Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jersey # changes

The official roster on gofrogs.com has been updated today, and you might want to pay attention unless you want to be one of those fans who has to thumb through their game programs after every play to figure out which players were involved. First the returning players who have changed jersey numbers:

-Taylo Fabuluje: # 59 (was #69).  The sophomore transfer from BYU that is expected to start at left tackle subtracted 10 from his old number, and will now join right tackle James Dunbar (#56) in bookending the offensive line with numbers in the 50s.

-Cliff Murphy: # 43 (was #98).  Murphy hasn't seen much playing time in his first few years on campus,  so perhaps switching to Tank Carder's old number will be a fortuitous move.  It might look a little odd at defensive end, but then again #43 doesn't really look normal anywhere and look how well it worked for Tank!

-Geoff Hooker: # 30 (was #16).  Hooker, who got more and more playing time on special teams as last season wore on, now has a more traditional number for a safety.  He'll be sharing 30 with senior running back Aundre Dean this season.

-Jamelle Naff: # 77 (was #76).  A year older and one number better, huh?  Naff, a redshirt freshman who will provide depth on the interior of the offensive line, switched back to the number he wore at Del City High School in the Oklahoma City area.

-Chris Kim: # 32 (was #36).  Kim, a junior walk-on safety who has appeared in just one game in his career, has perhaps the most perplexing jersey number change.  He switches from #36- a number that was suddenly solely his after Deryck Gildon's departure- to #32, which he'll share with Waymon James.  That means he can't serve on any special teams unit (such as kick return) that James is as well.

Here are the jersey numbers being worn by the incoming freshmen and other newcomers:

# 4 Jordan Moore.  Asking to share a jersey number with the star quarterback? Bold move!  But he was granted his request, so maybe the coaching staff likes what they've seen so far from the safety from Georgia.

# 6 Deante' Grey.  The speedy wide receiver (he was a state finalist in the 100m) from Houston Westside will be sharing a jersey number with junior safety Elisha Olabode. 

# 7 Kolby Listenbee. The former QB from Arlington Bowie enrolled early and wore this number during spring practice, when it would appear that he earned himself some playing time for this fall.

# 9 Josh Doctson. After transferring in from Wyoming, Doctson wore #87 during spring practice.  He now changes to a number he'll share with redshirt freshman safety Jamie Byrd, but he'll have to sit out a year before hitting the field in a game for TCU.

# 18 Keivon Gamble. Expected to compete for playing time at corner immediately, this JUCO transfer took Quentily Harmon's number when he enrolled in the spring.

#20 Aaron Green.  The transfer running back from Nebraska, who will have to sit out this year before being eligible to play as a sophomore at TCU in 2013, will tack a 0 behind the #2 he wore in Lincoln and at Madison High in San Antonio.  

# 21 Zach Jackson.  The other part of the Peach Tree State safety duo the Frogs inked in February, Jackson took #21 since his high school number (#45) has been retired by TCU.

# 23 BJ Catalon.  Expect to see a lot of this number in the fall.  The early enrollee should get the ball quite a bit wearing Aaron Brown's old number after Ed Wesley's departure.

# 31 Derrick Kindred.  He'll have to share it with senior punter Cale Patterson for a year, but then Kindred can create his own legacy with #31.

# 33 Jaden Oberkrom.  He's expected to compete for the starting place kicker job, so #33 will likely be a number that evokes a wide range of emotions from Frog fans. 

# 37 Ethan Perry.  This wasn't a popular number to be seen trotting onto the field last year, and that won't change now.  Nothing against Perry...we just hope the Frogs aren't having to punt very often!

# 40 James McFarland.  Were you still wondering whether he'd play LB or DE?  This should clear that up for you.

# 46 AJ Hilliard.  What a great number for what we expect to be the next big thing at LB for the Frogs- it worked pretty well for David Hawthorne, didn't it?  And it'll provide a measure of continuity for Hilliard, since he wore it at Klein Oak too.

#47 Paul "PJ Dawson.  The JUCO transfer, who will be eligible immediately, was also given a classically awkward number like so many of the highly-successful TCU linebackers under Patterson. 

# 69 Aviante Collins.  This was the number given to Tayo Fabuluje last fall, and now a year later he's starting at left tackle.  Is this a good omen for Collins?

# 74 Halapoulivaati Vaitai.  This is the same number he wore playing tackle at Haltom High.  Don't worry about pronouncing his name- you can just call him "Big V"

# 76 Chad Childs.  A four-year starter at La Grange, Childs is expected to be a force on the interior of the offensive line in coming years.  Wearing Jake Kirkpatrick's number ought to give him some motivation.

# 83 Gerren Ballard.  Good, solid number for this intriguingly athletic tight end prospect.

# 87 Griffin Gilbert.  He wore #7 as a high school senior at Lake Travis, but for now at least they'll slap an 8 in front of that as they figure out whether he'll play wide receiver or tight end.

# 94 Joey Hunt.  Thought you'd miss seeing #94 in the middle of the defensive line this year?  I'm not saying Hunt will replace DJ Yendrey, but he may just get some PT as a true freshman.

# 95 Devonte Fields.  He wore #18 at Arlington Martin, but #95 seems much more fitting for the NFL-caliber defensive end he's expected to blossom into quickly.

# 98 Josh Carraway.  He's a bit undersized but crazy athletic and tenacious for a defensive end...just like Jerry Hughes...who also wore #98.  I like it.

# 99 Terrell Lathan.  He arrived on campus at 6'5" and 260lbs.  He needs a big number!

Of course, this round of jersey number assignments did not include incoming freshman running back LeDarius Anthony, who has not enrolled just yet.  There are still some prime jersey numbers not claimed by anyone- like #'s 1, 13, 22, 26, 34, 35, 36, 48, 62, 78 and 79.  Anthony, along with any incoming walk-on's as well as guys that are currently sharing numbers, will have those to choose from. 

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Cowtown Food Junkie said...

Other than Jordan Moore, I was most excited at Lathan's signing day switch to the Frogs. He has the size to contribute immediately and could be a real force in a few years, but the biggest benefit in getting him was it freed McFarland up to play LB, which is a much bigger concern. If we didn't get Lathan then McFarland likely would have been put at DE. He wanted to play LB and was a nationally ranked LB on Rivals, so it looks like the Frogs will luck out all around.