Monday, June 11, 2012

New Goodies! George Baltimore and Steve Wesley.


Just in case you missed it over on one of the pay sites, TCU recently announced commitments numbers 7 & 8 for the 2013 class in George Baltimore, a safety out of nearby Mansfield, and Steve Wesley, a DB from Arlington's Bowie High.

Aside from having a pretty spectacular name, at 6'0", 205, Baltimore appears to be the type of guy who will remain at his position, although at WHICH safety position is the big question.  With his hands and 4.5 speed, you'd think he'd play one of the deeper safety position, but based on some of his highlights, it's not unreasonable to think Don Sommer could put a few pounds on him and play him closer to the line.  I don't know, I'm your typical Rivals idiot who still goes by the number of stars by a players name (3, if you're wondering).  Baltimore is the 25th ranked safety in the nation, the 40th ranked overall prospect in Texas and, best of all, spurned last minute runs by Baylor and Arky in order to commit to the Frog.  Welcome aboard, George!  Here are some vidjas:

Coming quickly on the heels of Baltimore's commit was the announcement of  Steve Wesley's intent to play for TCU next fall.  Wesley is 6'0'', 175 pound corner who, despite having offers from fellow Conference foes Kansas and West Virginia, chose TCU saying he never wavered from his intent to commit.  I suppose that means he has that TCU quality all of the fogies on the eastern bloc are always bitching about, which probably means he's going to pull a Daje Johnson on us at the 11th hour.  Wesley is an absolute speedster and runs track for Mansfield as well and having that sort of athlete in the defensive backfield should be a boost for our defensive backfield as long as you don't compare him to our LAST defensive backfield speedster... No videos on Wesley yet, but let's just trust the written word and say we're glad to have him.

So with our 2013 recruiting class quickly rounding into form, now it's time to focus on more important things, like nicknames.  George Baltimore is almost TOO good of a name to change, but make him our own we must.  Bonus points for a Wire reference (Prop George?).  I'm sure we can come up with something good for Wesley as well, considering his parents clearly named him after my own penname.  Sir Steve Wesley is a placeholder, but we can do better.


VikingFrog said...

According to the wiki, Baltimore's Motto: "The Greatest City in America"

So I will have no problem in proclaiming George as "The Greatest Safety In America"

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

Both are going to be great additions. Wesley was one of the first kids we offered for 2013, so it's great to see him pull the trigger. He will fit in great as the boundary corner in the 4-2-5, ala Jason Teague. Baltimore is going to be a stud and I agree with Sir Wesley. He can definitely make plays against the pass but really seems to love hitting people. At 205 lbs it wouldn't take much weight to make him a solid enforcer at the line of scrimmage. He and Paul Whitmill could make an excellent two-deep at the SS position for years.

DesertFrog said...

The newest addition is a real brainiac

DesertFrog said...

The newest addition is a real brainiac