Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Randy Shannon & the Continual Rise of TCU Linebackers

All your linebackers are belong to us

The linebacker corps at TCU may be a little thin right now, but the potential for greatness has never been higher. (Well, except when Brock was still on the team)

Out of fear of being compared to Penn State's off the field transgressions, I refuse to call TCU the new "Linebacker University", but over the past few years we have churned out some real talent at the position and sent more than our fair share to play in the NFgoodelL.

Current TCU linebackers in the NFL include:

David Hawthorne - New Orleans Saints (Drafted by the Seahawks)
Drafted 2008

Jason Phillips - Carolina Panthers (Drafted by the Ravens)
Drafted 2009

Daryl Washington - Arizona Cardinals
Drafted 2010

Tank Carder - Buffalo Bills
Drafted 2012

I can understand why we might worry at the position with our current depth and recent transgressions, but the future seems bright with the (all-but-confirmed-by-the-school) hire of Randy Shannon.  The guy should be a recruiting monster for us and provide access to areas in the South East we haven't touched in some time.  Can you imagine being a defensive stud and having Patterson and Shannon show up at your door?  I also have high hopes that he can bring our young talent up to speed quickly.  I for one feel it may even make the situation easier for guys like Hilliard and McFarland who could be called upon to put in significant playing time. Both coach and players will realize how hard they will need to work to be on the same page and get this machine working.

On a side note, does it seem a little odd that Shannon would come in to be a linebackers coach for a 4-2-5 system?  I'm fairly certain this system is new to him.  Perhaps this is a small hint that he may be sticking around for a little longer than some people are speculating.  Perhaps he has aspirations of taking a over for a certain mustachioed coordinator down the line.  Who knows?  I sure as heck don't, but I'd love to hear our dear audience's opinion on it.

What are your thought's on the (alleged) Randy Shannon hire and our current situation at linebacker?

Do our current LBs benefit from it, or does losing Tademy still sting?

Will Shannon be around for a while, or is this just a stepping stone into another DC or head coaching gig?


Melissa Triebwasser said...

I think it's a great hire. Unless he blows and goes in a year, it can definitely open some doors in the south east recruiting wise. He brings the cache of having played in the league as well, which never hurts. Losing a coach this late is always tough, but we couldn't ask for a better guy to come in at this point, and I think he has a positive impact on the current guys and shores up that position for the fall.

Travis said...

This is the off-season news we have all been needing, and yes, he will be a great fit. I too am thinking this could be a much longer stay than some predict, and I do believe he is our next DC. Purely sepculation, but...

Here is where he could make an instant 2013 impact.(Rivals top 100prospects, does not require a subscription) Neither have given a verbal committment.

#11 Matthew Thomas LB Miami, FL
Booker T. Washington
5 stars 6'3" 205 list

#45 Mike Mitchell LB Plano, TX
Prestonwood Christian Academy
4 stars 6'4" 216

Speaking of "Linebacker U", does our program contacting current Penn State linebackers bother anyone? Could Shannon change some 2013 committments? They are only a verbal as we all learned last February with a few names we shall never again speak.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I love the hire, and I can't see CGP hiring an assistant unless he plans on sticking around awhile. CGP loves having continuity on the staff. Some Rivals posters who are for more connected to the recruiting scene than I am are saying his hire has already made a huge impact on defensive recruits. The man coordinated and recruited a Top 10 defense several times, so I think it's a slam dunk. My only worry is that we might be overselling his recruiting prowess a bit. Recruiting for Miami is one of the easiest jobs in college football. South Beach, tradition, tons of NFL alumni, etc. I think he'll help, but anyone expecting him to bring 5-star recruits from Florida is probably hoping for a bit too much.

VikingFrog said...

Cowtown Food Junkie, I know it's not a slam dunk to start pulling in 5 Stars from Florida, but it's a slam dunk in saying that we have broadened our reach into that area. I would assume Shannon knows the area well from his time there, and many recruits there know him. Even 3/4 stars from the area will now be paying MORE attention to TCU and in a sense, we have broadened our recruiting footprint that tends to consist of mainly Texas and Louisiana. Maybe we don't start roping in commits, but people will be looking at what our buffet has to offer.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Since you're all trying hard to beat around the bush about it, I'll say it: Having a nationally recognized and respected Coach on your staff who doubles as an African American is a HUGE boost for any program, but especially one in the south. That will boost recruiting as much as any X's and O's talk.

65frog said...

Shannon may well be final piece of the puzzle which will allow the Frogs to win the Big XII title in their first year. Can he help push the defensive unit to it former top 5 glory?