Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Carter: Sneak Peek

Took myself on a little stadium tour today and figured I'd share with my fellow Spitblood crew.  For those worried that the stadium wouldn't be done on time, it's pretty damn close to being done.  When all the landscaping goes in, this place is going to be gorgeous.  Never got over to the West side because a contractor asked me to leave as I was headed that way (which is funny because the first guy I saw invited me in to walk around), so I guess you'll just have to wait for an official tour for pics from the other side.  Enjoy.

This thing has been moved so that it's less of an eyesore.  Has a whole bunch of names on the back.  
The backside of our stadium is beautiful.  Entering from behind has never been easier. 
The view as you walk in from the North side entrance.
All the little touches everywhere really pull together well.
I think we should pay to have that radio tower moved.  This view is glorious.
Sitting in the swanky seats.  Wish this corner was closed in.
All the seats are real close.  This place is going to be LOUD.
Club level.
Great views everywhere.
Double checking the band's work.


HFrog77 said...

Thanks for posting, VF. As a current out-of-towner, I love seeing the progress. Can't wait to see it this season in person.

Reed said...

so awesome!