Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good News for Ed?

Last week this here site gave our official stamp of approval on the Ed Wesley to Dallas move from a football standpoint, mostly based on the fact that Felix Jones has a history of injury and being bad at football and the Boys lack backups.  Well, not to say we told you so, but based on yesterday's news that Felix Jones failed his camp conditioning test, well, we told you so.

Ok Ok, so chances are Felix will pass the drill when he is allowed to retake it later this week, and there's no way Jerrah is getting rid of his Razorback golden boy.  But still, failing a conditioning test?  As a running back?  That's not good for business.  Jones will still open the season as Demarco Murray's backup, but the seeds of doubt concering Felix's ability to be a contributor continue to be sewn. It's just too bad Jerral Wayne has Jason Garrett's nuts in a jar on his desk alongside the ones of every other Dallas coach since Jimmy Johnson, else Felix might be on the Greyhound back to Tulsa.  Stay tuned.


VikingFrog said...

Love the spacing on "stay tuned"... so suspenseful.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Gotta keep you guys coming back for more