Monday, July 30, 2012

Breaking Bad Mondays: Hazard Pay.

For fans of the show, this is a MUST watch.

Sorry for the coitus interruptus of our weekly BB discussion last week, but if you couldn't already tell we haven't exactly been firing on all cylinders lately so some things are sure to fall through the cracks.  Based on the lack of complaints in other comment sections, I'm guessing you guys didn't miss it too much, though.

Anyway, a week after introducing - and executing - a few of the shadowy figures behind Gus Fring's meth ring, Walter, Jesse, Mike and Saul are back at it, setting up shop using a VERY questionable method.  Before the season began, most of the parties involved suggested that the first half of the final 16 wouldn't be as action packed as the back half of season 4, so it shouldn't be TOO surprising that last night's installment was kind of glacial, at least when compared to the brilliance of "Crawl Space" thru "Face Off." This was a "necessary" episode if there ever was one as roles in the new operation needed to be defined and a venue obtained.  For those who will inevitably catch up on the entire series on DVD, this episode will probably be viewed in a different light, but for those of us who have been here since the beginning it's a huge tease considering what we know the show is capable of.  That said, I have yet to meet an episode of Breaking Bad that I haven't loved, and this one was no exception.  How cold was Walt's explanation to Marie for Skyler's breakdown?  How eerie was Walt making small talk with Brock? And just how fucking "I'm too old for this shit but I will always own you," was Mike?  Just great moments to reward those with long memories.

Then there was the final scene.  As is the case with many BB episodes, Walt's speech in the closing scene is what's going to stick with most of us, and it was one of the more ominous ones of the show's entire run, up there with "I am the one who knocks."  On the surface it sure sounds like Walt wants to find a way to take out Mike, but Jesse's reaction tells the real tale.  That "Flying to close to the sun" spiel about Victor suuuure sounded a lot like what happened last season when Mr. Pinkman became Gus' golden boy for a short spell.   Does Jesse realize this and grasp it means Walt poisoned Brock?  And, if so, how long before he figures out what really happened to Jane?  Going forward I think it's safe to presume the theme is going to be that of Walt's arrogance becoming his downfall, but will Jesse REALLY turn on him?  And, if so, will Walt realize it before it's too late?

These next 13 episodes are going to be insane.

For those interested, here are the AV Club and Alan Sepinwall reviews of last night's episode.  I haven't read today's installments, but these guys are typically WAY more on point than I could ever hope to be.  Don't judge me too harshly.


SnK said...

Skyler gone cray. Also, glad the episode didn't end with another creepy touch Walt/Skyler session. Couldn't take any more of that.

VikingFrog said...

The way they shot the cook scene was amazing.

VikingFrog said...

Also, how awesome were Skinny Pete's mad piano skills?

BuckNasty said...

I'm still in the middle of season 3 catching up, so I'm not actually reading these recaps. Just wanted to point out that Skinny Pete attended Southwest High School in Fort Worth for a while and went to TCC and UTA. Pretty interesting, but I can see where his meth head behavior/acting comes from.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Breaking bad? More like "breaking up with your girlfriend because mister white told you to," AMIRITE? Seriously though - remember how she got, like, real angry at Jesse because he thought he killed her kid? Guess water under the bridge?