Friday, August 31, 2012

Morning Dump: 08/31

TCU in the NFL:
Horned Frogs hope to be a hit in big 12 -


Laces out Finkle said...

not sure i agree with the #6 ranking for Big 12 stadiums. I would atleast switch places with Jones Stadium.

BuckNasty said...

Saw that article a few days ago. It originally had a pic of the old stadium. Good thing they changed it.

halfmanhalffrog said...

I have never been to Texas Tech's stadium but in every stadium ranking I have seen they are usually somewhat high up there. What is so special about it? From what I have seen on TV its a pretty basic looking stadium full of red neck STD infested alcoholics. And its astro turf. Who knows, I guess its a fun place to watch a football game but then you realize that you are in Lubbock and that just sucks.


Travis said...

Halfmanhalffrog, way to bring the conference hate. Well done sir!