Monday, July 16, 2012

Morning Dump

TCU proud of hard work it took to get new stadium, new conference Oklahoman
-video 1
-video 2

Unit rankings: Big 12 defensive lines Athlon

Trent Johnson trying to build up TCU program Oklahoman

A major record unlikely to be topped ESPN

Former TCU showgirls remain finalists for Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad Big Mac Blog


VikingFrog said...

Supposedly Shannon is a done deal although I have no solid facts to back that up. Just a heard it from someone who heard it from someone type thing.

BuckNasty said...

I'm hearing the same thing.

SBP10 said...

We just picked up #12, in the big 12, 4 days after the 12th. Keep em coming

JHale said...

I am hoping they inked it. Looking forward to an announcement.

JHale said...

And I am glad we picked up Texada. Underrated for sure... I think they sold him on punt and kickoff returns. In his interview he grins ear to ear when the Big12 guy says something about that.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

If he were an inch taller and 20 pounds heavier he would be a 4 or 5-star easily. The kid can fly. 4.33 in the forty is fast, but his shuttle time is insane: 3.77. Shuttle time is more important for a CB since you have to redirect on a dime to stay with a WR. Give Texada a couple years to hit the weights and protein, and I think he'll be a really good field corner for us.

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