Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How TCU stacks up in the Big 12: Basketball

This might not be pretty, but here we go...

All-time wins:
Kansas 2,070
Texas 1,656
West Virginia 1,621
Kansas State 1,552
Oklahoma 1,539
Oklahoma State 1,532
Texas Tech 1,285
Baylor 1,205
Iowa State 1,187
TCU 1,110

National Championships:
Kansas 3
Oklahoma State 2
...everyone else 0

Final Fours:
Kansas 14
Oklahoma State 6
Oklahoma 4
Kansas State 4
Texas 3
West Virginia 2
Baylor 2
Iowa State 1
Texas Tech 0

Elite Eights:
Kansas 21
Kansas State 12
Oklahoma State 11
Oklahoma 8
Texas 7
Baylor 4
West Virginia 3
Iowa State 2
Texas Tech 0

Sweet Sixteens:
Kansas 29
Kansas State 16
Oklahoma State 14
Texas 10
Oklahoma 8
West Virginia 8
Texas Tech 5
Baylor 4
Iowa State 3

NCAA Tournament appearances:
Kansas 41
Texas 30
Oklahoma 27
Kansas State 26
West Virginia 25
Oklahoma State 24
Iowa State 14
Texas Tech 14
Baylor 7

Last NCAA Tournament appearance:
Kansas 2012
Texas 2012
Kansas State 2012
Baylor 2012
Iowa State 2012
West Virginia 2012
Oklahoma State 2010
Oklahoma 2009
Texas Tech 2007
TCU 1998


VikingFrog said...

The funny thing is, this probably looks better than what we would have been looking at heading into the Big East.

Lyle Lanley said...

Yeah, the Big 12 is gonna be like playing video games and riding roller coasters with Michael Jackson compared to the Sandusky Tickle Monster that is the Big East.

Todd Carruth said...

We need to get better at basketball, Chuck.
-Fake Billy Tubbs

FrogHorn07 said...

I say we just take our lickings in hoops and compete for league titles in football and baseball.

Frogger98 said...

The thing that really surprised me is Baylor - how do they brag about basketball when they have the same number of tournament appearances as TCU?

Their message boards always act like they have been great at basketball for years, but I see otherwise. Oh well.

Lyle Lanley said...

I imagine we'd be bragging if we had the hoops success they've had the past few years.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Recent success always trumps historical success. We have LOTS of fans that are completely unaware TCU football existed before Patterson, let alone what the records were.