Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday.

I'm sure most of you have seen this by now, but I figured I would share just in case. I've watched this about 15 times so far and it still brings out the high giggles. If you need a laugh, just hit replay. The amazing thing is how almost everyone on the field doesn't know what's going on. You've got the Kent St. players blocking for his guy, the Towson players chasing him down, and even the announcers are confused at first. I guess that's why they play for Kent St. and Towson though. In the end, the ball stays at the 7 yard line but I applaud you, Andre Parker, for the valiant return effort. Anyways, enjoy.

Morning Dump: 08/31

TCU in the NFL:
Horned Frogs hope to be a hit in big 12 -

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Morning Dump: 08/30


Spit Blood TCU College Pick 'em

Even though the TCU football team has the weekend off, the Spit Blood TCU College Pick 'em league starts this weekend.

There are two games this Friday, 23 on Saturday, one on Sunday and one on Monday.  We are picking against the spread.  Do yourself a favor and go make your picks now because you'll forget later.

The only prize is the love and adoration of the Spit Blood TCU community.  That's more valuable than a polar bear coat in Tahiti.

If you haven't joined the league yet, go to

group number: 6471
password: gmfp

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week One Preview.

Is it really you?  I hardly recognized!

Even though TCU doesn't play a meaningful down of football until September 8th, football season still officially kicks off tomorrow.  It's here, guys.  It's really here.  In a typical game week we'd run out our entire arsenal of previews and recaps and what not, but two things are different about this week.  One, without a TCU game, clearly we don't need a preview for that.  And two, with lyle out of the fold, there goes about 50% of our weekly effort, with the other half mostly falling to me.  I'll drive the train for as long as possible, although I don't promise anything spectacular.  So with that enthusiastic exposition, here are this week's games of interest.  Going forward this will likely incorporate all intra-Conference games as well as games that could immediately effect us in the rankings.  But for this weekend, it's just a smorgasborg of college football offerings with brief notations.


#9 South Carolina @ Vanderbilt.  6:00PM.  ESPN.  The annual ESPN opening Thursday game featuring at least one SEC team actually gets ramped up a notch this year and features a whole TWO teams from the only Conference that apparently matters.  USC is seen as the darkest of dark horse NC picks, so if they're going to keep that train on the tracks, they need to take care of business in week one.  Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin is one of the hotter young coaching prospects in the country after doing the impossible and getting Vanderbilt bowl eligible.  He also reportedly only hires assistants after meeting their wives and deeming them physically acceptable.  I like his style.

aggy @ Louisiana Tech (Shreveport).  6:30PM.  ESPNU.  Wanna make your aggy friends mad?  Pick this game as your official upset pick.  I've personally spoken with several ags who believe the 7 point spread is a slap in the face and refuse to listen when I explain how LT has a good Coach and returns the majority of a very good team from last year.  Sadly, God must be an aggy as it looks like Hurricane Isaac could cause it to be rained out and pushed to October.

**Since this was written the game WAS postponed to October 13th.  On the one hand, you'd probably like an experienced LT team's upset chances in week one against an aggy squad breaking in a new offense and coach.  On the other, by the time the two teams meet, aggy will have played Florida and Arkansas, thus beginning their inevitable slide even earlier than normal.  Regardless, I would've watched tomorrow, but probably won't now.

Washington State @ BYU.  9:30PM.  ESPN.  The first game of the Leach era at Wazzu against his alma mater IN Provo?  Sign me up!  Opening night super treat.


Tennessee @ NC State (Atlanta). 6:30PM.  ESPNU.  A SERIOUS undercard for the SEC/ACC opening weekend matchups in the ATL, but it'll at least whet your football appetite for a half hour until...

#24 Boise State at #13 Michigan State.  7:00PM.  ESPN.  Now we're talkin'.  Here's your first chance to check out Boise's new mouth breather and see if MSU is really a threat to run the depleted Big Ten.  Can't you just see Boise squeaking this one out?  I secretly like Chris Petersen.  A lot.


Notre Dame vs. Navy.  8:00AM (!!!).  CBS.  I could not give less of a crap about this matchup, but just look at the start time!  It's our one tiny dose of what the West Coast gets to experience on a weekly basis.  In case you're unaware, the reason for the early start time is that this one will be played in actual damned Ireland.  It does raise a dilemma though: Should you tune in for real live football?  Or take your first chance to oogle Sam Steele in her role as the new Erin Andrews?  I say its a push.  Also, what the heck are Notre Dame fans going to do in Ireland?

Ohio @ Penn State.  11:00AM.  ESPN.  Wanna see how unhappy the Happy Valley can get?  Tune in to this one in the second half when PSU is trailing by 10.

Auburn @ #14 Clemson (Atlanta). 6:00PM.  ESPN.  I'd say Clemson should win this one easily because of their defense but... wait, what?  They gave up 70 last time out? LOL.  This game SUCKS.

#8 Michigan @ #2 Alabama (Jerrahworld).  7:00PM.  ABC.  My heart says TREAT TREAT TREAT, but my head knows that this one is a non-treat disguised as a treat..  Bama wins by 2 TDs.

Wyoming @ #15 Texas.  7:00PM.  LHN.  It's funny, because you can't actually watch this one on TV.  But I'm morbidly curious to see if the revamped UT offense has some teeth, aren't you?


SMU @ Baylor.  5:30PM. FSSW.  HATE BOWL!!!!  Seriously, who do we pull for?  The old me says to pull for the Conference, but SOS really doesn't matter anymore, so we really just have to go with who we hate more.  Actually, that's not really it - its whose cereal do you want to get peed in more?  SMU and their hopes of Garrett Gilbert suddenly becoming good at college football?  Or Baylor and the realities of the post-Griffin era?  I'm at a loss.  Can the hurricane come to Waco?  Black plague?

Morning Dump: 08/29

Star-Telegram the MVP this Wednesday.

Big 12 Power Rankings -
Underdog label suits TCU -

Chris Del Conte:

TV Rights:
3 games Texas fans won't be able to see on the LHN - - Cliff Notes version, Texas fans making themselves feel better because they think are involved in a long-con with ESPN.

On Bryant: "My favorite Bear story was I sitting in his office one day in Tuscaloosa, and he said, 'You see that helmet over there? That's Lee Roy Jordan's helmet. He was the greatest hitter I ever had. You look at that helmet real close, you'll see the color of every team we played on there.'

"There was a little orange for Tennessee, a little maroon for Mississippi State.

"I said, 'Who's your artist, Bear? I know you all polish the helmets after every game. C'mon.'

"He said, 'Goddamn sportswriters. It works on recruits.'"

--Dan Jenkins, the greatest goddamn college football writer ever.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Depth Chart Released: EVERYONE PANIC!!!!

Sorry for the fuzzy resolution.  Here's a link.

The depth chart for - at least - the Grambling game has been released.  A lot of it is as expected, but there are certainly a few surprises.  Some scattered thoughts:

  • Stansly Maponga leads the team in starts with 25.  Stansly Maponga is only a junior.  This bodes well for next year's squad, not so much for this year's.  
  • Unless Casey Pachall goes on a 5 state murdering spree due to over exposure to drugs - not out of the realm of possibility if you listen to the media - he's in the clear.  As we all learned a couple of weeks ago, backing him up will be So. Trevone Boykin who is apparently Matt Brown but with more size, speed and a bigger arm.  I'd say that's some addition by subtraction.  REALLY excited to see him play this year, probably in week one if the scoreboard holds to form.
  • The aforementioned Brown has officially been relocated to the WR section of the depth chart, right below Skye Dawson and, even more interesting, right ahead of David Porter.  Despite being almost a sure-TD every time he caught the ball last year, Porter has earned the ire of Patterson this off-season.  Perhaps this is a motivational ploy?  We'll see.  As it stands now, after Skye inevitably drops his first TD pass, expect Brown to see some early PT.
  • Early enrollee Tyler Matthews is currently sitting at 3rd on the QB depth chart, but will likely redshirt.  In the unlikely case that Pachall and Boykin go down, I'd expect that situation to remain the same and Matt Brown would fill in.  If it comes to that, you may as well pick a new team for the remainder of the season, though.
  • Aundre Dean is penciled in at the 3rd running back spot, heavy emphasis on the PENCILED.  I'd expect BJ Catalon to have every opportunity to beat him out, and I'd be stunned if he took a redshirt this season.  
  • The interior of the line is looking solid.  Fry and Foltz are returning starters and Tausch, while moving over from Center, has size and experience.  I'm not quite ready to sign off on Tayo, even with that frame, just because he's never played the position before, but I don't think we should be too terrified.
  • The RT position features not one but TWO freshmen.  A lot of this has to do with injuries and attrition, although it should be noted that while not on the 2 deep, James Dunbar is still on the roster.  Collins and Big V have the size to maintain their own, but this is definitely a position I'd feel better about were it not Big 12, year one.  
  • On the other side of the ball, Maponga, Cain and Verrett are safe, but the rest all feel PRETTY wide open if you ask me.  Let's take a looksee:
  • DT1:  Freshman Davion Pierson is penciled in as the starter while David Johnson is down with an injury.  Johnson was pretty impactful as a freshman with seven tackles for loss and 3 sacks, so unless Pierson blows the balls off of opposing linemen, expect the position to be up for grabs once Johnson is healthy.
  • DT2: Jon Lewis.  I believe this is where DJ Yendrey would've started had his college career not literally gone up in smoke.  However, with as good as Lewis and current backup Chucky Hunter are, it's entirely possible that he would've been beaten out anyway.  Both players started games as true freshman last year - a rarity in the Patterson era - so they have experience.  Lewis is the man for now, but Hunter is a 305 pound beast in the middle.  Expect a good rotation of the two with the starting spot being more ceremonial than anything.
  • RE:  I think we all expect great things from Devonte Fields... but to start as a true freshman?  Over a Sr. in Ross Forrest - I swear he's been here for 8 years - and expected breakout Matt Anderson?  I'm not sure how to feel.  At all.  On the one hand, Fields has been all sorts of lauded by the staff during practices and who am I to say someone hasn't earned their spot?  On the other, he's at least 25 pounds underweight and a freshman.  I worry.  This is your OFFICIAL "talk me off the ledge, guys" bullet point for this post.
  • I've become numb to our linebacker depth at this point.  Cain is firmly entrenched, and I feel a lot better about Paul Dawson since he is a JUCO.  But other than that? In Randy Shannon we trust... Let's just move on.
  • Let's just take the secondary as a whole here.  Verrett, fine.  Jonathan Anderson, haven't heard a TON about him this summer, but I think we can all agree that if he plays the way he did last year we will be just fine.  Sam Carter is the starter at SS, but I'm not sure he stays there. We'll all remember how he won the starting role during practice and then promptly lost it after the Baylor game.  Derrick Kindred and Jordan Moore, both freshmen, have been getting LOTS of love from the staff recently, but are clearly not ready to step up.  Again, could be a motivational ploy, but if either of those guys get it together, Carter better watch his back.   FS looks like a crapshoot and I'm not sure I want to talk about it.  And then there's Kevin White.  Kevin, good luck and all, but you're going to get thrown at about 75 times a game.  Let's up his conditioning regimen.
So, all that said...
  • Positions you should feel good about:  QB, RB, C, RG, TE, All WR, LE, SLB, CB1, PR, KR.
  • Positions you wouldn't be concerned about if we still played in the MWC, but should worry about at least a little this year:  LT, LG, DT2, MLB, FS, SS, WS, K, P.
  • Positions where you should hide the women and children and head for the hills every Saturday:  RT, DT1, RE  CB2.  
So that's 14 spots you should feel good about, 10 you should feel secure about and 3 that, well, let's not talk about them just yet.  What say YOU, commenters?  Am I overreacting?  Underreacting?  Dumb?

Morning Dump: 08/28

Football Season is starting soon!  Who am I supposed to blame for the frogs having a bye in week 1?

Rebuilding Defense is key to TCU - San Antonio News-Express
TCU Out to shake them hatters off - San Antonio News-Express
TCU IS HOLIDAY BOWL BOUND!, why bother playing the games? -

Women's Cross Country:

Women's Soccer:


On a personal note, after ignoring the Breaking Bad recaps for two years now I'm finally watching the show. It's worth starting it simply for the intervention scene in the 5th episode of the 1st season.  Genius.  I can't believe I waited this long to watch this damn show.

The spreads are up for week 1 of the college football season.  There are two friday games in the picks.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Breaking Bad Mondays: Say My Name.

Dear everyone, If you want to poop yourself watch Breaking Bad tonight. Thanks. Love, Ap

"I just realized I could've gotten the names from Lydia... Sorry about all this, Mike."

AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!  How absolutely bonkers was that?  I think we all knew Mike and Walter would have a showdown, but didn't you almost expect it to end the other way around?  Yes, yes, organically I think Jesse or Skyler need to be the one to take Walt out, but if this show has taught us anything it's to toss your expectations out the window and realize that just about everyone is expendable.  But after Walt's emotionally charged gaffe at episode's end last night, it seems like Jesse almost has to be the one to do it, right?  Mike has been a fan favorite ever since he came on the show and it's a rough way for him to go out, but once you saw the image of him tossing stones into a serene lake, it was pretty clear his number was up.  We'll miss you, Mike the Cleaner, and you deserved better.  Still, dick move bailing on your granddaughter like that.

It's amazes me on a weekly basis just how far Walter White has fallen.  The opening scene with the Phoenix meth gang that gave the episode its title was pretty spectacular.  You'll have to forgive me for immediately thinking of Marlo's, "My name is my name!" speech from the Wire, but those two scenes couldn't be more different.  Marlo wanted his name off the streets; Walter White wants everyone to know just who the great Heisenberg is.  The wrong person is going to find out soon enough.

Then there was the cold scene between Walt and Jesse, and the disrespect therein.  It was obvious from the get-go that Walt did not truly believe Jesse was going to get out because, for Walt, there isn't a situation he can't talk his way out of.  Walt has manipulated Jesse every step of the way and by denying him his $5 million from the negotiation with Phoenix, its clear he figured he could just string Jesse along until he changed his mind about getting out.  After the way Walt belittled him, I was pretty sure he wasn't changing his mind, but once Jesse finds out about Mike, I think the partnership is done for good.  At least they'll always have the memories of the Crystal Ship...

As for the rest of the episode, it looks like Walt has found a new protege in Todd, one who worships him and shares his lack of respect for human life.  So I'm sure everything there will be GREAT and good for the advancement of humanity.  Skyler continues to be pushed to the edges of her sanity and it can't be long now before she snaps.  Hank is still digging into the Fring case, which isn't good for his long term job prospects unless he brings down the new man in charge.  Mike's death certainly throws a wrench into the investigation, at least temporarily, but if his lawyer was willing to give him up, I'm pretty sure he'll give up the names of the 9 as well.

Only one episode left in this half season, which is EXTREMELY frustrating, but we knew it was coming.  So how does everyone think they send us into the off-season?  I'm not sure it's going to be a bigger bang than last night, but you just know Gilligan is going to give us just enough to make us curse him name for splitting the final slate in half and make this next year unbearable.

Better reviews:,83950/

Morning Dump: 08/27

I play it only because it's funny, not because it's relevant. Oh aggy.

Waymon James ready to prove TCU's running game still has punch - (get it while it's free)
Fort Worth rejoins major college landscape - San Anton' News Express
Horned Frogs adjust to challenge of balancing class, long as they win football games they can go to class -
Changes make Big 12 tougher for ISU - Ames Tribune - as a kid growing up in Oklahoma, I came to expect a "W" every time OU played Iowa State. I expect the same for TCU.
KC Star clown picks TCU to go 7-5, while Texas is 9-3 - KC Star

Women's Soccer:
We beat Montana, the SFA game was played after this post went to press -

All the results from this weekend

SMU Finally off list of homophobic schools - Dallas Voice

Men #20 in golfweek, the most prestegious preseason rankings in sport -

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Bad Week for UT Fans to Act Entitled.

Randy Travis in his most recent mug shot, left, and leaving the Grayson County jail Wednesday in blue scrubs with two unidentified companions.
Probably shouldn't use this in the brochure.

Everyone of us here have UT fans that we count among our acquaintances.  Heck, if you're like me you count UT fans among your closest friends and enjoy their company regarding all non-sports related matters.  (My best friend from HS went to UT but only attended a handful of games during his 4 years and wasn't all that excited about the 2005 Title because, 'all it did was rile up the frat boys and make them even more insufferable'.  This is what you call an "anomaly".)  You have a lot of fun with them and sometimes get tricked into thinking they're normal.  But for the most part they all genuinely believe that UT is the apex of athletics no matter the result on the field and, even if you have the rare acquaintance like I mentioned above,  deep down we all know that underneath the surface, any UT fan has that sense of entitlement lurking.  And, boy, it was a rough week for the entitled UT fan.

First off is a story that, if you haven't seen it yet, I'm sure you'll all enjoy.  Remember Daje Johnson?  Tremendous former TCU commit from Pflugerville who wanted to go to UT so bad he pretty much walked into Mack Brown's office, spread his cheeks and told him to have his way with him until he would give him a scholly?  Seriously, if you tell me Mack offered the kid because he was interested and not because Daje's therapist told Mack if he didn't he'd be considered an accessory to a suicide, I'm calling you a liar.  

Anyway, Daje got his wish, and got his spot on the team.  But you know that whole "be careful what you wish for" thing?  Based on this week's news that Daje has been suspended for UT's first game for "violating a team rule," perhaps its accurate.  Word among the EdK's of the UT world, what with their endless supply of golf course sources, is that Daje hasn't exactly learned his place among the UT pecking order and might need an attitude adjustment, and quickly.  Now, I'm not one to attack Daje simply for dropping TCU for UT.  When we get into these discussions, I always say, "Ask yourself, remember how much of a dickhead you were when you were 18?  Now pretend you were actually good at sports, like, REALLY good.  That's what it'd be like."  I, personally, would've milked the HELL out of the recruiting process.  No, I don't scorn Daje for switching sides, but I do look down on him for the way he handled it, groveling until the very second he signed on the dotted line.

So with that in mind, isn't it funny that the last man in UT's recruiting class - not confirmed, but he was near the bottom - is the one who thinks he's ready for the big time and needs an attitude adjustment?  If you had to crawl on your knees and beg for your dream school to offer you a spot on the squad, wouldn't you do as Bryan Holaday refused to do and shut the hell up?   On the one hand, if he's right and a true freshman should receive special treatment, then UT has fallen WAY farther than we all thought.  On the other, it's a pretty strong indictment of the UT mentality, where those with the weakest cases demonstrate the highest amount of entitlement.

Which brings us to exhibits B and C from this week.  Now, your UT friends who actually received a degree from the school are bad enough, but I think we can all agree that the T shirt ilk are exponentially worse.  I'm from Longview, the land where 90% of those wearing UT or aggy gear couldn't even spell college, so I feel like I'm pretty well versed in their kind.  My Facebook newsfeed is literally a T shirt fan convention; if I didn't know any better, I'd suspect Longview was both the largest UT alumni base and expat community of Saints fans in the nation.  T shirt fans are literally the worst.  They're the most vocal as well as the most ignorant.  Which perhaps explains the downward spirals of apparent UT fans Randy Travis and Lance Armstrong.

You all know Travis' oeuvre - country music singer by day, RAGING drunk by night.  To recount, in February Travis was arrested for public intoxication while outside of a church (keep that in your memory bank).  Then, earlier this month Travis upped the ante when he was arrested again, this time for drunk driving AND threatening to shoot the officers trying to get that maniac off the streets.  So, after two arrests in 6 months for poor behavior, you'd think Randy Travis would keep it clean, right?  I mean, surely he's not like every other UT fan in the country who thinks they are above society, including the rules of said society?  Of course you're wrong, for last evening Travis was arrested for a THIRD time - and second time outside of a church!! - except this time it was for simple assault.  So, if you're counting, that's one PI, one DUI with obstruction and retaliation thrown in, and one simple battery.  At least he reportedly wasn't drunk last night.  Just beatin' on fools while sober.  Good work.

And then, you're all well aware of the recent developments in the life of Lance Armstrong, T Shirt fan extraordinnaire.  LOOK!

Just as a note, I could find no traces of Lance attending any college, but certainly not Texas.

Anyway, so everyone in the universe not named Craig "Junior" Miller knows Lance doped.  The only reason it wasn't more obvious is because cycling is not a sport, its a leisure activity, so everyone ignored it to focus on the whole cancer aspect of his travails.  In fact, Lance has been accused of doping for years and has apparently been fighting a court battle with the US Anti Doping Agency - this exists? - for about as long.  That is, he'd been fighting it until yesterday, when Lance decided to wave the white flag, which resulted in the forfeiture of all seven of his Tour de France titles.  True, giving up isn't an admission of guilt, but its the next best thing, especially for someone like Armstrong who, were he innocent, has the means to fight such allegations.  While some will raise their hands and say, "Who cares?" I say we SHOULD care because Lance is demonstrating the exact UT T shirt fan entitlement we should all rise up against as a society.  Sure, it starts at "taking some drugs to win a bike race," but where does it end?  Lance is a clear example - he could've cheated to win his first one then scaled back a little to give everyone else a chance, but Lance is greedy and grubbing like the rest of his bretheren.  Before he knew it, he'd won 7 of the things, become a multi-millionaire and embroiled himself in a lawsuit he had to win in order to make his adoring fans not feel duped.  Well, it's all over now, Golden Boy.  We appreciate your cancer research fund raising, but you've been exposed!  You all have!  And if you doubt me, just remember what I said during the Presidential debates when Obama gets asked why he should get a second term and all he does is raise a "Hook 'em" Sign, the new international sign for undeserved entitlement.

Morning Dump: 08/24

Part of me apologizes for the string of pre-lunch dumps.  The other part of me thinks that you get what you pay for.

Now for the links.

Tailgating facism at the student tailgate is on the rise -
Barry Tramel reporting rumors as fact on the new Big 12 TV deal -
Being in the big 12 helps recruiting, just ask Baylor -
Josh Boyce embraces leadership role in TCU receiving corps -

Big pitching recruit to miss 2013 because of Tommy John -

Women's Soccer:
vs. Texas Tech on Friday
vs. Stephen F. Austin on Sunday

Start the season in Nashville this weekend

Chris Del Conte:

Notes on a Scorecard and the bypass lane -

The next dump will be Monday.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Position Breakdown - WR's

I'm not sure there is a better receiving core in the country than what TCU can throw out in a spread set. When the meh player is a senior leader and absolute blazer like Skye Dawson, you are pretty well set up to fling it against just about anybody. Shoot, we've got guys sitting out in 2012 that would start at just about any school in the country.

TCU's wideouts are big, fast, strong - and in the lone difference from last season - experienced. The roster lists 18 players as receivers, and that doesn't count Matt Brown, who has been lining up there in practice since losing out in the backup QB battle to Trevone Boykin. Josh Boyce is the name to watch out of the group, having amassed one of the greatest seasons in TCU history for his position last year, notching 61 receptions for 998 yards and nine touchdowns. Even if JB were to never catch another pass in purple (and God-forbid that were to happen), TCU fans would forever be in his debt for the incredible two point conversion catch he pulled in on the smurf turf last year to beat Boise.

While Boyce is likely a pro (and could quite possibly enter the draft after this year), he isn't the only menace on the edge by any stretch. Sophomore Brandon Carter was also impressive in his freshman campaign, amassing 23 receptions for over 350 yards and three scores. While those numbers may not jump off the page, his performance at Boise certainly did, as he racked up 120 yards in receptions and two touchdowns on only four catches. Expect this guy to be targeted more by Casey Pachall this season, and his numbers to climb as Boyce faces double teams and different coverages.

Skye Dawson and Cam White are the other two lead returnees, and bring different skill sets to the table. Dawson, who can also be a dynamic return man, is FAST. In the open field, he is tough to bring down, even at only 5'9", and can be a great weapon from different spots on the field. The senior also brings maturity and experience to what is still a young unit over. White, is big, at 6'3", and though he didn't put up big numbers a year ago, the highly touted recruit has shown flashes of brilliance and appeared in all 13 games last year. David Porter is another dangerous weapon, who had some big plays for the Frogs last year, but doesn't get near the pub of the more highly touted young guys, despite being the #9 receiver in Texas coming out of high school.

The new guys to watch are the much hyped LaDarius Brown, who was rated the #4 athlete in the country coming out of Waxahachie in 2011. Brown, who at 6'4" is a huge target, has continually caught Coach P's eye for his unique combination of size and speed. One of the top recruits in the nation as a senior, Brown has been itching to make his impact on the field after redshirting last year, and coaches and fans alike can't wait to get this guy on the field. Also expected to contribute is early-enrollee Kolby Listenbee, who is another speedster and was frequently mentioned for his standout performances in the spring by the coaching staff. And of course if Matt Brown completes the transition from QB to wide-out, he opens up a lot of doors for trick plays and unique formations. The embarrassment of riches gets even more obscene when you consider that the best guy of the whole bunch might be one that doesn't see the field, Florida transfer and UA All-American Ja'Juan Story. Transfer Josh Doctson, who came back to Texas after an impressive freshman campaign at Wyoming, is another fast, imposing target who should get a lot of touches in 2013 as well.

It's going to be really hard for opposing D coordinators to pick their poison this fall - do you try and take away the receivers and risk letting the backs run wild? Or do you focus on the ground game and hope the young O-Line doesn't give Pachall time to chuck it deep? All told, I don't think we will have any problems keeping up with the high flying offenses in the Big 12 this fall.

Morning Dump: 08/23

Gambling on the Big 12, TCU O/U W-L good value, you heard it here first -
10 Teams you think have a shot at the BCS title, but don't - Stupid Bleacher Report, I normally ignore them, but this time their stupidity had to be displayed
GMFP still wants a 3rd RB -

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Morning Dump: 08/21

More like a post-lunch growler.....

Several writers leave TCU off their AP Ballot -
Tailgating rules at TCU - Yahoo Sports
5 questions for the StarT beat writer - Daily Oklahoman
TCU's big step forward - SBNation
TCU v. Oklahoma best game of the year - Yahoo Sports
25 most intersting mascots, we lose out to the fighting okra - Yahoo Sports

Secure Women enjoy sex more than insecure women says TCU study - times of india

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Your New Favorite Horned Frog?

You may have missed it, but TCU had a pretty interesting pickup over the weekend, acquiring Florida transfer WR Ja'Juan Story.  Story, a 4 Star recruit and sixth rated receiver in his class out of hike school, so says ESPN, left Florida this off-season after determining the Gators were not the right fit for him.  The choice came down to TCU and South Florida but Story ended up committing to the Frogs without even checking out Tampa, cancelling a scheduled visit this weekend.  Ja'juan will have to sit out a year per transfer rules but will have 3 years of eligibility remaining beginning with the 2013 season.  Just as a refresher, TCU's receiving corp next year could include the following:  Josh Boyce, Brandon Carter, Ladarius Brown, Cam White, David Porter, Kolby Listenbee, Josh Doctson as well as Story.  So we've got that going for us.  Pretty sure even EdK could toss a few bombs to those guys, presuming he wasn't spending the season poring over MWC box scores and wishing for what might've been.

Reportedly, Story's relationships with current Frog DB Jamie Byrd, a high school teammate, and newly appointed LB Coach Randy Shannon, who recruited him when he was still at Miami, gave us the leg up, but after reading THIS story, I'm not so sure.  Perhaps someone else - say, our own Vikingfrog - played a major role?  After all, it's ironic that Story committed around the same time VF posted pics of the brand spanking new restroom facilities at Amon G.  You think a man who values a good BM would have committed to a program whose restroom rivaled THIS ONE until the stadium was reconstructed?  You guys be the judges on this one.  At least we have a potential replacement for Kris Gardner as the team's resident twitter all-star.

Welcome aboard, Ja'Juan!
*Tournament Update:
 We are 5 days away from the the Spitblood Scramble.  Sponsorships and prizes are in place and there are a few spots left for teams of 4.  This is your last chance to sign up!  Registration will close on Thursday EOB.

Please bring cash to the course to buy mulligans.  They are $10 each and you can buy 2 max per player.  

This year's tournament will be held at Whitestone Golf Course in Fort Worth on August 25th.  Shotgun start is set for 2pm so you lazy booze hounds can make it.  All proceeds go to charity.  $100/player, $400/team.  Includes green fee, koozie, FREE beer, hamburger, and prizes if you earn them.

The format is a scramble.  Do not stack your team with A golfers.  Try to balance with an A, B, C, and D golfer.  (why do I even say this, you sand bagging SOBs never listen)  You WILL get made fun of if you turn in a 17 under.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Dead Ass Last.  There will also be closest to the pin and longest drive individual prizes as well.  1st place takes home the coveted Spitblood Purple Jacket.

Last year we set a record for attendance with over 80 golfers.  This year we aim to get 100 players.  We have the entire course reserved and it will be one hell of a time. 

We are pooling money on Crowdtilt.  Click this link to sign up.  If you don't have an account sign up is fast and easy.  You can sign up through Facebook or by just using your email. If you are paying for more than 1 entry you can contribute multiple times.

After sign up please email your team name and players to .  Sign up as soon as you can because the spots will go fast.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Congratulations, Cole Beasley!

Craig says this is WAY worse than what he did...

Well, if's official:  ex-SMU and current Dallas Cowboys Wideout Cole Beasley is with child!  Details are sketchy on the identity of the father, but its rumored that while current SMU backup QB Kyle Padron's performance dropped off ON the field, this was not the case in the bedroom where apparently his boys have run for the ultimate touchdown celebration.  A due date has not yet been announced, but the little bundle of joy is expected to arrive shortly after SMU sits at home during bowl season.  Seeing as how Padron is expected to be the stay at home dad, the sooner he is able to start fluffing the nest and picking out paint colors, the better.

Rumors of Beasley's condition began swirling early in Cowboys training camp when the receiver left the team for "personal reasons," questioning whether or not he wanted to play football at all, only to return shortly thereafter.  It was initially rumored that Beasley, wary of his lifetime statistics of 2 catches for 20 yards against TCU, the only team of substance SMU played on a regular basis, questioned his role at the next level due to lack of experience against top notch competition.  Not so, says a source, it was simply mood swing brought on by those doggone hormones.   From second hand experience I can tell you that mood swing are a critical part of the human-baking process, so Beasley really can't be solely blamed for his actions.  Still, mum was the word on Beasley's growing family as he remained in the mix for the 3rd WR role behind Miles Austin and Dez Bryant, drawing the eye of Jerry Jones, the worst general manager in all of sports.

But then came this chance on-camera occurrence from Saturday's game against San Diego, and all denials were put to rest.

Beasley claims that he simply fell on the football wrong and that was the cause of the vomiting, but I think we all know the culprit:  Morning sickness.  "But wait, it was well after 10PM by the time time this .gif was captured - that's not exactly the morning, is it?" Despite knowing that pregnancy sickness is not always confined to the pre-dawn hours, I had the same concerns.  However, when reached for comment, Beasley had the following to say:  "You'll probably see me throw up a lot more.  I throw up a lot before the game, too."  The Cowboys play 7 games at noon and 5 more at 3, which would have Beasley at the facility WELL before the clock rolls over to PM should he make the 53 man roster.  Sneaky!  Don't worry, Cole, your friends at Spitblood will keep your secret until you're ready for an official announcement.  Just a warning, though - you may be ostracized at the alma mater for your choice of lifestyle, so I recommend going incognito when cruising Hillcrest until SMU refuses to solely admit hate mongers.

Until then, everyone please congratulate Cole and Kyle on their little miracle while I search for a team to root for that doesn't indefinitely employ Tony Romo and have an undrafted rookie white receiver out of SMU that stands 5'8" and 177 pounds as the third best receiver on their team.

Breaking Bad Mondays: Buyout.

The original Heisenberg.  I prefer version 2.0

Just when they thought they were out...

I suppose in the back of my mind I knew that Jesse and Mike could never really get out THAT easily.  I mean, without Mike around to create tension and Jesse's voice of reason to remind us that not everyone is as cold blooded as Mr. White, the show doesn't work.  Regardless, a little part of me believed that perhaps they would and that the remaining 10 episodes EVER of BB would simply be Walt against the world, leading to that scene at the diner one year from the current block.  Not so.  Ignoring the fact that, even with lack of sleep, Mike would never be stupid enough to confine Walter in such a flimsy manner, it looks like Heisenberg has turned the tables in his favor yet again.  "I'm not in the meth business or the money business, Jesse.  I'm in the empire business," should be the new tagline for the show going forward.  Somewhere, Jay-Z mumbles "HOLLA!" and pours out a bottle of Cristal in Walt's honor.  Watch the Throne, indeed.  Poor Jesse.

But the Walt/Mike/Jesse scenes weren't the episode's most memorable - that honor easily goes to the most gruesomely uncomfortable dinner scene since Beetlejuice possessed the mom from Home Alone and that child pornographer.  The way Skyler kept filling her cup and cutting glares at Walt was brutal, and her delivery of the, "they're from the deli at Albertson's" line was hilarious in its callousness.  Again, Poor Jesse - he had no idea the hornets nest he had walked into.

Heck, the show even made a scene between Marie and Skyler work!  Much like the Jesse/Mike scenario, I couldn't envision a situation where Skyler spilled ALL of the beans... but I wasn't ruling it out.  That shoe is going to drop at some point, though, and then shit is going to get batshit insane.

As for poor Lance/Landry/Todd, there's no way he survives this thing with his life intact.  Also, was I the only one who immediately pictured Mike as John Turturro from The Big Lebowski when he delivered the, "Next time you bring a gun to a job without letting me know beforehand, I'm going to shove a gun up your ass sideways," line?  Anyone?

So what do you guys think Walt's grand plan is?  My initial thought is that it has something to do with teaming up with the new drug lord from Phoenix, but that doesn't exactly fit Walt's megalomania/the fewer people involved, the better ideology.   All I know is, yes, Robert Griffin, people are gonna die. 

Better reviews:,83798/

Morning Dump: 08/20

Frogs landed in a good spot - The Daily Oklahoman

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Carter: Sneak Peek

Took myself on a little stadium tour today and figured I'd share with my fellow Spitblood crew.  For those worried that the stadium wouldn't be done on time, it's pretty damn close to being done.  When all the landscaping goes in, this place is going to be gorgeous.  Never got over to the West side because a contractor asked me to leave as I was headed that way (which is funny because the first guy I saw invited me in to walk around), so I guess you'll just have to wait for an official tour for pics from the other side.  Enjoy.

This thing has been moved so that it's less of an eyesore.  Has a whole bunch of names on the back.  
The backside of our stadium is beautiful.  Entering from behind has never been easier. 
The view as you walk in from the North side entrance.
All the little touches everywhere really pull together well.
I think we should pay to have that radio tower moved.  This view is glorious.
Sitting in the swanky seats.  Wish this corner was closed in.
All the seats are real close.  This place is going to be LOUD.
Club level.
Great views everywhere.
Double checking the band's work.

Morning Dump: 08/19

Warm, flat beer and crumpled up solo cups... Part 1

I am the little brother and it's time to light a damn fire.  

I don't care who we lost, how young our line is or who is gone from slinging the magic grass.  

Put 11 more teams up next to that Longhorn and kick em' all in the mouth.  


Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall Camp Positional Breakdown - QBs

With fall camp in full swing, and the season LESS THAN 25 DAYS AWAY, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the depth charts across the key positions and dive into the strengths and weaknesses of each group. Because I'm not a glutton for punishment, I decided to not step out on to the ledge like our friend Sir Wesley, but to focus on an area of strength instead, the Horned Frog QBs.

Casey Pachall comes into the season with the weight of the offense on his broad, tattoo riddled shoulders. With the Big 12 move coming, the rest of the country is very interested to see if the incredible numbers Big Case put up in the MWC will translate to a conference that is (mostly) strong top to bottom. Anyone that saw #4 play against Baylor (though gag), in the second half against SMU (though double gag), or at Boise State (woo!) has no doubt that Pachall can compete on a high level regardless of the opponent. Of course, his admitted poor preparation against cellar dwellers in the MWC won't work against even the Iowa States and Kansas' of the world this season, but GP says he's been a beast on and off the field in light of the conference switch, and his preparation should be much more consistent and strong. Assuming he has put some of his off-season woes behind him, Pachall should be in the conversation for All Conference honors and some consider him a dark-horse Heisman candidate if TCU competes for a conference championship. Pachall has a big arm, and throws as good a deep ball as you will find in the country. His most glaring weakness last year was with zone read plays, an area that had typically been a strength for GP teams. Pachall struggled to make quick reads and pick up yardage with his feet, but he has the athleticism to be a weapon on the ground - he has a long stride and decent quickness. He can certainly use that as more of a weapon in the open field if he can be more decisive.

Though Pachall is without question THE MAN for the Horned Frogs, he's not the only QB on the roster who is capable of winning ball games. Matt "Touchdown" Brown showed that he was an invaluable weapon in the Red Zone, scoring six times on running plays. Though he only got a chance to chuck it in garbage time, Brown was highly recruited as a dual-threat QB in high school, and certainly has the ability to do so if called upon. Coming out of Allen High School, Brown threw for over 2400 yards, 26 TD's, and ran for another 1100+ and 17 scores. The kid can play. Brown doesn't have the size or the cannon of an arm the Pachall has, but he is accurate and is probably a better athlete. He has a leg up on the backup role, but will be pushed more this year by our next subject.

The real wild card here is Trevone Boykin, a RS Freshman who totaled almost 5000 yards and 58 TD's as a senior. He held offers from basically the entire Big 12, but TCU was the one he wanted and he jumped at the opportunity to sign. At times in the spring, Patterson seemed to hint that Boykin could be in a position to grab that backup role, but for now at least, Brown is slotted there. I would think he's the type of player that you try and find a role for, as he can be a dynamic player in the open field, and is capable of making plays with both his arm and his legs.

The last QB on the roster will more than likely redshirt, but has a chance to be a true impact player at the position in a couple years. Tyler Matthews, a four star recruit out of Kansas, was an Army All American and an All State player. He looks the part, with the size and arm of a guy you expect to see on Sundays. We will have to wait to see how that translates onto the field, but by all accounts this guy can flat out play. He's been compared favorably to Andy Dalton as far as his character, leadership, and Football IQ go, and if he's headed down that path, I don't think any Frog Fans would be disappointed. And, he turned down Charlie Weis at Kansas, so you know he's a good judge of character.

TCU fans know the team is in great hands with Pachall, but there is reason to feel confident that there are a couple guys that can step in and perform in a pinch (or if someone gets pinched). And with the young guns behind him, there certainly isn't a reason to think we need to worry about any significant drop off in the next couple of seasons, either. TCU's offense, once a questionable commodity, is without a doubt, the strength of the 2012 addition, and you can expect the Frogs to put up big numbers in the Big 12 behind the arms and legs of these guys.

Morning Dump: 08/17

Meet the Frogs on 1 September, don't be the creepy guy that comes without a kid.
FOX SPORTS EXCLUSIVE; New Teams in New Conferences - (how did they know, and who did they pay to get such an exclusive?)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Support the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation.

The Rooster, all grown up.

Remember the Rose Bowl?  Remember the Utah Game(s)?  Remember those times we sent the BYU faithful back to their compounds?  Remember the setting in motion of the four greatest years for a TCU Senior class ever, a record that continues to be broken?  You're right, Obama, WE didn't build that - Andy Dalton did!  So why not give back to the guy who has given the majority of us the best TCU Football memories we have ever had to this point?

The Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation is intended to, and I quote, "provide seriously ill and physically challenged children throughout Greater Cincinnati with daily support and life changing experiences"  The Foundation intends to touch the lives of 50,000 children by the year 2014, but needs YOUR help spreading the word to reach that goal.  You can help by liking the foundation's facebook page HERE.  The goal is to hit 1,400 "likes" and, for a lucky few, Andy will be sending out prized memorabilia.  So get to the social network and help Andy out!  For the kids.

The Foundation's website can be seen HERE.