Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Morning Dump

Report: Baylor, TCU among schools to offer scholarship to Penn State LB Khairi Fortt - dallasnews.com

The Big 12's 10 Biggest Storylines to Watch in Fall Practice - athlonsports.com

TCU's Stansly Maponga - ESPN

Report: ESPN, Champions Bowl deal worth $80 million - sports.yahoo.com

2012 Preseason All-Big 12 Team - cbssports.com

College football: New Big Dance is conference shuffle - twincities.com

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Odessa native Forrest helping TCU make Big 12 transition - oaoa.com

Other News:
Funny video: TCU grad produces very funny Kurt Angle video on Funny or Die - thebigmacblog


JHale said...

How big of an impact is Shannon making on the recruiting trail so far? Has anyone heard anything? Maybe he will talk to the Mitchell kid from Plano... that'd be a solid grab I think.

LA Frog said...

Anyone else sick of already seeing "predator" on TV these days -- Adidas, Subway, EA Sports, etc.

BuckNasty said...

Don't think Shannon has made a huge impact yet on the recruiting trail. He was at a camp in San Antonio this past weekend, but that is really about it. Hell, he just started. Yes, we need him on the recruiting trail, but we also need him to get familiar with the D considering practice is coming up soon. With the LB depth we have right now, we need him focused on coaching.

Travis said...

LA Frog, yes I am sick of "predator" aka Jar Jar Binks! He sure is setting himself up for a big fall if he doesn't live up to the hype, but I think he will actually be good(hard to admit). Then again, he got paid, so isn't that all that matters if your a pro athlete these days?

Travis said...
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JHale said...

Agreed Bucknasty... (nonsubscriber status for those sites) but I saw some article about our commits talking about it... curious what was said.

SnK said...

Fortt is going to Cal.

BuckNasty said...

Not a whole lot said at first. Some of them said it was a great hire and were excited to meet him, a few said they didn't even know who he was. That probably changed shorty afterwards. I think everyone is still curious as to what his role is in recruiting right now, if he has one. I would bet he has a limited role right now in recruiting some LBs and is mainly focused on learning this defense.

VikingFrog said...

By the way that TCU produced by TCU student = not very funny. I didn't watch it before I posted it.