Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aune not headed to TCU

The TCU football and baseball teams were both dealt a bit of a blow today when dual-sport commit Austin Aune made it known that he plans on signing with the New York Yankees organization after the Bronx Bombers selected Aune with the 89th overall pick in the second round of the MLB Draft. 

Aune, out of Argyle, threw for over 7,200 yards in his high school career to go along with 74 touchdowns.  He also came within a few minutes of leading the Eagles to a 3A state title this past fall, a feat that would've been mighty impressive even if he hadn't played the championship game with a 104-degree fever.  He was consistently viewed as the "#2" QB commit in the incoming 2012 class behind Tyler Matthews, although I think people would've been pleasantly surprised by him once he got into the program.

As you might suspect from his being drafted in the second round, Aune was perceived to be a bigger baseball prospect than he was on the gridiron.  He hit .447 while playing shortstop for Argyle as a senior this year, but probably would've started right away in the outfield for the Frogs next year. 

Of course, we're basing this information on something we read on twitter, so perhaps there's a chance he'll end up changing his mind.  The date for draftees to sign or enroll in school has moved forward this year, from August to mid-July, so it's likely we'll know something official fairly soon.  If you're wondering about the possibility of the baseball team losing any other commits or draft-eligible juniors, check out Fungo Frog's draft preview on Frogs O' War

As for Aune's spot on the football team, it's highly likely that- like Schlossnagle- Patterson had a pretty good idea that he may never set foot on campus.  It's possible that they could go out and find another last minute JUCO transfer, like they did with LB Paul Dawson recently, to take Aune's scholarship to shore up an area they feel could use some immediate help.  It's also likely that they could give that scholarship to a current walk-on who they deem to have earned it.

Best of luck to Austin, although it would've been fun to watch him play both sports in purple and I hope he's traded away from the Yankees before he makes a splash in the bigs.


Lyle Lanley said...

Jake Thompson, another of our baseball commits, went two picks after Aune to Detroit with the 91st pick. Don't hold your breath on him coming to TCU.

Worth Hills Caddy said...

Austin Aune seems like a Matt Brown starter kit to me as far as football is concerned. Best of luck to him with the Evil Empire.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

Held on to Mitchell Traver. That kid is a beast and will have a chip on his shoulder after not being drafted. Our pitching staff could be dominant if he's healthy next spring.

SnK said...

The draft isn't over.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I heard Aune isn't even that athletic anyway...