Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tight End bender

Photo credit: Matthew Reagan of, via Bryson Burtnett's twitter feed

If getting tight end commits got you drunk, Coach Patterson and his staff would be passed out in a ditch somewhere right now.  They added members #5 and #6 to the Frogs' 2013 recruiting class in the past 24 hours with two tight ends that will not have to travel far when they move into the dorms at TCU about this time next year.

First was Springtown's Bryson Burtnett (pictured above working out with GP watching) tweeting last night that'd he'd made his decision to be a Horned Frog.  A long-time family friend of former TCU & current 49er safety Colin Jones who started attending TCU games as a kid, the 6'5" 225lb Burtnett also plays defensive end and deep snaps for Springtown.  His 4.7 speed, when combined with that size make him a prototype versatile Patterson recruit that could end up at any number of positions once he's wearing purple. 

Next was Charlie Reid of Fort Worth's All Saints Episcopal School, who tweeted mid-morning that he'd made the long-awaited decision to commit to TCU.  Reid, who measures in at 6'4" 225lb and runs a 4.58 forty, has caught for 1,093 yards as a sophmore and junior at All Saints to go along with 8 touchdowns.  Rivals ranks him as the 25th-best tight end in the nation, but he's expected to have a big senior year and schools like Ohio State, UCLA and Oregon have been scouting him as of late.

I wish I could find video of both to show you, but here are Reid's highlights from this past fall:


SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

Looks like we got a double trouble combo in these two....ill be optimistic and say these guys will be the gronkowski/hernandez combo of college football

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

We also got two outstanding TE's in the class of 2012. Griffin Gilbert was the highest rated TE recruit we've ever gotten. First team All American by ESPN and a 4-star recruit by Rivals and ESPN. He and Reed will give us a duo of talented H-backs. Also, Gerren Ballard is a monster at 6'5", 250 with a 4.5 in the forty. Wouldn't be shocked if Burtnett ends up being our long snapper and ends up as a DE. I know he was recruited as a TE, but CGP must have been watching that footwork combined with that size and seeing a great pass rusher.

Lyle Lanley said...

Good points, CFJ- and that's in addition to the young TEs already on the roster like Stephen Bryant and Dominic Merka.

All of these guys are athletic and versatile enough to play other positions, but I'm thinking it also might be a sign that tight ends will start to play a bigger pass-catching role in the TCU offense in the years to come.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

Agreed. I'd love it if we threw more to the TE. It makes the defense even more on their toes if you run two TE sets and mix up the run and pass out of the formation. Can't see why we'd be stockpiling all these TE's if we weren't making it a bigger part of the offense. Could be the wrinkle that Big 12 defenses won't see coming.