Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Morning Dump: 08/29

Star-Telegram the MVP this Wednesday.

Big 12 Power Rankings -
Underdog label suits TCU -

Chris Del Conte:

TV Rights:
3 games Texas fans won't be able to see on the LHN - - Cliff Notes version, Texas fans making themselves feel better because they think are involved in a long-con with ESPN.

On Bryant: "My favorite Bear story was I sitting in his office one day in Tuscaloosa, and he said, 'You see that helmet over there? That's Lee Roy Jordan's helmet. He was the greatest hitter I ever had. You look at that helmet real close, you'll see the color of every team we played on there.'

"There was a little orange for Tennessee, a little maroon for Mississippi State.

"I said, 'Who's your artist, Bear? I know you all polish the helmets after every game. C'mon.'

"He said, 'Goddamn sportswriters. It works on recruits.'"

--Dan Jenkins, the greatest goddamn college football writer ever.


SnK said...

Hey Gene Wojciecantspellyourdumbpolishnameski: die old man. Die.

danders said...

Gene WTF-alphabetsoup is a turd!