Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big 12 Media Days Recap

Have you ever had a neighbor that threw lots of loud parties but never invited you? Oh you haven't? Oh, then, me neither. But for a long time, TCU was living in that world, watching the media descend in the metroplex for Big 12 Media Days while the Frogs looked on from afar, ever the bridesmaid...

On Monday, the Frogs broke through the glass ceiling, and participated in the chaos as a full fledged member of the Big 12. Coach Patterson was joined by Casey Pachall, Blaize Foltz, Stansley Maponga, and Ross Forrest to face a media conglomerate that far outnumbered anything the Frogs faced in the MWC. Most of the questions centered around things like competing in the Big 12, certain off-season events, and Pachall's tattoos. The Frog's were hammered with questions about their ability to compete in the Big 12, and the answers were cautiously optimistic. "I was excited about it because I wanted to play in a conference like this against a bunch of good teams. This will show the nation and the critics whether we really are good enough to play in this league. And I completely believe we'll be fine," Pachall said.

Is it just me, or does Holgo look like he had a rough night?
These events don't usually drop anything ground-breaking, and this year was no different. The biggest questions were regarding Paul Rhoads' beard and would he shave it - he did; would Dana Holgorsen be hungover at his 9am press conference - neither confirmed nor denied; and of course was the WVU Mountaineer's musket loaded - TSA took the gun-powder from him at the airport, so unfortunately, no.

The biggest TCU specific news was that the official Big 12 Media Guide does list TCU at Texas on Thanksgiving day, which, while not surprising, is nice to see officially on record. The other main non-story story was TCU's supposedly tight budget, it's been noted that despite the Frog Club having record breaking donation numbers (almost $9.5 million) TCU spent "only" $56 million compared to $150 million by the Horns, who lead the conference (and probably America) in that category. TCU was picked to finish 5th in the conference, (Sir Wesley gave his on thoughts on that here), and only Maponga made the preseason all conference team. What does that mean? That GMFP gets to rightly return to the place he loves so much, underneath the chip on the collective shoulder of Frogs worldwide. He played that up to anyone who asked and/or would listen, saying "we have to prove ourselves all over again. When it came to the state of Texas, we've always had a chip on our shoulder."

This is nothing new of course, Patterson has played the 'us against the world' angle since he first set foot on campus. But the past couple of seasons, as the Frogs just destroyed conference opponents en route to back to back undefeated MWC campaigns, it had been a little hard for outsiders to buy. It's a little easier now.

For more info on Big 12 Media Days, see the well done video below, read the recaps on here, or check out the Star Telegram's coverage here.


VikingFrog said...

Saw some pics of Pachall.

He looks thicker than last year.

JHale said...

That is good. He needed to add some bulk. Wonder how hard they worked on his quickness in offseason/summer workouts... I would love to have the read option back in the game plan just to give that extra element.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this follically challenged Pachall, especially when it doesn't include the TCU shaved int oit