Saturday, August 4, 2012

Morning Dump: 08/04

Strength of new Big 12 on display in poll - Big 12 Blog (Nice shit talk about Mizzou and Aggie)
Bills' Carder tried to beat the odds again - USA Today

Casey Pachall "news:" (I grew up watching OU football in the 80's, I assure you this is not news)
Then Mac Engle says that TCU should send a message and suspend CP - Star-Telegram (nice excuse to bring up Penn State and coverups)


Hornedfrog1982 said...
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Hornedfrog1982 said...

Let's see! Your room mate is being arrested by drug enforcement. The police report starts with Casey was read his Miranda rights. That is were the report starts? They did not say anything to him before that like we are going to nail your -utts to the wall or you are going to jail? Why do you read Miranda rights to someone who is not under arrest? There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who have made mistakes, get into trouble with the law, and lawyers work so there is no public record of the mistake. Here is a young man who made a mistake and was never charged with a crime but the FWPD puts that into record and sends it out to the world. What the heck!! FYI Casey. Next time you are read your Miranda rights and I hope it never happens again, please feel free to go with the right to remain silent part.

JHale said...

This is just ridiculous... It is a non-story because CP was never charged with anything and has failed 1 drug test out of 25 total he has taken... I mean 25! Just an insane amount of tests. He was disciplined for his actions in accordance with the student handbook (for a student who fails a random testing has to go to a form of AA given by the school) so why are they trying to treat him any different compared to normal students?

Such a non-story

Lyle Lanley said...

It's natural for journalists to publish something with the information that has just come out.

However, the tone of what has been written by lil' miss ZTA and Mr. Little Balls of Hate make it sound as if their goal was/is to get Casey suspended.

I trust Coach Patterson to run his program in the way he sees fit, even if handling of dirty laundry in private isn't good enough for the Schieffer School of Sensationalism.

general125 said...

Well said Lyle.

LOLfolding said...

Guy's a moron twice over in my book. First for doing hard drugs while the QB of a prominent national football team and second for opening his big fat mouth without a lawyer present.

But again, this is a non-issue if these jackasses aren't dealing/using narcotics. Don't be idiots.

SnK said...

Why does it matter at all what he admitted to the cops? He can't get in any legal trouble for what he told them. Sounds like he handled himself pretty well to me by being honest.