Monday, August 13, 2012

Spit Blood Pick 'em

It has been a few years since Spit Blood had a college football pick 'em.  I feel it's time to resurrect the tradition.  The only shame is that we don't get to pick MWC games anymore.  I suppose the Big 12 will have to do.

Here are the rules. 
  • We pick against the spread. 
  • The games will be all the games involving Big 12 teams plus the Yahoo Editors picks.  
  • All weeks count.
  • Picks stop 5 minutes before each individual game
I'll recap each week on a Wednesday or Friday depending on whether or not there's a Thursday game in the picks.

The group number is 6471
Password is: gmfp

Membership is open to everyone.


Tanner said...

how many moneys are at stake, or is this for superior football knowledge bragging rights?

general125 said...

Are people interested in a money game? We can do something simple like $20 an entry for the season.