Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your New Favorite Horned Frog?

You may have missed it, but TCU had a pretty interesting pickup over the weekend, acquiring Florida transfer WR Ja'Juan Story.  Story, a 4 Star recruit and sixth rated receiver in his class out of hike school, so says ESPN, left Florida this off-season after determining the Gators were not the right fit for him.  The choice came down to TCU and South Florida but Story ended up committing to the Frogs without even checking out Tampa, cancelling a scheduled visit this weekend.  Ja'juan will have to sit out a year per transfer rules but will have 3 years of eligibility remaining beginning with the 2013 season.  Just as a refresher, TCU's receiving corp next year could include the following:  Josh Boyce, Brandon Carter, Ladarius Brown, Cam White, David Porter, Kolby Listenbee, Josh Doctson as well as Story.  So we've got that going for us.  Pretty sure even EdK could toss a few bombs to those guys, presuming he wasn't spending the season poring over MWC box scores and wishing for what might've been.

Reportedly, Story's relationships with current Frog DB Jamie Byrd, a high school teammate, and newly appointed LB Coach Randy Shannon, who recruited him when he was still at Miami, gave us the leg up, but after reading THIS story, I'm not so sure.  Perhaps someone else - say, our own Vikingfrog - played a major role?  After all, it's ironic that Story committed around the same time VF posted pics of the brand spanking new restroom facilities at Amon G.  You think a man who values a good BM would have committed to a program whose restroom rivaled THIS ONE until the stadium was reconstructed?  You guys be the judges on this one.  At least we have a potential replacement for Kris Gardner as the team's resident twitter all-star.

Welcome aboard, Ja'Juan!


VikingFrog said...

I'm pretty sure we have the top ranked practice squad in the nation.

Laces out Finkle said...

i mean who doesn't doodoo and listen to Katie Perry before games?

Cro-magnon Frog said...

My favorite was Story comparing him being reunited with Jamie Byrd being like Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce and MAc N Cheese.

LOLfolding said...

@ VF - Most definitely.

Our receiving options next season will be an embarrassment of riches (yep, counting eggs before hatch).

I really want to see stories like this about safeties and DBs though. I feel like there aren't "Holy crap, it's raining 4-star recruits" incidents about defensive players lately.

Travis said...

Holy crap, how many receivers can we have on the field at one time? Just line them all up and chuck the damn ball. We are well on our way of becoming a true Big XII team, long on offense and not much D. In GMFP we trust, amen!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

What's that offense where EVERYONE not playing QB is a receiver? I think it might've been outlawed.

LOLfolding said...



Walter Harrison said...

Juan story, jamie byrd, former Fl football players are 2 young men that are very talented on the green! They'll push each other to play there best games.
The horne frogs have landed 2 good ones IMO best wishes to both young men.byrds father is a good friend of mine jamie Sr, and juan's mom is my sister inlaw, Ramona, both are great proud parents.
Walter Harrison.