Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ed Wesley, Unlucky in Playing His Senior Season at TCU/Getting Drafted.

Another NFL supplemental draft has come and gone, and with it Ed Wesley's immediate chances of playing at the next level.  Ex-Baylor WR Josh, "I don't always run for the border, but when I do I fall asleep in the drive thru line" Gordon was the only player selected after Cleveland wasted a future second rounder on him because they were tired of Cincy grabbing all the negative off-field football headlines in the state.  It's not all bad news for Wesley, though, as he now becomes a free agent thus having a better shot at maximizing his potential with the right team.  We'll miss 34 in the backfield next year but wish him luck as he continues on this strange journey called life here on spaceship Earth.


Lyle Lanley said...

"You could say we're all crew members here on Spaceship Earth"

"When can we say that?"

"Anytime. Dinner...literally, any time"

Not a big deal for Ed to not get picked today- teams are usually pretty reticent to use a pick in the supplemental draft unless they have a huge need. He'll get scooped up as a FA very soon, methinks.

LOLfolding said...

He'll be in a camp somewhere and probably compete to be a special teams guy or RB3. Kind of hurts him in that he doesn't appear to catch the ball very well.

His size and speed makes him a tough fit. Guys 20-30 pounds bigger than him run just as fast or faster and guys his size are lots faster. If he busts his ass, I can see him being something like Justin Forsett.