Thursday, June 14, 2012

Daily Discussion: Who's on the cover of Dave Campbell's?

There are three days in the year that I like to call "Football Christmas": the day of the first game, signing day, and the day you get your hands on a fresh copy of Dave Campbell's Texas Football.  People often say that football preview magazines are like crack, but this one is like bath salts- and I can't wait to read it right before chewing your face off.  The "bible of Texas football" is about to hit store shelves again, and we'll find out who graces this year's cover on FSN tonight at 11:30 after the Rangers' game. 

The good folks at DCTF have liked putting purple on the front of the magazine in recent years, with Coach Patterson hoisting the Rose Bowl trophy on the 2011 winter edition cover and guys like Andy Dalton, Tommy Blake, Marvin Goldbolt and Casey Printers featured on summer edition covers.  But the Frogs haven't had the front of that summer edition to themselves since Jim Wacker and Kenneth Davis were featured on the cover of the 1985 issue.  I'm sure they'll end up hyping A&M's entry into the SEC or putting some overrated player wearing burnt orange on the cover in order to sell more copies, but maybe some day if TCU has 80,000 T-shirt fans the Frogs will have the same appeal to Wal-Mart shoppers across the state like the big schools.  Who (or what) do you think we'll see on this year's cover?

Not that they're ignoring TCU, though.  Our friends over at Frogs O' War (I call them friends because I follow them on twitter) recently caught up with DCTF editor Greg Tepper for a Q&A session that's well worth a read. I'm sure Tech fans will be scoffing at his opinion of how ready TCU is for the transition to the Big 12.


Chet Steadman said...

I hope its the Sleeve, but my money is on Tyrone Swoopes.

SnK said...

It's a close up Case McCoy's cleft pallet.

JHale said...

Greatness on that cover... Go Frogs

VikingFrog said...

Lord Patterson.... Boom