Thursday, July 26, 2012

Your New/Only Favorite Dallas Cowboy.

Ed Wesley - BYU v TCU

After he was left out in the cold in the NFL Supplemental Draft we knew it was only a matter of time before Ed 'Kid n Play' Wesley was picked up by an NFL team.  As it turns out, that day is today and, at least for a few of our posters, we get to roll Ed up into our NFL interest.  Hopefully his stay is more fruitful than Steven Hodge's.  After waiving Darrell Scott due to a failed physical - remember that guy?  Top RB in the country that chose Colorado over UT, transferred to USF, went undrafted and is now an NFL flameout?  Stay in school, kiddos - the hometown Dallas Cowboys have thrown Ed a lifeline.  For a guy that has 29 attempts for 193 yards a score in two career games at Jerrah World, the signing has to be music to his ears.  

Taking rooting interests out of the equation, I like the match with Dallas.  With Felix Jones' history of injuries (too many to name) and being bad at football, plus DeMarco Murray's own injury issues (season ending injury vs. NYG in week 14) last year , Dallas will need all the backups they can handle.  A healthy Tony Romo with a good ground game to keep defenses from R'ing him is not very good; a Romo with no ground game to speak of is worse than Ryan Tannehill will be in Miami.  Dallas is currently carrying 2 other RB's on the roster in undrafted UNT rookie Lance Dunbar and returnee Phillip Tanner.    Going into camp that third hole will be Tanner's to lose, but with only 22 career attempts under his belt, it's by no means a closed competition.  Truthfully, I'd be surprised if the Cowboys don't continue kicking the tires of any unsigned RBs, but for now Wesley is going to be given every chance to keep his career going in Dallas.  That said, Ed will likely begin the season as a practice squad player, but if Jones and/or Murray can't make it the entire season he could easily find himself on a gameday roster this season.  

Rookies report to camp in Oxnard in the next day or two, so we will keep you updated on Wesley's progression at the NFL level.  But for now, congrats and good luck.


VikingFrog said...

Awesome for Ed. Though he must have some criminal record we don't know about otherwise Jerry wouldn't have picked him up.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

You know Jerry was just salivating to pick up a kid who left school early under undisclosed circumstances and was passed over in the supplemental draft. That's his perfect HR storm.

LOLfolding said...

IF he makes the team, I see him in something of a Tashard Choice roll. I think getting stashed as a practice squad player should be considered a positive result for him.