Thursday, August 23, 2012

Position Breakdown - WR's

I'm not sure there is a better receiving core in the country than what TCU can throw out in a spread set. When the meh player is a senior leader and absolute blazer like Skye Dawson, you are pretty well set up to fling it against just about anybody. Shoot, we've got guys sitting out in 2012 that would start at just about any school in the country.

TCU's wideouts are big, fast, strong - and in the lone difference from last season - experienced. The roster lists 18 players as receivers, and that doesn't count Matt Brown, who has been lining up there in practice since losing out in the backup QB battle to Trevone Boykin. Josh Boyce is the name to watch out of the group, having amassed one of the greatest seasons in TCU history for his position last year, notching 61 receptions for 998 yards and nine touchdowns. Even if JB were to never catch another pass in purple (and God-forbid that were to happen), TCU fans would forever be in his debt for the incredible two point conversion catch he pulled in on the smurf turf last year to beat Boise.

While Boyce is likely a pro (and could quite possibly enter the draft after this year), he isn't the only menace on the edge by any stretch. Sophomore Brandon Carter was also impressive in his freshman campaign, amassing 23 receptions for over 350 yards and three scores. While those numbers may not jump off the page, his performance at Boise certainly did, as he racked up 120 yards in receptions and two touchdowns on only four catches. Expect this guy to be targeted more by Casey Pachall this season, and his numbers to climb as Boyce faces double teams and different coverages.

Skye Dawson and Cam White are the other two lead returnees, and bring different skill sets to the table. Dawson, who can also be a dynamic return man, is FAST. In the open field, he is tough to bring down, even at only 5'9", and can be a great weapon from different spots on the field. The senior also brings maturity and experience to what is still a young unit over. White, is big, at 6'3", and though he didn't put up big numbers a year ago, the highly touted recruit has shown flashes of brilliance and appeared in all 13 games last year. David Porter is another dangerous weapon, who had some big plays for the Frogs last year, but doesn't get near the pub of the more highly touted young guys, despite being the #9 receiver in Texas coming out of high school.

The new guys to watch are the much hyped LaDarius Brown, who was rated the #4 athlete in the country coming out of Waxahachie in 2011. Brown, who at 6'4" is a huge target, has continually caught Coach P's eye for his unique combination of size and speed. One of the top recruits in the nation as a senior, Brown has been itching to make his impact on the field after redshirting last year, and coaches and fans alike can't wait to get this guy on the field. Also expected to contribute is early-enrollee Kolby Listenbee, who is another speedster and was frequently mentioned for his standout performances in the spring by the coaching staff. And of course if Matt Brown completes the transition from QB to wide-out, he opens up a lot of doors for trick plays and unique formations. The embarrassment of riches gets even more obscene when you consider that the best guy of the whole bunch might be one that doesn't see the field, Florida transfer and UA All-American Ja'Juan Story. Transfer Josh Doctson, who came back to Texas after an impressive freshman campaign at Wyoming, is another fast, imposing target who should get a lot of touches in 2013 as well.

It's going to be really hard for opposing D coordinators to pick their poison this fall - do you try and take away the receivers and risk letting the backs run wild? Or do you focus on the ground game and hope the young O-Line doesn't give Pachall time to chuck it deep? All told, I don't think we will have any problems keeping up with the high flying offenses in the Big 12 this fall.


FrogHorn07 said...

If I was a DC I would focus on the ground game and blitz a lot, skill players are worthless if they don't get protection from the o-line.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I think the O-line will have some growing pains, and we are incredibly screwed if we get an injury. But we can scheme around that to a degree with rollouts, RB screens, etc. We are going to benefit greatly from having such a backloaded schedule. Grambling and KU are the perfect first two opponents. I think it's often overlooked how mentally beat down our D was after RG3 torched them to open the season. We should be able to work out the kinks the first couple weeks before UVA comes to town.

SwissArmyFrog said...

Ok, do I have some sort of blindness re: Skye Dawson?

One of my first thoughts on reading all this was, "How good could Cam White and David Porter be if they couldn't beat out Skye Dawson, or at least get more playing time at Dawson's expense?

I just remember that so many times, exciting things did not happen when Dawson had the ball in his hands.

On the other hand, I know he was second behind Boyce in some receiving categories.

Am I missing something?

SnK said...

Had a good bowl game, but he has too many drops. Big play ability though. I think he gets the benefit of the doubt bc he's much more of a homerun threat than the other 2 you mentioned, and White plays outside.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I think Dawson is the new Braylon Broughton, as far as how much he should bring to the table but doesn't. Clearly his speed is second to none and he's made some big plays, so the staff wants to have him out there and give him chances, but he hasn't done a TON to earn it. Should be interesting - maybe with teams focusing 110% on Boyce this year, as well as Brown being a huge target on the outside, it'll free him up?

VikingFrog said...

Get the kid some stickum and watch his stock rise.

Cro-magnon Frog said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought I recently read that Boyce had the fastest 40 time of the receivers. What happened with skye? I thought speed was his thing.

SnK said...

He's a track guy, which doesn't necessarily translate to the fastest 40. I'm sure he's got the fastest 100 though. He can still fly.