Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday.

I'm sure most of you have seen this by now, but I figured I would share just in case. I've watched this about 15 times so far and it still brings out the high giggles. If you need a laugh, just hit replay. The amazing thing is how almost everyone on the field doesn't know what's going on. You've got the Kent St. players blocking for his guy, the Towson players chasing him down, and even the announcers are confused at first. I guess that's why they play for Kent St. and Towson though. In the end, the ball stays at the 7 yard line but I applaud you, Andre Parker, for the valiant return effort. Anyways, enjoy.


SnK said...

Dumbest part is the opposing team tackling him.

Laces out Finkle said...

The icing on the cake is the smack talk after he gets tackled. I can only imagine he said "that's how you return a punt bitches"

JHale said...

Ha! That was just priceless... You can see the Townsend coaches on the sidelines motioning and yelling at those two players to stay away.

If you want something funny to brighten up the Friday

Watch this:

bedneezy said...


David Persons said...

I think that guy used to play for Baylor. They don't know which direction they are going either. Maybe we could get Keanu Reeves out there to tackle him?

Gotta love it when FCS out of conference opponents make the MAC look bad. On the other hand, I guess the MAC and Kent State did that all by themselves.

NEWS FLASH!!!!! - the NCAA has just announced a new rule that requires arrows to flash on the sidelines to point the correct direction for student-athletes who are so stupid they only schools they can get admitted to are just barely good enough to play in the MAC.

Hornedfrog1982 said...

Tank Carder cut by the Idiot Bills but picked up by the Browns. Now he will have a chance to go against Dalton. Good luck Tank!!!