates of their choosing - Pac 12/Big Ten in the Rose, SEC/Big 12 in the newly minted Champions Bowl, and the ACC with the Orange.  Strangely enough, the Orange did not wish to continue a relationship with the Big East.   Notre Dame leaving the BEast in all other sports, while a blow to a future TV contract, was basically just insult to injury at that point, with the nail in the coffin really being the playoff.  Funny that a college football playoff, a thing that was supposed to increase access, has really done nothing at all except open the Championship to leagues without "SEC" in their names.  Too bad...

So, if you're doing the math, SMU - unless they unlikely manage to win the Big East next year - currently has as much access to a major bowl - a major bowl being one of the current 4 BCS, plus the two TBD additions that will join the semi-final rotation - as they did when they were in the WAC and/or Conference USA.  And truthfully, they may have made it harder for themselves - rather than compete with Houston, UCF, Southern Miss and, well, that's about it, for an undefeated season and outside shot at a major bowl bid, they're now going to be competing with Houston and UCF PLUS Boise State, San Diego State, Louisville, Cincinnati, Rutgers and South Florida.  Except now, unlike the current situation where a non-AQ school could automatically qualify under certain terms, there is NO direct link for anyone outside of the Big 5 Conference to a major bowl game!  As lyle so eloquently put it to me earlier, "their seat at the adult table just turned into the same card table in the living room with juice boxes instead of wine glasses."

So what are SMU and their Big East pals doing now?  They're going to WHINE about it, of course! I expect the conversation went something like this:

BEast: "WAAAH, where is OOOUUURRR spot at the table?"

Big Five: "Well, little one, what exactly do you think you've done to earn it?"

BEast: "WAAH, Haven't you heard of a little school called CINCINNATI or another called CONNECTICUT? WEST VIRGINIA?"

Big Five:  "You mean the last three BCS bowl representatives from the Big East, one of which is no longer a member and the other two who were each absolutely flattened in their games? That's your argument?"

BEast: "WAAAH, well... I'm ENTITLED because daddy told me so!"

Big Five: "That... that doesn't make sense."


Big Five:  "Ugh, ok, you can have the Alamo Bowl if you'll just go away."


Seriously, read some of the quotes.  The have-nots have the wambulance on 24 hour patrol.  Larry Scott of the Pac-12 summed it up pretty well, saying, "For me it's not a big deal because going forward will be on the playoff...It's a distraction college football doesn't need to focus on access..."  Basically, "Ugh, ok, you can have the Alamo Bowl if you'll just go away... but I'll be damned if you ever get legitimate access to the playoff."  Feeding back to my earlier point about SMU decreasing their access to a major bowl - if they add the seventh bowl as proposed and tie it in with the BEast, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Conference USA and MAC - the WAC will be dead of dysentery by then- that's FIVE CONFERENCES worth of teams competing for ONE spot, with one of the Big 5 likely filling the other side.  Theoretically, the Big East winner is going to get it most years, but, let's say, as might happen this year, Ohio from the MAC runs up the ole W/L to 12-0?  Or a team from the Sun Belt or CUSA does the same?  You're putting a 3 loss BEast team in over them?  Doubtful.  Even though they haven't come close to doing it, wouldn't you think SMU has a better chance at going undefeated in CUSA than they do winning the Big East over Boise, Cincy, Louisville and SDSU?  I do.  Enjoy a lifetime of Beef O'Brady's Bowl bids.

And that's today's lesson in SMU Hate.



Spit Blood College Pick 'em: Week 4

Picking the games last week wasn't too bad, for me at least.

We had 78 actually pick games and the median correct was 10 out of 20.

The real disappointment is that 16 chose UVA over TCU.  I understand that TCU didn't cover the week before, and even I thought that 17.5 points was a bit ambitious considering we only scored 20 against Kansas.  However, if anyone dares to pick SMU this week -- in the spirit of Hate Week -- I'll call you out by name next week.

The spreads are final. Make your picks by Saturday morning.

SMU is...

Maybe you have seen the "stellar" new billboard campaign SMU has plastered all over Dallas, advertising SMU as "College Football" and "Dallas's Team". First of all, let me just say: HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Ok, I feel better now.

So, just to remind you guys, this is the same football program that once employed Craig James (#CJK5H #NeverForgetThe5). The same program who's coach left, well, tried to leave, this summer until the Arizona State alumni base made such a stink that the AD withdrew his offer. This is also the same program who thought starting Garrett Gilbert at QB was a good idea. So, as you can imagine, their sense of themselves might be a little off.

Here on the right, you will see SMU's new ad campaign. It says things like "SMU is Dallas' Team" and "SMU is College Football". Well, neither of those things are true, so I thought I might help them out with some new billboards, that were slightly more accurate.

I would love to see your thoughts on what "SMU is..." in the comments. POUND THE PONIES!

Players to Watch: SMU Hate Week Addition

So far we've covered Hate from all angles this week, including bashing their coach, quarterback, fans, and night-life douchebaggery, but now it's time to take a hateful look at a couple of players who could actually have some sort of positive impact for them on Saturday night's game.  As bad as they suck and as badly as I think we will beat them, I'll still do them a solid and pretend they have 2 good players on their roster not named Zach Line.

Offense:  WR #3 Darius Johnson (5'10, 175 Sr.)

Since I've already said I wouldn't profile Zach Line and already made mention in a previous post about how miserable QB Garrett Gilbert is (and been criticized for it, but I repeat- Garrett Gilbert is awful at football), I thought I'd go to a different position.  Johnson was an easy selection solely based on what he did to us last season in Fort Worth.  Johnson, who is off to a relatively slow start this year (14 catches, 110 yards, 0 TD's), gashed the Frogs' inexperienced secondary a year ago to the tune of 12 catches for 152 yards and 2 TD's.  For those of you who don't excel at math, he put up better numbers against us in one game last year than he has through the first 3 games this year.  Clearly Johnson hasn't done much with the ball in his hands this year, but he's still tied for the team lead in catches with Line and Jeremy Johnson while being targeted the third most on the squad.  Jason Verrett and Kevin White might not be the ones lining up across from Johnson in coverage, so we could likely have one of our safeties (Hackett or Carter, most likely) drawing that assignment.  I for one was frustrated with the amount of underneath passes we gave up last week against UVA, and judging by the very low for a WR 7.9 yards per catch that Johnson has, I assume he will be the one whose ankles Garrett Gilbert is rifling balls at on drag routes.  In all seriousness though, we need to eliminate the underneath routes in order to prevent them from moving the chains and controlling the football to win this game.  It'll be hard enough to stop that Peyton Hillis clone at RB, so let's make Gilbert make some tough throws down the field.  They usually wind up playing out like punts anyways.

Defense:  LB #44 Taylor Reed (6', 230 Sr.)

Undisputed leader of one of the worst defenses in all of football.

I feel like this guy has been playing for SMU forever now, and he's been one of their best defensive players for a few years.  He's in his 3rd year starting and played in all 13 games his freshman year, so I guess he has been around for a while.  He's led the team in tackles each of the past 2 years and is currently 6th on the squad right now with 15 tackles (including 2 for loss and 1 sack), but I'm sure by the end of the year he'll find his way to the top of that list.  SMU's defensive statistics are grossly over-inflated due to the 9 turnovers they forced in their shutout against SFA which included 3 defensive TD's and a special teams TD, so I won't really let the numbers from that game sway my opinions on who the playmakers (if there are any) are on the SMU defense.  They did give up over 400 yards to SFA despite forcing all of those turnovers, so that along with seeing what the stagnant Aggy offense did to them (48 points) as well as Baylor (59 points) shows me that we should have no problems moving the football.  Like I've said in each of the past 2 games, the key will be keeping Pachall's jersey clean and keeping him upright.  If anyone has the ability on this lousy SMU defense to disrupt Pachall's timing and blow up what appears to be an already suspect run game, Reed is the guy.  Well, Reed and their freakazoid Estonian kick blocking extraordinaire Margus Hunt.

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Lessons in SMU Hate: Playboy Hate.

The Orgin Of Playboy

Last weekend's matchup between TCU and UVA featured two major Conference teams battling for ESPN exposure while also trying to survive El Nino and its 90+ degree September temperatures.  But did you also know that it was a matchup of two of the top ten party schools in the nation?  WELL, DID YOU?  According to Playboy Magazine - in this case you really ARE just reading it for the articles - Texas Christian University checks in at #9 on the list and UVA, believe it or not, clocks in all the way at the top spot, dethroning the University of Texas.  Apparently having athletes who are good at murdering trumps having athletes that are only good at dealing drugs.  Remember that time every girl you knew read Deadspin that one time when Spencer Hall and Drew Magary mentioned that TCU kids like to drink, just so they could link it to their Facebook pages?  Well, you're in for an entirely new round of self-congratulatory status updates from girls who graduated 5+ years ago.  Thanks, Playboy.

Playboy doesn't flesh out their reasoning for TCU specifically, but you can probably do the math on why we qualified - the overwhelmingly skewed ratio of girls to guys which increases the number of drunk/desperate hookups, the overemphasis on Greek life to the point that it makes everyone involved HYPER-Frat and alienates all the normals , and football success, to name a few.  And while some of you might use this as an opportunity to put on your high-waisted, "WELL, BACK IN MY DAY THESE WHIPPERSNAPPERS COULDN'T HOLD MY JOCK IN A DRINKING CONTEST" pants, just remember that VANDERBILT is #7 and realize this isn't an exact science.

 Playboy also gave their Honorable Mention rankings based on sex life, sporting life and nightlife. For each individual category they give a list of specific schools and, wouldn't you know, topping the "nightlife" segment are our pals to the east, SMU.  Current SMU student Colton  Moyer concurs, offering, "The bar scene at SMU definitely dominates.  Everyone is all about going to the bar and balling out"  If that DIRECT QUOTE doesn't tell you all you need to know about why we hate SMU, then I'm not sure you can ever be convinced.

I guess Playboy is basically awarding this to the city of Dallas and giving SMU all the credit;  they easily could've just said "University of Texas at Dallas," "University of North Texas at Dallas," or "El Centro."  Heck, they could've said, "Texas Woman's University," and the idea would've been the same.  And while I'm not sure you should technically be able to count a college in a major metropolitan area among your "best nightlife" picks, here we are.

So, my first thought, on the surface of this is, "Does this mean Dallas has the best nightlife of any city in the United States?"  Look at their other 4 picks - Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ - right across the Hudson from NYC, so NYC), University of Pennsylvania (Philly), Northwestern University (Chicago), Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA - not really near anything.  CURIOUS pick) and University of Denver.  So, according to Playboy, Dallas, Philadelphia, Denver, New York AND BETHLEHEM are the consensus top 5 picks for nightlife options for a college student.  Uhh, Hef - doesn't UNLV win this in an absolutely incredible landslide?   Did you go to a Vegas club - or, heck, any club for that matter - in college?  Have you been to a club since?  Did you enjoy it?  Yes? THEN GET THE HELL OFF MY BLOGLAWN.  Seriously, though, if we're allowing any city with a University in its limits to be included, it's Vegas, it's New York, it's LA, and then it's everyone else.

This begs the question, "Has anyone from Playboy actually ever BEEN OUT in Dallas?"  Holy hell!  Dallas has two good bars.  One of them - Slip Inn - is seedy, but in a good part of town and is usually only accessible after you've had 17 drinks because all they play is really loud rap music.  The other one  - Lee Harvey's - is seedy, but in a bad part of town and is only accessible early in the evening because you'll never get home, otherwise.  Both bars offer the distinct opportunity for getting mugged and/or carjacked on the way home.  Remember, these are the BEST Dallas has to offer.

For instance - there's a new bar in Dallas called "Sixth Street Bar."  It is meant to resemble an "Austin Bar," which means absolutely nothing to me and probably nothing to most people from Austin, either.  In Dallas, any bar with a patio and cans of PBR is considered an "Austin Bar."  What makes Sixth Street Bar more Austinish than literally any other bar in the city is beyond me.  Did they find their own homeless man who cross dresses and have him work the door? Did they hang more UT flags than an average bar?  It's unclear.

Furthering the Austin theme, TCU hosts game watch parties for the young alumni in Dallas, EVEN WHEN THE GAMES ARE IN FORT WORTH, which is another piece altogether.  They host them at a bar called J. Black's.  Do you know where J. Black's originated? Austin.  Also, it is maybe the worst bar in Dallas.  If my satellite went out at my house, I'd listen on the radio before I'd go watch at J. Black's.  And if my radio didn't work, I'd just read about it in USA Today 3 days later.

Two bars, both copping another town's mojo, one directly, one indirectly.  And there are SO many other examples.  Dallas bars fall into four categories - ones where divorcees are looking for a sugar daddy (any bar in Highland Park Village or a hotel), ones where the 30K millionaires strut their stuff (Uptown), those where you can feel comfortable despite your unfortunate tattoo and piercing situation (Greenville Avenue and Oak Cliff) and ones where SMU kids go to overdose on drugs...which is actually just their dorm rooms.  So three categories.  They are all awful in their own way.  Last time I went to one of the divorcee-centric bars, a waitress knocked my wife's red wine glass into her face and did not stop to apologize.  The last time I went to one of the 30K millionaire bars, I got strange looks for not wearing club clothes.  The last time I went to one of the hipster bars, I was judged for preferring Stephen Malkmus' solo work over his Pavement output.  I have never been to SMU's campus outside of gameday, and I will probably never do that again, either.  You can never be too careful.

So in the article, it specifically mentions the Idle Rich Pub, the "campus hotspot that best describes the student body."  Now, if we're talking about "Campus Bars," your options are the bars on SMU and Yale BLVD's which include the Barley House, Milo Butterfingers, the Green Elephant and the irritatingly named Across the Street Bar.  Without going into too much detail, they are all terrible.  I'm pretty sure I once did a Hate post about the Barley House that was one of my finer efforts.  To summarize - even Grubes from the Ticket screaming Rage Against the Machine covers in the corner couldn't elevate that place to "inhabitable."  Green Elephant isn't much better, and Ozona's is a restaurant.

The Idle Rich, though, is a different kind of terrible.  For one, it's miles from SMU's campus, and therefore should not be credited to SMU.  For another, while I'm sure SMU kids go there, Idle Rich is mostly just the dregs of the Uptown Crowd, sipping well vodka sodas and figuring out how to make the lease payment on the BMW they can't afford.  Imagine Snookies in FW before it went away. Now, imagine those night's when you'd go, the line would be out the door and, once you got inside, you had no chance of getting a drink, going to the bathroom or even moving from your spot.  Now, add a faux Pub theme, make the line twice as long, remove your friends from the equation and replace them with entitled assholes, and stick it in a parking lot with a crappy burger joint and that's Idle Rich.  Sounds pleasant, eh?  The type of place where you could, "Ball out?"  The type of place you'd want to describe the student body of the school you attend?  According to Playboy, Idle Rich could be the best bar in America.

Die, Playboy.

New Rankings

Not according to Hugh Hefner
 Playboy recently released their Top 10 Party Schools for 2012, and guess who made the list? Our little "Christian" University came in at #9 in Playboy's annual rankings. Never really thought of TCU as a big time party school, but after the recent Cartel takedown, I guess we gained a little street cred. I mean, I like to party and all, but top 10? Man, things must have changed since I was there, because honestly, I don't see it. I can name about 20 other schools not on this list that I would consider a better party school. My guess is that for this year, any school where over 90% of the student population has herpes was automatically disqualified from the list. Sorry ASU and Tech. On another note, I can't wait to see the Girls of the Big 12 edition of Playboy the next time that comes out. Are TCU girls allowed to pose in the buff? Anways, for those of you at work that can't get caught looking at softcore pornsites,  the Top 10 Party Schools for 2012 are as follows:
1. UVA
2. Southern Cal
3. Florida
4. UT
5. Wisky
6. Georgia
7. Vanderbilt
8. Tulane
9. TCU
10. Ohio State

Also of note, SMU was voted #1 for nightlife and most likely place to be dumped in a dark alley/porta-potty. Quote from Colton Moyer, Class of 2013, " The bar scene at SMU definitely dominates, everyone is all about going to the bar and balling out." Douche.

SMU and Craig(James)list

Apparently, SMU fans are so disillusioned with their "program" that they have taken to Craigslist to try and pawn off tickets for the Iron Skillet Rivalry Game in Dallas... (Craigslist! Not just for soliciting ladies of the night at SMU anymore!)

Please click the link and revel in the glory that is the ridiculousness of SMU Football and their dwindling fan base...

So, not only are SMU fans so disgusted with their team that they don't want to go to games, but they are willing to post this is a public forum for all the world to see. That's a degree of shame that deserves special recognition.

In the comments, let's hear your best offer for this poor Ponies seats!

Weekend Preview.

I want to go to there.

Even though Hate Bowl doesn't begin until 6PM Saturday night and your entire Saturday will probably be spent consuming alcohol in the bright sun, trying to forget the 10,000 red and blue clad you'll be forced to spend your evening with, it's entirely possible you do not care about any other games this weekend.  Truth be told, this is a pretty great weekend for the Hate Bowl because the matchups around the NCAA are pretty lackluster.  Let's dig in.

Game of the Week, Direct Importance - Lurker:  #18 Oregon State @ Arizona.  Despite only playing two games through 4 weeks, Oregon State has made quite the impression, taking down a then-ranked, Big Ten favorite Wisconsin Badgers team in week 2, and doing the same against then-ranked, Pac 12 dark horse UCLA last weekend.  Arizona, once a dark horse division candidate themselves, just had their football season murdered in Eugene by a score of 49-0.  At only 2 spots behind TCU and Obama's brother in law on the staff, a win here could very possibly move the Beavers ahead of the Frogs should TCU have another lackluster performance.  Let's pull for the Wildcats to be safe.  Also see:  #16 Clemson @ Boston College.

Game of the Week, Direct Importance - Jumper:  #20 Michigan State @ #14 Ohio State.  Ohio State enters the game 4-0, yet ineligible to compete for the Big Ten title or play in a bowl.  Michigan State enters the game 3-1, but only scored 3 points against Notre Dame two weeks ago, and then last week were held to 2 Field goals by a BAD Eastern Michigan team until late in the third quarter.  Big Ten Football, catch the excitement!  They are the new Big East.

Game of the Week, Conference Importance - #25 Baylor @ #9 West Virginia.  True, UT/OSU deserves just as much attention, but we're saving them for later, and this one could go a long way in determining the Big 12 champ.  And by that I mean West Virginia, not Baylor.  NEVER Baylor.  After two barn storming performances against Marshall and James Madison, the Eers came back to earth a little bit last weekend, pulling out a 10 point win over a terrible Maryland team.  But while, on the surface, this brief glimpse of WVU being human might make you feel better about going to Morgantown, let me remind you that QB Geno Smith is still decidedly UN-human.  His season totals are as follows:  96 completions on 118 attempts - 81% - for 1072 yards and 12 TDs against 0 picks.  That's how Heisman's happen.  Baylor is getting a lot more attention than normal because no one expected them to be 3-0 without Griffin, so it's probably warranted.  QB Nick Florence is currently running the 5th ranked passing offense in the country, which good for him because his defense is all around TERRIBLE, giving up  492 yards through 3 games.  Keep in mind Baylor has played SMU, Sam Houston and Louisiana Monroe.  For their part, WVU isn't tons better, letting opponents rack up 400 week-to-week, although Baylor gives up an extra TD on average compared to WVU.  Probably going to be some points scored here, but Geno Smith should have a field day.  Take the "over."

Game of the Week, National Importance - N/A.  Seriously, check the schedule.  Your prime time games are Texas @ Oklahoma State, Wisconsin @ Nebraska, and Ole Miss @ Alabama.  Only two games match ranked teams - Baylor/West Virginia and Ohio State/Michigan State.  I'd rather watch the scab refs.

Game of the Week, Plain 'Ol Hate - #15 TCU @ SMU.  Well, duh.  That hate supercedes any competing hate.

Game of the Week Oops, I Crapped My Pants (Placeholder for UT Chokejob when applicable):  #12 Texas @ Oklahoma State.  We finally have one!  It may have taken four weeks, but we finally have our first UT Chokejob special for the year.  Hopefully there will be more to come.  Texas comes into the game having had 2 weeks to prepare for the Pokes after Wyoming, New Mexico and Ole Miss of the Mountain West Conference (not a typo).  Oklahoma State has been up and down, destroying Savannah State and Louisiana Lafayette, sandwiched around a bad loss to Arizona.  In that last game the Cowboys lost starting QB Wes Lunt, but backup JW Walsh - both of those names are real and not from the cutting room floor of Friday Night Lights, I promise - stepped in and kept the 2nd ranked passing offense in the nation rolling.  Lunt should be back this weekend, but should he not be up to speed, it appears Walsh can carry the load.  As for Texas, they've been using their JV-SEC offense to win games, grinding out yards on the ground and keeping points off the board... well, except for at Ole Miss, but when you score 66 points, defense is optional.  Still, UT is only giving up 16 points per game on average and 180 yards through the air.  But, they haven't faced an offense like OSU's which features pretty great balance - 6th in passing, 2nd in rushing, 1st in scoring - so Saturday should be a pretty good test.  The only problem for OSU, though, is going to be keeping points off the board as they give up 4 TDs on average... not good against a UT offense averaging 50 a game.  A bit of a revenge game for UT after losing the last couple against OSU, but OSU always seems to play Texas tough - remember those couple of years where OSU would jump out to 5 TD leads then lose by the same margin?  That was fun - so I wouldn't expect it to be a cakewalk.  If UT is really "back" we'll find out Saturday night.

Game of the Week - Culture War:  N/A.  Because it's CLEARLY Baylor in Morgantown, but we've already hit on that game.  A potential aggy @ Cal game had the Pac-12/Big 12 merger situation gone through would've been the creme-de-la-creme, but this game is a pretty good close second.  The antics of these mountain folk will set back the Baptist religion's faith in humanity to pre-enlightenment levels. Godspeed, Bears.

Around the Big 12: Week 5

Last week was definitely the most entertaining week of the young Big 12 season, starting off with Baylor on Friday night spending a few quarters trying to figure out how to stop a 2 QB system before realizing that all they had to do was throw deep and it wouldn't be stopped against ULM.  It was close, but the Bears pulled out a 47-42 victory.  West Virginia, much like TCU, played some uninspiring football against a mediocre ACC opponent but still managed to win 31-21.  As predicted, Kansas still sucks and couldn't beat Northern Illinois on the road, falling 30-23.  Ouch, Kansas.  The headliner of the Big 12 slate last weekend was Kansas State/OU, and K State and Baby Tebow took their act into Norman and knocked off the Sooners 24-19.  Landry Jones- congratulations on being the most overrated player in college football this year.  Yikes, you're not good.  I'm going to gloat about predicting that one as well, because K State was a 14 point underdog and to be quite honest, I probably won't have nearly as much success guessing the result of these Big 12 games as I did last weekend.  Give me my moment please.  Now it's time to look at this week's slate of games, a week where everyone else in action plays their first conference game.  OU has the week off to lick their wounds and K State has this week to celebrate breaking into the top 10.  Kansas doesn't play this week either, but even if they were playing I don't think anyone would notice nor care.

#25 Baylor (3-0, 0-0) @ #9 West Virginia (3-0, 0-0) - Saturday, 11am, FX

Does West Virginia play any road games this year?  4 games all at home so far, but Baylor might be their first actual test of the season.  The early over/under for this one is set at 79.5 and I bet you see it go up even further than that.  Seriously though, first team to play defense wins, and I think that'll be West Virginia.  Can you imagine the terrified Baylor dorks that have the stones to actually make the trip up to Morgantown?  This is a school that didn't allow dancing until the '90s and they're going to play amongst a swarm of fans that are twisted enough to have a Rob Zombie movie based on them.  If you like watching Baylor lose and suffer as much as I do, I'd start your hate filled SMU Saturday by watching this bloodbath.  It'll put you in the mood for a day's worth of TCU enemy misery.  There will probably be lots of tears, blood, and one very, very overrated football team being grossly exposed early Saturday morning.  Final Score:  WVU 52 - Baylor 28.  

Texas Tech (3-0, 0-0) @ Iowa State (3-0, 0-0) - Saturday, 6pm, Fox College Sports

Both teams had a bye week last week to prepare for this game and I think for the most part they are pretty evenly matched.  By "evenly matched" I really mean "incredibly average".  Tech's blowout wins over Northwestern State, Texas State and New Mexico have somehow been impressive enough to get into the "others receiving votes" category of the rankings.  Iowa State's 3 wins haven't been impressive either, knocking off Tulsa, Western Illinois and Iowa (who might be the worst of the 3 teams they've played).  If you're an optimist, you'd say this is the first real test for both of these teams and it'll be a great matchup of two undefeated Big 12 teams.  I'm a realist though, and this game is a battle of crappy Big 12 teams who haven't played anyone yet.  Thankfully one of them has to lose.  I'm glad this one is during the TCU game and I don't know what channel Fox College Sports is, because I don't even accidentally want my eyes to come across this game.  Since I have to pick a winner I'll pick the home team, mainly because I think Paul Rhoads is a really talented coach with an extra week to prepare.  Final Score:  Iowa State 34 - Texas Tech 28.  

#12 Texas (3-0, 0-0) @ Oklahoma State (2-1, 0-0) - Saturday, 7pm, FOX

FOX has landed a couple of pretty nice Saturday night games in a row over the past two weeks with USC/Stanford two weeks ago and OU/KSU last weekend, and it looks like they might have another hotly contested matchup this Saturday night as well.  Again, we have two teams coming off of a bye week to prepare for their first Big 12 game.  Texas has looked impressive offensively and suspect defensively early on this season, which is pretty much the exact opposite of how most imagined it would be for the Horns.  Oklahoma State, per usual, is getting it done offensively, leading the FBS in scoring at 62.3 ppg. That might be more than the TCU basketball team averages this year. Their defense has been their achilles heel this year, giving up 27.7 per contest despite shutting out Savannah State in their opener.  They gave up a whopping 59 points to an Arizona team who was blanked last week by Oregon, another team not exactly known for their defense.  I think the UT philosophy will be to pound the ball on the ground and control the clock while wearing down a weak OSU defense and keeping the ball away from their high powered offense.  I think it works and UT leave Stillwater with a W.  This win still doesn't sell me on UT though because I think OSU was incredibly overrated to start the year and could have a tough season.  Final Score:  UT 38 - OSU 31.

Morning Dump: 09/26

TCU @ SMU Preview -

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SMU's Newest PSA.

Despite portraying themselves as a high-class, borderline Ivy League institution of higher learning, SMU is having a REALLY tough time getting their students to stop engaging in hoodrat activities. 

First it was the cover up of drug abuse on campus where, instead of allowing their student body to off themselves with narcotics ON campus, SMU began transporting their trash to Waco in order to throw the authorities off the scent.  (Side note:  Perhaps we should all literally begin exporting our trash to Waco?  That place is already just a big landfill for the most embarrassing members of the human race, why not just turn it in to a literal landfill?) Then came the cover up of rapists running wild on Hillcrest. Despite SMU's best efforts to cover it up, the student involved is actually going to face legal prosecution, demonstrating that while SMU could not care any less about the safety of its students, at least the City of Dallas has its eye on "Dallas' Team."  

So with that outlet temporarily removed, you wound up with the football team's dalliances with whores because, if you can't get it for free or by force, paying for it really is your only option.   However, once the accused were robbed blind by said streetwalker, SMU students are going to have to think twice before spending their parent's ill-gotten gains on such proclivities.

Which brings us to where we are now.  For the time being at SMU it will be difficult for male students to know the love of a good woman by nefarious means.  You can't ply her with drugs, you can't take her by force and you can't employ her.  

But no one said anything about getting familiar with a dude.  The following is a dispatch from the SMU police department:

Student Reports Being Sexually Assaulted Early Sunday Morning
A male SMU student reported being sexually assaulted by a male SMU student acquaintance at two different campus locations about 3 a.m. and again shortly thereafter, on Sunday, September 23, 2012. The victim said he first was sexually assaulted on the west side of 3050 SMU Boulevard and then in the Airline Parking Garage at Airline Road and Daniel Avenue. 

It's always about loopholes with these folks, isn't it?  Well, loopholes and cornholes, apparently. Be careful this weekend, guys.  

SMU Hate Week: Even June Jones Hates SMU

That jersey does not say "J. Jones".  

Remember when June Jones left SMU high and dry following last season to take the Arizona State job but then they pulled his offer last minute?  Remember that?  That was awesome.  I don't know what I enjoyed more about that whole ordeal - Jones running out of SMU as fast as he possibly could without thinking twice about it or Jones putting his tail between his legs and coming back after Arizona State gave him the big "FU". Oh wait, it was SMU and their "we can't do any better than you so we beg you to come back, even though you don't want us anymore and will inevitably leave us again".  Seriously though, SMU and June Jones, that was great theater you provided us last December.  Pretty much June Jones left his girlfriend (SMU) for a hotter, sluttier girl (Arizona State), then the hotter girl basically told June "ooohhh, yeah sorry about that.  I was REALLY drunk.  Move in together?!?  Haha, nooooo.  I think you and I should just be friends."  So what does June do?  He calls back the ex that he told to get lost and SMU, being the desperate, unloved whore that it is, takes him back with open arms because deep down SMU knows that this is the best they can and will ever do.

Jones even went as far as trying to get his SMU commits to follow him to Arizona State, you know, for that job he NEVER HAD!  Oops, June.  Why did this deal fall apart?  Nobody knows, but I do know that his agent at the time was former super-agent Leigh Steinberg, so maybe Arizona State got tired of negotiating with a raging alcoholic egotistical agent who craps himself and wears diapers.  Maybe they were pretty ecstatic about hiring Jones, but when he showed up to the interview in a Hawaiian shirt, cargo pants, and a lei around his neck they realized that this goober would be a bad fit for any program that wants to be taken seriously.

I guess we'll never really know for sure why the deal fell off the table, but Jones is back at SMU now and all is well, right?  Not exactly.  Even June's son got into the SMU bashing via twitter which had to go over well with the 50 or so SMU fans that exist.  To summarize, he called SMU "the shittiest football school in America" and bashed their lack of resources.  Good for this kid.  He might actually not be a complete moron like his dad.  He's right.  It's one of the shittiest football programs in America and they have no resources.  Hell, the Packers practiced at Highland Park High School when the Super Bowl came through town because they preferred a high school's facilities to SMU's.  That's embarrassing.  It is pretty clear that June and his family want nothing to do with SMU, but he is stuck there until the next offer rolls in and he can bail.  For the time being though, Jones has come up with a clever way to make SMU fans as miserable as he is... making Garrett Gilbert his QB.  I've gotta hand it to Jones.  This is a pretty funny/sick joke he's playing on the Ponies and their fans.  Starting a QB who couldn't beat out Case McCoy in Austin?  He's either a glutton for punishment or he finds humor in watching SMU struggle.  Either way, I'm glad I get to look at the box scores every Saturday to confirm what we already knew - that Garrett Gilbert still sucks and he's the most overrated QB to ever walk on a college campus.  Glad we got the good Gilbert, because this one wouldn't crack the depth chart in Fort Worth.  So far Gilbert has just 3 TD's and 4 interceptions and has guided his team to impressive blowout losses to Baylor (59-24) and Texas A&M (48-3).  June Jones is sadistically making SMU fans suffer through game after game with him under center for them, and opposing defensive coordinators across the country are probably sending him gift baskets for doing them such a favor.  The best part about all of it is that he's got another year of eligibility after this one, so assuming Jones doesn't leave for greener pastures in the offseason, the nation will have 1 more year to laugh at the train wreck that is SMU football.  

Thank you, June Jones, for having a sense of humor about the whole publicly embarrassing yourself and SMU by pretending you got another job only to run back with your tail between your legs.  Horned Frog Nation enjoyed laughing at your expense.  And thank you again for clearly having the biggest case of mailing-it-in give up I've ever seen in a head coach.  Seriously June, even Wade Phillips thinks you quit on your team.  Don't you worry, June.  Keep going at this pace and SMU will surely have to let you go, and then you'll get exactly what you get the Hell out of SMU.  

Finally, upon doing some thorough research on the Internet, I can find no confirmation that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU, but let's always Remember The 5.  #CJK5H

Frogs in the NFL - Week 3

Can't believe we are three weeks into the NFL season and the only undefeated teams are the Cardinals, Texans, and Falcons! It was a good Sunday for TCU alums across the board, as several Frogs keyed big victories.

Marcus Cannon - OT - Patriots (lost to the Ravens 31-30) Hard to root for the Pats, despite Cannon's place on the roster, impossible to root against Torrey Smith on Sunday night. The Ravens struggled to generate a pass rush against the NE o-line, but the running game never really got going. All anyone will be talking about this game though is Smith's incredible performance after losing his brother and The Hoodie almost dismembering a replacement ref after the game.

Tank Carder - LB - Browns (lost to the Bills 24-14) The Browns are terrible. #FreeTank

Andy Dalton - QB - Bengals (beat the Redskins 38-31) Dalton continued his ownership of that former Baylor QB as the Red Rifle and company held off the Skins in RGIII's home opener. Andy threw for 328 yards on 19/27 passing and had three TD's verses a single pick six, which was quite possible the ugliest INT of the year.

Clint Gresham - LS - Seahawks (beat the Packers 14-12) This game was bizarre...

David Hawthorne - LB - Saints (lost 27-24 to the Cardinals) Hawthorne had two tackles as the the Saints choked away another home win. After signing a big contract in the off-season, the LB has yet to really hit his stride in NO, but who can blame him with that train wreck going on? He did leave the game with a hamstring injury, so here's hoping he is able to get back on the field soon!

Jerry Hughes - DE - Colts (lost to the Jaguars 22-17) The Colts lost an absolute heartbreaker of a game, as they took the lead on a FG with less than a minute to go only to see Blaine Gabbert throw an 80 TD pass on the first play of the Jags next possession. It was one of several improbable finishes Sunday. Hughes once again started for the injured Dwight Freeney, and had three tackles including one TFL.

Colin Jones - S - Panthers (lost to the Giants 36-7) No stats 

Jeremy Kerley - WR - Jets (beat the Dolphins 23-20) Kerley had a big day for the Jets, picking up 73 yards and a TD on only two catches. His 66 yard grab was a momentum swinger, and he added 45 yards on three punt returns. It's awesome to see Kerley being a game changer at the professional level!

Marshall Newhouse - OT - Packers ("lost" to the Seahawks 14-12) I know this is a TCU blog, and I know this is a post about the on-field success of our football alums, but can I just get a little ranty for a moment? Roger Goodell you are the worst. I am so disgusted by you that I don't even care to double check how to spell your name. NFL owners, you are also terrible. And, just to cover all my bases, replacement refs need to go back to officiating middle school games or waiting tables or doing whatever they were doing before they started focusing on ruining the most popular sport in America. The NFL is a joke as long as we are willing to continue to watch these scab officials while the regular, slightly more competent refs argue with billionaire owners over what basically amounts to a couple extra dollars and better insurance. This. Is. So. Dumb. I can't believe I am paying an unholy amount to watch this garbage, and I'm horrified by the fact that I know I will continue to watch. Ugh. This is *almost* enough to make me think about being a soccer fan. And that's the worst thing about the whole mess.

Oh, and Marshall Newhouse had a rough night under the lights, as the 'Hawks sacked Aaron Rodgers 8 times in the first half and had him running for his life all game. Newhouse of course can't be blamed for all of that, but it wasn't his best game.

Jason Phillips - LB - Panthers (lost to the Giants 36-7) no stats

Herb Taylor - OT - Jacksonville (beat the Colts 22-17) Herb did not start this week after starting in his first game after being signed by the Jags.

Daryl Washington - LB - Cardinals (beat the Eagles 27-6) The Cardinals sure do look like they are for real, and the defense is a big reason for that. Arizona forced three fumbles on the game and Washington went all Beast Mode on Mike Vick, as he had two sacks, three QB hits, and six tackles. Washington is definitely putting himself in the conversation for greatest Frog Pro Defensive Players, along with Bob Lilly and Aaron Schobel, right?

Time for your predictions in the comments... Will Dalton go over 300 yards again? Will the replacement reps decapitate a player with an errant flag? Can Jeremy Kerley make an impact against the Niners and their staunch secondary? How many times can D-Wash take Tannehill down? Will we ever see Ed Hochuli and his glorious biceps on an NFL field again?

Morning Dump: 09/25


Monday, September 24, 2012


UVA Backup QB "Phillip Sims."  He's changed a lot since this pic was taken.

Once again, gross.

The coaches and players may be giving credence to Saturday's win, but it's all a bunch of lip service.  For the second week in a row, TCU won a game that should've been out of reach in the first half, yet was never truly decided until the clock hit 0s.  Heck, had UVA inserted backup QB Sims earlier, there might have been a reason for more than 4 spectators to stick it out until the end, although I can see why Mike London waited.  Despite putting a TD on the board, Sims DEFINES that erratic gunslinger mentality and had he been allowed to play an entire game it's possible he throws double digit interceptions.  In fact, dude should've been picked twice on that one scoring drive, alone.  So, I guess I'll retract that - TCU was going to win this game one way or another, but it should've been a lot more convincing.  Let's get to it.

The Positives:

  • The defense kept points off the board.  Despite giving up 353 yards, TCU made enough plays - mostly thanks to Kenny Cain and his 3 forced turnovers - to keep UVA off the scoreboard until the game was all but decided, which I suppose is what matters.  
  • Casey Pachall performed well despite being all but decapitated on the field. I'll say this for Casey - he sure makes it look easy.  After the games were over these past two weeks, had you asked me what Pachall's numbers were I wouldn't have guessed he'd hit 300 yards in both.  Maybe I just focus too much on the negatives, like the unnecessary goal line pick and the other near pick that was called back due to pass interference.  
  • Brandon Carter is good at playing WR.  Another week, another 100+ yard performance.  5 catches for 128 yards and one of the most acrobatic scores you'll see this year.  Kid can jump.  On a day where the TCU ground game didn't make you forget Waymon James, Carter played a huge role in making sure the Frogs weren't going to embarrass themselves on offense.
  • Jaden Oberkrom shook off the jitters.  After missing his first career attempt last week, Oberkrom is 4/4, with both of this week's kicks coming in the 45-50 yard range.  Been a while since we've felt good about those types of situations.  Note to the staff:  On TV it looked like JO has a natural draw on his kicks, so, uh, let's stick to the right hash when possible.
  • 3rd down defense.  3/16 this week.  Only allowing 2 per game on average this season, good for second in the country.  That's good.
  • Ladarius Brown scored his first TD.  Hopefully the first of many.
  • Josh Boyce broke a school record for reception TDs with his 18th.  Also dropped a few, just as he did last week.  He's living in Carter's shadow for now, but his lack of touches gives me some optimism because if we can get him and BC going at the same time we may not miss the running game that much.
The Negatives:
  • The O Line.  Last week they could run block, but weren't so great at pass blocking.  This week was the opposite situation.  Will they put it together this week?
  • The run game.  Woof.  You knew Waymon would be missed, but this badly?  Let's put it this way - Trevone Boykin was our best rusher BY FAR Saturday.  Tucker had 52 yards Saturday, and it took him 15 tries to get there.  BJ Catalon was a non-factor on his 5 attempts, and Aundre Dean didn't even touch the ball.  CLEARLY we're going to rely on our passing game and defense to win games, but a little help from the run game will be required if we want to finish better than 4-8.
  • The run defense.  UVA came into the game with the 109th ranked ground game in the country.  That's 109 out of 120ish.  TCU allowed them to gain 164 yards on the ground.  Yeesh.
  • DB play.  Our best pass protector was a converted RB linebacker.  That's not very good.  UVA dropped a couple of would be TDs where their receivers got major separation and the Frogs dropped a couple of would be INTs.
  • Red Zone ball protection.  The Pachall pick is inexcusable for a player of his caliber, the Dawson fumble even moreso when you consider that GP had just chewed his butt out on a prior punt return for worrying more about gaining an extra yard than he did about ball control.  That's SIX red zone turnovers in 2 weeks.  I never played football to the level where you actually learned things, so I have no clue how you teach a player NOT to fumble and apparently the team has not figured this out either.  Your tips in the comments.
  • Casey Pachall almost died.  Seriously, you maybe couldn't tell in the stadium, but they harped on it A LOT on ESPN.  CP was consistently slow to get up after plays due to hard hits and was seen on the sidelines receiving treatment several times.  The question here, though, is whether or not it was his fault or the line's?  GP said last week that Casey needs to learn to get rid of the ball much quicker than he does, and it showed Saturday.  True, he was never sacked, and you have to admire the guy for standing tall in the pocket and not being afraid to take hits, but there's a difference between playing courageously and playing smart.  You can't hit the home run ball every time.  Fortunately Casey is 6'5" and 220+ pounds so he has the frame to take some hits, but maybe not so many next go around?  If he were to ever miss an extended period of time, we would lose all of our games by double digits.
  • Penalties.  Not sure how it wasn't more noticeable during the game, but 12 penalties for 103 yards?  Let's fix that.
Sorry, guys, I just really don't have the enthusiasm to flesh this out more than I already have here.  I'm discouraged.  Not because I think our team isn't capable of winning double digit games - they can -, but discouraged because if they play the way they have these past 2 weeks, they won't even get close.  It's not even inconsistency, necessarily;  if anything, they're a little TOO consistent at fumbling the ball in their opponent's territory.  Fortunately, though, they've also been consistent at bending but not breaking on defense and keeping points off the scoreboard with their backs against the wall and consistent at breaking open JUST enough big plays to keep games out of reach.  Don't be fooled, though - Kansas and Virginia are not talented football teams.  Kansas will miss bowl eligibility by at least 3 games and UVA will struggle to win 6 unless Michael Rocco and Sims, one or the other, figure out how to play the QB position.  SMU has been absolute garbage on offense every week, and on defense in weeks 1 and 3, but we have to play them in Dallas AND coming off an off week AND with the knowledge that we are their Super Bowl.  Fortunately, the blowout losses to Baylor and aggy will probably make the high school stadium they play in even more Amon Carter east than normal, so we have that.  Frogs are over ranked at 15th, but it's not their fault the teams above them lost.  Should be 4-0 entering real Conference play, then every single game every week is loseable if we don't play better.  I'm afraid.

Around the Assocation:
  • Kansas State 24, OU 19.  PSSH, winning in Norman?  Been there, done that.  
  • LSU 12, Auburn 10. ???
  • Oregon 49, Arizona 0.  ???!!!!
  • WVU 31, MD 21.  Hopefully the Mountaineers were overlooking these Turtles for their B12 opener against Baylor.  Go, Wonderful Whites

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Prediction Post

Let's hear your prediction for score, offensive MVP, and defensive MVP.  I've got TCU 38 UVa 13.  Josh Boyce goes off, Maponga 3 sacks.   Generic I know, but it's time for our leaders to step up and show that a few injuries is not going to slow us down.  Fort Worth bound.

Blog Exchange: Edition: They Ask, We Answer

Part II: They Ask, We Answer:

Kris Wright (KW), Editor of Asks:  The ante has been upped for both teams since their last meeting in 2009.  In TCU's case, that's because of the move to the Big Ea ... um, Big (sorta) 12. Are fans happy about the move? Do you think it will hurt the football program's winning percentage?

SnK (SnK), Lord Of Hate, SpitbloodTCU:  Of course the fans are happy about the move to the Big (10) 12.  This gives us the opportunity to do something we've been waiting for since the Southwest Conference disbanded- compete at the highest level with teams that our program has been playing for decades.  As much as DeLoss Dodds and UT didn't want to let us in at first, even they realized it makes the most sense and we were the best possible fit for the conference.  We've got the Aggies to thank as well since they got tired of being UT and OU's whipping boy/little brother nobody listened to.  Without them jumping ship and heading to the SEC to be New Mississippi State we wouldn't have had this opportunity, so thanks Aggy, and keep blowing those 2nd half leads.  

I do think this will hurt the football team's winning percentage, but it's hard to maintain a .787 winning percentage anywhere (which is what TCU has under Gary Patterson).  However, an 11-1 or 10-2 season in the MWC meant the Poinsettia Bowl.  11-1 or 10-2 in the Big 12 will have you in a BCS game, if not the national championship game.  It's also very refreshing to know that Boise State and BYU play tonight and I don't have to give a shit about the outcome.  

KW:  Your neighbors in Austin are in the headlines a lot. Any frustrations from TCU's standpoint about the lack of love from a football standpoint?

SnK:  They can have all the headlines they want, but the product they've put on the field the past couple of years has been laughable.  It's arguably the most high profile university in the country, so they'll always grab the top recruits and be at the forefront of the media.  Also, having the Longhorn Network as ESPN's baby doesn't hurt either.  I think this is how Coach Patterson would like it though- we can keep being an afterthought with Texas at the center of attention and fly under the radar and put a better product out on the field.  I'm glad to see that people outside of Texas think that they are grabbing all the headlines.  That means everyone must have forgotten about our football team's offseason dru...nevermind.  
Also, aren't the 2 most recent University of Texas related headlines Vince Young's inability to manage $26 million and bomb threats that shut down their entire campus?  Yeah, I think we are okay without the headlines.  

KW:  Who are 3 TCU players UVA fans should get familiar with prior to Saturday?  

SnK:  Josh Boyce is a star at WR, coming up just shy of 1000 yards last year (998) and has been the center of attention for opposing defenses so far this year and will continue to be, but his counterpart, Sophomore Brandon Carter, has emerged as quite a playmaker.  He went off last game against Kansas with 8 catches for 141 yards and 2 TD's while the majority of the attention was being paid to Boyce, so don't sleep on Carter.  True Freshman RB B.J. Catalon moves up to #2 on the depth chart with the loss of starter Waymon James, and everyone is anxious to see what he can do with a heavier work load.  He enrolled early so he's familiar with the offense, and we all hope he can be the lightning to Matthew Tucker's thunder.  Defensively, watch for DE Stansly Maponga to be a playmaker.  He's definitely the best player on our defense but was held in check last week against Kansas due to a ton of double teams.  Even if he's not making plays, the double teams and extra attention he receives should provide more opportunities for the rest of the D-Line to make plays. Well

KW:  We'd ask you how to game plan for Virginia's offense, but the offensive line has struggled so much so far that seems pretty pointless. What does TCU do well on defense that keeps the program at the top of the defensive rankings every year? Is your quarterback as accurate as he seems in the stats?

SnK:  Last year we didn't do much of anything well which is why we took a step back defensively, but this year we seem to be back on the right track (knock on wood).  For quite a few years in a row now we've had an elite pass rusher and put at least 1 LB in the NFL for about 5 years straight, so it all starts in up front.  With all of that being said, I think the majority of the credit has to go to Coach Patterson and his 4-2-5 scheme which he's perfected over the years in Fort Worth.  I'm no defensive guru, but I can tell you that we've always thrived off of speed on defense, not so much size but we are by no means undersized.  It will be interesting to see how that philosophy holds up with the grind of a Big 12 schedule.

Casey Pachall is incredibly accurate and has been since he took over for Andy Dalton last year.  I wouldn't put too much stock into his flawless passing performance against Grambling though, since that was probably about like playing against our scout team.  His numbers against Kansas are more reasonable and even those were pretty gaudy with just 6 incompletions.  He has an NFL caliber arm for sure, and he can and will fit some throws into really tight windows.  If only we could get him to stop trying to keep it on the zone read...

KW:  We told you what a Hoo is, so why in the world did TCU pick a Horned Frog as a mascot?

SnK:  Apparently it won a student vote in 1897 when the campus was still in Waco (gross).  It beat the Cactus.  The Horned Frog is the state reptile of Texas as well.  I'm learning all of this on the Internet as I type this, by the way.  Maybe I should have paid more attention during Orientation instead of eyeballing all of the beautiful tail that I'd be spending the next few years of my life drunkenly chasing around local bars.  I miss college.  Anyways, did you know a Horned Frog is actually a lizard?  Okay, enough with the fun Horned Frog facts, but you have to admit that it's pretty bad ass that they spit blood out of their eyes to deter predators, hence the name