Friday, June 29, 2012

On the verge of a new era

When the clock strikes midnight to turn Saturday into Sunday, TCU will finally take its rightful place at a major conference table when it officially becomes a member of the Big 12.  This is not just the culmination of a lot of hard work and determination by countless student-athletes, coaches, university staff and Horned Frog fans everywhere: this is the beginning of a new era where TCU can continue to achieve bigger and better things that wouldn't have been possible even five years ago.

With such a momentous occasion, though, comes change.  New challenges will arise, and expectations will have to be re-calibrated.  But that change isn't limited to just the teams on the field- change has been coming to the team here at Spit Blood for a while now.  When we started this whole thing in 2007 we were all single, with almost zero responsibility at our day jobs and had basically no restraints on the time available to rant about TCU sports, pop culture and cuss to our heart's content. 

You've probably noticed how the number of regular contributors to Spit Blood has dwindled as the real world has, in various ways, sunk its talons into us as we've advanced in our careers, gotten married, or in some cases actually reproduced.  Instead of mysteriously fading into oblivion, though, I feel like I owe it to my readers to let you all know that this is my last post on the blog.

It's been an absolute blast writing here for the past five years, and I know I'll miss subjecting all of you to listening to my opinions.  I really want to thank our Dear Leader for giving me this opportunity, the other guys who have helped make this place the internet home of people who love both TCU sports and the first amendment, and especially our loyal audience. 

We set out with the vague goal of converting casual Frog fans into die-hards, and I think we've had a lot of success in doing that.  But just because we're getting old and our pop-culture references are starting to get a little dated (are the Muppet Babies still cool?), that doesn't mean Spit Blood has to shrivel up and turn gray, too.  I'm quite confident that there are plenty of younger guys (or girls?) out there that are psychotic TCU fans, like being smart-asses and can actually string together a paragraph or two of readable English.  If that's you, we're looking to pass the torch.  I promise you, writing about TCU playing teams like Texas and Oklahoma is going to be more fun than we've had writing about games against Colorado State, UNLV and doo-doo brown.

In closing, I'll leave you with the poetic words of South Philly's best barback, Charlie Kelly:

“All right, later dudes. S you in your A’s, don’t wear a C, and J all over your B’s.”

Go Frogs

Hyman hired at A&M

Seven years after he left TCU for South Carolina, Eric Hyman is moving back to the Lone Star State to become the new athletic director at Texas A&M, reports the Houston Chronicle.  While the last time A&M hired a guy who had left TCU for an SEC school (Fran) didn't turn out quite so well, I think this will be a different story.  ADs are judged by three major criteria: their ability to put winning teams on the field, their decisions in hiring head coaches, and their ability to raise funds and build new facilities- and Hyman excels in all three areas.  Hyman played a major role in reorganizing the TCU athletic environment to foster success, he hired both Gary Patterson and Jim Schlossnagle, and he got Lupton Stadium built.  At South Carolina, he hired Steve Spurrier and got a new stadium built for the Gamecocks' baseball team- which has won two of the last three national titles and been in the CWS finals in each of those years.

As much as I'd like to see the Aggies wallow in mediocrity forever, this is a really solid hire for them. 

Morning Dump

Big 12:

WVU, TCU to celebrate Big 12 entry Charleston Daily Mail

Neinas: Notre Dame the only team that would add value to Big 12 TV deal

Other Sports:

TCU track's Whitney Gipson named MWC Female Athlete of the Year Star-Telegram

TCU women's tennis faces formidable test in Big 12 next year Star-Telegram

Upcoming Events:

This Saturday: Big 12 Welcome Party @ Billy Bob's

Thursday, July 12: Dallas Coaches Dinner

Thursday, July 26: TCU Women's Football Clinic

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seriously, Mother Nature?

In case you've spent the entire morning scheduling doctor visits before your insurance rates skyrocket due to the upholding of Obamacare, there's another crisis facing our nation - Colorado is on fire. Not NBA JAM good on fire.  We're talking four alarm, "hide the women in children" on fire.  That picture you see above?  That's Air Force's football stadium.  To say it holds a tenuous position in this battle of man vs. nature would be a supreme understatement.  The Academy itself has been mostly evacuated until the fires are contained, an event that looks to be relatively far away in the distant future.  In a time like this football clearly comes second to human lives, but having your football stadium burn to a crisp surely throws a wrench or two into your upcoming season.  I have no idea how far the distance between the AFA and that particular branch of the range spans, but it's pretty damned terrifying to see from behind  my computer screen.  We can have pretty black hearts around here at Spitblood when it comes to our attitude towards rivals, but I never viewed the Falcons with anything less than respect (except when they got all chop blocky, natch) so our thoughts and prayers go out to that entire family.  

Seriously, though, Mother Nature - if you're going to ruin a college campus, why on earth would you pick the one where the students are part of the damned military?  West Point has managed not to be swallowed up by the Hudson, and as far as I know Annapolis has never been wiped off the map by a hurricane, so the odds are on AF's side, but why even make it a possibility? Especially when there's a perfectly good Provo out there just waiting to be swallowed up...

Daily Discussion: Where will Noteboom play?

For those of you that follow recruiting closely, I guess this is a bit of old news considering it's almost 24 hours old. But a lot of our readers don't, so deal with it. TCU received their 10th commitment for their 2013 recruiting class yesterday when Plano's Joseph Noteboom picked the Frogs over scholarship offers from Texas Tech, Iowa State, Purdue and Northwestern amongst others. 

There is some discrepancy as to just how big Noteboom is and whether he will end up on the offensive or defensive side of the ball, but either way he'll be right on the line of scrimmage.   He's listed in various publications at being either 6'5" or 6'6" and somewhere between 240 and 265lbs.  Some, such as Rivals, see him as a defensive end at the college level.  Others, such as Dave Campbell's Texas Football, see him as an offensive lineman- they named him one of the 30 best in the state in their most recent magazine.

This may sound silly coming from an unpaid blogger, but I'd tend to trust the print journalist over the writers from a subscription-based website.  No disrespect to the staff at Purple Menace, who do a great job, but Noteboom looks like an offensive tackle to me.  Sure, that 4.74 forty time sounds great coming off the edge as a pass rusher.  But that speed combined with his lengthy frame, background in hockey and at tight end (meaning he probably has great footwork) and supposed calm demeanor make him a perfect candidate to protect a quarterback from rushers coming off that edge. 

Watch his highlight video HERE and decide for yourself.  What do you think- offense or defense?

Morning Dump

Chris Del Conte's Notes on a Scorecard

Big 12 represents new test for TCU men's tennis Star-Telegram

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lessons in SMU Hate: The College Football Playoff.

Well, it's official:  College Football has a playoff.  The BCS is Dead.  Long live the BCS.  Nevermind that the new system isn't exactly the ideal one, but it's the one we will have and the one that will eventually lead to a full-scale, more-than-four-teams playoff which is what everyone wants anyway.  I haven't familiarized myself with the inner-workings of the system 100% quite yet, but I grasp the overall message and have found three huge positives.

One is that, from what I understand, the selection committee will not take pre-season polls into account.  Oh sure, there will still be pre-season polls because we, the readers, attack them like ravenous wolves and it gives the media filler during the doldrums of summer.  But, I think we can all agree that they're total bullshit and give an unfair, paper tiger-y advantage to the supposed good teams.  They're the reason why TCU, Boise and Utah were never given a true shot at playing for it all.  Neither of our undefeated regular season teams would have ultimately made it over Alabama, Texas, Auburn or Oregon, but the fact that we never even had a chance at all is unsettling.  We won't have to worry about being left out now if business is handled on the field.  Correct me if I'm wrong on this point, though.

The second positive is more of a selfish fan perspective, but it bears mentioning.  Assuming all goes as scheduled, the national semi-finals will be played on New Years Eve and New Years Day, finally giving relevance back to the two days out of the year that CFB used to own.  No more Cotton Bowl being played on January 6th or Orange Bowl on January 4th.  The important bowls will all shift back to their regularly scheduled dates, something that can only be seen as a great thing.  If the BBVA Compass Bowl or Pizza Bowl or WeedEater Bowl wants January 5th, they can have it.  Just know that no one will be watching.

But the third positive is the one that should put the biggest smile on the faces of TCU fans, because the advent of a four team playoff absolutely, positively, royally fucks any chance SMU has of ever being a major player in college football for the forseeable future.

Recall a time not so long ago, right after the ACC had grabbed Syracuse and Pitt from the Big East and it looked like our-then future Conference was going to collapse.  At the time, it was HEAVILY rumored that Notre Dame was a possible option for entry into the ACC and that the ACC was going to be the catalyst for the 16-team Super Conferences.  Now think about what has happened since then - the SEC grabbed Mizzou and aggy to match the ACC's 14. Negotiations between UT and the Pac 12 fell apart over a TV deal which is doubly ironic considering the LHN has been such a disaster and the Pac 12 is going to have the most lucrative TV contract out there once their deal with Fox Sports kicks in.  Following that fall out, the Big 12 eventually tabbed TCU and WVU as replacements for the two SEC defections.   The Big East would panic and extend invites to anyone who would pick up the phone, which led to CUSA, the MWC and the Sun Belt - THE SUN BELT!! - robbing the WAC, making that Conference obsolete.   At that point, anything was possible.  Would the Big East make it?  Would long time D-1 schools have to drop a classification to survive?  HAS ANYONE SEEN KELLEN MOORE'S BASEBALL??

Naturally, the non-progressive, backwards thinking Big Ten would be the one to stop that particular shuffle when they announced they were not expanding, but all that did was set up the landscape we have now with the Big Four and everyone else.  Think about THAT - by creating a playoff and doing away with the BCS, a move that was long forseen as making the Championship open to everyone, they actually SHRUNK the pool!  The NCAA, everyone!!  In this new arrangement, you get four major Conferences without having to super size them, the once-on-top-of-the-world ACC becomes the new MWC, the Big East becomes CUSA and everyone else may as well be in TAPPS.  Heck, the only card the Big East/ACC had might have been a Conference Championship requirement, and they didn't even get that!

And SMU is still delightfully screwed.

Oh, you don't believe me?  You think if the ACC and Big East continue their slapfight in Miami, you think that game will EVER determine the who goes to the National Championship over the Big Ten/Pac 12 and Big 12/SEC?  Come now, don't be silly.  This whole playoff thing was designed around keeping the Rose Bowl's arrangement with the Pac 12 and Big Ten in place.  Why else do you think the Big 12 and SEC went out and formed their own bowl?  And, if that bowl wasn't important, why did Clemson and Florida State give serious consideration to joining the Big 12 before the B12 decided not to offer at all?  Don't expect that mostly one-sided interest to fade away anytime soon.   Presuming the Orange Bowl keeps its existing alliance with also-rans, with the positioning that the big four Conferences have provided for themselves, the Orange Bowl is basically the Meineke Car Care Bowl with a plum New Years Day date.  That's not going to be good for the long term security of those leagues.  Heck, even now Boise State is waffling on the idea of joining the Big East at all and weighing their options of staying in the Mountain West.  SERIOUSLY!!  THE MOUNTAIN WEST!!  How much does that hurt your pride if you're in the BEast?

Don't just take it from me, though - check these articles.  A few choice snippets:

Dennis Dodd of CBS:  "Removing the BCS label doesn't remove the reality. A playoff probably lessens access for the sport's unwashed. At least makes it more uncertain. That selection committee? Its composition will have to reflect that the Big East is no longer considered a BCS-level conference. The ACC has become less of a factor. That Big Four -- Pac-12, Big Ten, SEC, Big 12 -- are calling the shots. To be precise, the commissioners of those leagues are calling the shots.

Andrea Adelson of ESPN:  "So you see, there are no guarantees for the Big East moving forward, particularly if there are years when there are many undefeated teams, or years when there are no undefeated teams. What does not change is the Big East MUST go undefeated to have any shot. Then the league has to hope it has played a strong enough nonconference schedule, and has quality wins over Top 25 teams. Then it has to hope its potential representative has a modicum of national respect and is ranked in the top two of the final polls."

Pete Fiutak of College Football News: "You should be breaking something tasteful if you’re a Big East or ACC fan. Now, for those two leagues, it’s go unbeaten or bust unless something wacky happens. I’ve been surprised throughout this entire process that the ACC and Big East didn’t have more juice. They should’ve been kicking and screaming for an eight-team format with the six BCS league champs getting an automatic invite. Instead, watch how those two leagues abandon ship on as many tough non-conference games as possible in an effort to pump up the records to be in the discussion. An SEC or Big 12 champion will get into the playoffs with one loss or even two, but the Big East and ACC will never get that break."

As lyle put it when he sent me said conversation pieces, "Doesn't sound like a major conference to me."  Agreed.  How great is this?  Think of it - SMU's ceiling is, likely, the Orange Bowl... except now the Orange Bowl doesn't even have the prestige of being called a BCS Bowl because the BCS doesn't exist.  Seriously, the only real difference between the Orange Bowl and the Potato Bowl is that at least in Boise you don't have to deal with all the Heat bullshit/getting murdered by a police officer turned serial killer. And all you get for your time is the MWC/CUSA Championship that never came to pass. Truthfully, the Potato Bowl might actually become a MORE desirable bowl in this scenario.  But whoa, I'm getting ahead of myself here - SMU, in their best collection of seasons in decades, couldn't even win the actual CUSA crown - what makes them think they'll even qualify for this one?  

It's here that I'd like to direct you to something I stumbled upon this morning while cruising Ponyfans for inspiration.  I present to you a post by the so perfectly named I couldn't even make it up "SMUfrat" titled "The Future of SMU Athletics," in all of its unadulterated glory.

I think some good points of been made about our athletic programs. I like that many members of this site and elsewhere are demanding excellence. 

My first 2 years at SMU, we went 1-11 in football in CUSA and basketball was hardly spoken about on campus. When I graduated, we attended our 3rd bowl and had hired Larry Brown. We have come a long way, but havent reached our goal of top 25 in athletics yet.

Needless to say, there has been bumps in the road to get here - but that is to be expected. The BigEast is a great place for us to be. SMU has the opportunity in the BE to prove ourselves. The way I view it:

phase1: bottom CUSA program > respectable mid level conference school: check
phase2: enter a top college conference for all sports: check - BigEast
phase3: become a consistant power in this top conference - N/A
phase4: transfer into a conference with regional logistics and rivalries (Big12 or SEC or ???) - N/A
phase5: win national championships - N/A

*For those of you who dont think the BigEast is a top conference - look at it this way... Louisville almost got a big12 bid, which means they will be pushing even moreso to be a standout team in BE and win. Uconn and Rutgers wouldnt mind going to the ACC, which means they too will be trying to prove themselves as leaders of the BE. Cincinati doesnt want to be left out of the mix either. USF will want to show dominance over incoming UCF and look pretty for the other florida schools. SMU/UH/UCF/Boise will be wanting to prove their worth and deservingness also. I think competition, football wise especially, will be even better in the BigEast in the future.

Whether you agree with my phases or not - The main point is that we are going down the right direction. The BigEast will shake up any 'stale-mate' situation that may exist at SMU. Even if the BE is just a temporary training period for us - it is the only card we have to play. By standing out in the BE (the 6th best conference in the USA), even more doors can open for us.

As SMU fans, I want to make sure we are sending the right message out to the world. PonyFans may be small potatoes in the scheme of things, but I dont want potential students, other school fans, or potential fans to be put off by a defeated or pessimistic attitude. Lets not let our expectations for greatness take away from our progress and our goals. 

Thats the fine line we have to be aware of as SMU fans who want to see greatness.

Pony Up!

Ok ok, stop laughing and let's dig into this.  Keep in mind that, based on the time frame he gave, this kid clearly just graduated from SMU, so his frame of reference is super, duper jacked.  He clearly doesn't understand that they only reason SMU is in the Big East in the first place is because TCU paved the way, but I don't expect a lot of depth from a fanbase that hates Patterson simply because he's overweight.  Because, really, aren't we all?  

Ok, the five point plan!  I'll give him the first one. - SMU made the admirable leap from CUSA cellar dweller to a mid-level Conference school, something we should all be so lucky to aspire to.  I mean, sure, being mid-tier in CUSA is akin to getting an honorable mention at the Miss Leper Colony Pageant, but we can't all rise up from our lots in life to win Conference titles and Rose Bowls.  As for the second point, yes it's technically true - SMU is in the Big East... but a TOP college Conference?  Child please.  I think we went over that whole thing.  

Moving on... phase 3 involves becoming a constant threat in that Conference, something that will be much, much easier in a few years when the roster is settled.  I get that SMU feels they can be a legit threat against the Central Floridas, Navys, Houstons and East Carolinas of the world.  But... didn't they JUST LEAVE A CONFERENCE WHERE THEY COULDN'T COMPETE WITH THE CENTRAL FLORIDAS, NAVYS, HOUSTONS AND EAST CAROLINAS OF THE WORLD?  Add San Diego State and Boise to the mix along with current members Louisville and Cincinnati and you've got yourself a stew of  seasons barely breaking .500 goin!  So perhaps the Ponies shouldn't get ahead of themselves.

Phase 4, however, is where the wheels really start to fall off, though.  For one, with the ACC becoming an afterthought along with the BEast, every member of that Conference is going to entertain jumping in any life raft one of the Big Four throws them.  You're telling me the Big 12 or SEC - the two leagues that fit the "regional logistics" for SMU - are grabbing the eternally rebuilding Ponies over Florida State, Clemson, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Miami, North Carolina State and perhaps even Duke and Georgia Tech?  Child PLEASE.  Heck, Wake Forest and Virginia would be likelier targets.  And that's not even taking into account the schools they'd need to beat out in their own Conference.  Louisville and Cincy clearly want out and have been flirted with.  If Justin Fuente is able to turn around Memphis' program, they probably jump the line too when you take their basketball team into account.  This without even mentioning that SMU doesn't even have a baseball team!  The third highest money making sport in NCAA!  The point being, SMU is AT BEST 11th in line for an upgrade, and if you've ever seen your name that far down on the board at the gate, you mentally take your seat in coach and like it. 

And then comes Phase 5, the coup de grace. Let's pause a moment here and remember a time when we were young and naive, when we really could grow up and become an astronaut or President of the United States.  Weren't those phenomenal times?  Apparently we should've all gone to SMU, because they're all still living in them.  Let's not even mention the phase itself, let's just talk about being in major Conference.  Despite our big talk and brash confidence, being in a major Conference is going to be hard.  We're going to lose.  We're going to sometimes lose by a lot of points.  But it goes in cycles - some years you're up - UT in 2005 - some years you're down - UT the past 2 seasons. But if you have a program built, it's always going to come back around at some point.  None of us should expect TCU to win the Big 12 every year as became the norm in the MWC because that's not realistic.  But winning it every 2-3 years?  Now that's something to shoot for.  

What TCU has built has taken over a decade.  It's taken a lot of heartache.  It's taken 5 Conferences.  It's taken the team fighting through home games where there are only 10,000 in the stands.  It's taken the bad Utah game and the Fiesta Bowl.  It's taken winning games you shouldn't - OU- and it's taken losing games you should -the aforementioned Utah- but all of the pieces go hand in hand to make what has come together these past few years.  

SMU, however, doesn't have that.  SMU has 2 bowl appearances and 0 Conference titles under June Jones.  SMU has a rinky dink stadium and miserable fan support.  SMU is still moving from shit Conference to shit Conference, as TCU once did, except in this case it looks like the music stopped in their particular game of musical chairs.  Nonetheless, SMUfrat fully expects SMU to not only get into a major conference but to win a National title fairly easily once they get there.  And that is why everyone should hate SMU.

To be fair, it'd be wrong of me to say that SMU doesn't know what it means to be the odd man out.  Clearly the whole Death Penalty situation set the program back an unfathomable amount.  But they brought it on themselves, didn't they?  Why should we feel sorry for them?  And shouldn't their 25 years of abject failure make them understand that this shit just doesn't happen overnight?  lyle probably put it best when he said, "cocaine and Range Rovers are a helluva drug," and that's about the only explanation.  That post is the definition of the entitled attitude of an SMU fan.  They road our coattails into the Big East once the Big 12 showed us some leg- a fact none of them will admit but CLEARLY resent us for- and now they just expect the free ride to continue.  Well, I've got news for those halfwits - the free ride is over.  Take it from someone who was in the original Mountain West Conference - undefeated seasons don't mean shit when it comes to the National title race. SMU would need to run the BEast and schedule at least 2 MAJOR non-con games, plus have some losses from one of the big Conference to have a shot.  Personally, I hope we stop scheduling them.  Think about it - as things are, we will be the only marquee team on SMU's entire schedule.  Why should we do them the favor of an SOS boost?  With the Big 12 move, the whole SMU/TCU thing has become severely devalued for me.  It's been too one-sided and the unneccessary hate the game generates isn't worth it for me anymore.  An SMU troll might say that this makes me afraid of SMU, but that'd be comically incorrect.  SMU has beaten TCU twice since 2000.  Fluky shit happens all the time.  That doesn't make it a rule.  

And it damn sure doesn't make you TCU.  

Have fun playing JUCO ball.

And that's today's lesson in SMU Hate.  

How TCU stacks up in the Big 12: Baseball

All-time wins:
Texas 3,179
Oklahoma State 2,386
Oklahoma 2,204
Baylor 2,130
West Virginia 1,973
TCU 1,768
Kansas 1,741
Kansas State 1,660
Texas Tech 1,475

National Championships:
Texas 6
Oklahoma 2
Oklahoma State 1
...everyone else 0

College World Series appearances:
Texas 34
Oklahoma State 19
Oklahoma 10
Baylor 3
Kansas 1
Kansas State 0
West Virginia 0
Texas Tech 0

NCAA Tournament appearances:
Texas 55
Oklahoma State 39
Oklahoma 34
West Virginia 22
Baylor 18
TCU 11
Texas Tech 9
Kansas 4
Kansas State 3

Active Consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance streaks:
Oklahoma 5
Baylor 4
...everyone else 0

Average home attendance in 2012 (teams in the Top 50 nationally):
Texas 6,337 (5th)
TCU 4,112 (11th)
Baylor 3,255 (18th)
Texas Tech 2,853 (21st)

Morning Dump

New TCU pitching coach Saarloos will teach mental approach Star-Telegram

Track & Field:
Competition at Olympic trials prepares TCU for Big 12 track Star-Telegram

University news:
Ex-TCU chancellor Ferrari undergoing cancer treatment Star-Telegram

Texas A&M to buy Texas Wesleyan's downtown Fort Worth law school Star-Telegram

Bud Kennedy: Why TCU shouldn't feel burned by law school sale Star-Telegram

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Some Cardinals fan really likes Daryl Washington and bad music:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baylor Basketball Still Keepin' It Real with Rule Breakin'

Do-a the people not all-a like-a me-a?

Aah, Baylor.  It's nice to see that the basketball team is still keeping it real when it comes to malicious activities.  Fortunately no one was murdered this go around, unless of course you count former Baylor Hoopster Richard Hurd's bank account.  On that note, not a great year for athletes named Hurd with Texas ties.

In case you missed it, a story came out today referencing a possible extortion ploy by Hurd towards one Robert Griffin III.  You see, it seems that, despite the uncontrollable media slurp about Griffin, just like everyone else he has some skeletons in his closet, and Hurd knows what they are.  Unless Griffin pays him, it seems Hurd is going to expose Griffin for the fraud that he is, and oh what a joy that will be. Hookers?  PLEASE let it be hookers!

Of course, I'm being a bit sarcastic here - it's likely Hurd is just hoping to cash in on Griffin's new found fame the old fashioned way - but, in the instance that it turns out Griffin ISN'T really Jesus, as Baylor fans suspect, what do you think the dirt could be?  Apparently a certain large assed half-Armenian, half OJ Simpson reality television star put on her cleat chasin' shoes in NYC around Heisman time - could Jar-Jar have strayed from his sacred engagement vows?  Analyze in the comments.

How close was BYU to a Big 12 invite?

Our old buddies at BYU were mentioned a lot as a candidate to join the Big 12 during last summer's conference realignment frenzy.  But how close did the Cougars actually get to receiving an invite?  Pretty darn close, if you believe what BYU blogger "Shoganai" wrote yesterday

According to Shoganai, BYU- along with TCU and Louisville- had become behind the scenes favorites to become members of an expanded Big 12 as early as May of 2010.  That's why, he says, the news of the Frogs moving to the Big East in November of that year was very welcome at BYU- as it would seem to firm up the Big East and leave the Cougars as THE prime candidate to join the Big 12.

Over the next year, he says, BYU had numerous meetings with Big 12 power brokers and that a move started to seem imminent.  Things sped up when A&M and then Missouri left the conference, but it was TCU and then West Virginia who swooped in to take those vacancies.  To understand it from the BYU perspective, the Frogs and Mountaineers essentially cut them in line.

So why was BYU not chosen, and why are they still not part of the still needing two teams to be accurately-named Big 12?  According to Shoganai, it boils down to three reasons:

#1: FOX and ESPN could not reach an agreement on how to integrate BYU's existing TV contract with ESPN into the Big 12 TV contract.

#2: The Big 12 preferred for BYU to join for all sports, but the Cougars had already joined the West Coast Conference for every sport other than football and had made assurances to the WCC that they wouldn't be leaving for at least two years.

#3: The Big 12 and it's TV partners prefer to play some sports- most notably men's and women's basketball, on Sunday afternoons.  BYU, along with soda, does not permit its athletes to compete on Sunday. 

While the Sunday issue appears to have played a part in the Big 12's decision-making, it's easy to speculate that the same streak of out-dated "morality" may have cost BYU a spot in the now-Pac 12 when Utah was selected to join Colorado as the newest members of that league in the summer of 2010.  Utah, after all, was willing to play for the league's TV partners on Sunday- and wasn't backed by a church that used exorbitant amounts of money to tip the scales in the 2008 vote on same-sex marriage in California.  That probably didn't play well with the left-leaning university presidents on the west coast, and so the Utes got the place at the big-boy table that BYU thought they deserved for themselves.

But it was BYU's childish reaction to their rivals' good fortune that really damaged their Big 12 candidacy.  Instead of continuing to seek a BCS conference spot while a member of the Mountain West, the Cougars decided to publicly act on their butt-hurtedness and struck out as independents.  They figured it'd be easier to jump up to the big leagues if they weren't hampered by a conference affiliation, but mostly didn't want Utah to be able to snub their nose at them for still slumming it in the MWC.  What it really got them, though, was a slate full of Friday night games on ESPN 2 against mostly WAC teams that ended up making them unable to join the Big 12 even when two slots opened up. 

It's impossible to tell how accurate all of this is, and it's certainly possible that BYU will be part of future Big 12 expansion.  If I were them, I'd be soiling my magic underwear every time I heard the words "Notre Dame," "Clemson," or "Florida State".  We don't know exactly how the future of the conference will shake out- but for now, it appears that BYU's almost Longhorn-level hubris has left them out in the cold. 

How TCU stacks up in the Big 12: Basketball

This might not be pretty, but here we go...

All-time wins:
Kansas 2,070
Texas 1,656
West Virginia 1,621
Kansas State 1,552
Oklahoma 1,539
Oklahoma State 1,532
Texas Tech 1,285
Baylor 1,205
Iowa State 1,187
TCU 1,110

National Championships:
Kansas 3
Oklahoma State 2
...everyone else 0

Final Fours:
Kansas 14
Oklahoma State 6
Oklahoma 4
Kansas State 4
Texas 3
West Virginia 2
Baylor 2
Iowa State 1
Texas Tech 0

Elite Eights:
Kansas 21
Kansas State 12
Oklahoma State 11
Oklahoma 8
Texas 7
Baylor 4
West Virginia 3
Iowa State 2
Texas Tech 0

Sweet Sixteens:
Kansas 29
Kansas State 16
Oklahoma State 14
Texas 10
Oklahoma 8
West Virginia 8
Texas Tech 5
Baylor 4
Iowa State 3

NCAA Tournament appearances:
Kansas 41
Texas 30
Oklahoma 27
Kansas State 26
West Virginia 25
Oklahoma State 24
Iowa State 14
Texas Tech 14
Baylor 7

Last NCAA Tournament appearance:
Kansas 2012
Texas 2012
Kansas State 2012
Baylor 2012
Iowa State 2012
West Virginia 2012
Oklahoma State 2010
Oklahoma 2009
Texas Tech 2007
TCU 1998

Morning Dump


Cain & Pachall honored by Dave Campbell's Texas Football

Patterson expresses thoughts on potential playoff system TCU 360

Horned Frogs come home to Big 12 Athlon Sports

Track & Field:

Former Trimble Tech, TCU standout punches ticket to London Star-Telegram

Former Frog Khadevis Robinson heading to Summer Olympics

Athletic Department:

Retired TCU AD being honored this week Star-Telegram

Windegger's career milestones Star-Telegram

Other Sports:

TCU ready to swim with big fish in Big 12 Star-Telegram

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Monday, June 25, 2012

How TCU stacks up in the Big 12: Football

We'll spend the last few days before TCU's official jump to the Big 12 looking at how various aspects of the Horned Frogs' athletic department stack up against the programs they'll be facing in the new conference. Today, we start with football:

All-Time wins
Texas 858
Oklahoma 819
West Virginia 701
TCU 591
Kansas 574
Baylor 542
Oklahoma State 533
Texas Tech 524
Iowa State 498
Kansas State 475

National Championships (claimed):
Oklahoma 7
Texas 4
...everyone else tied with 0

Appearances in the Top 10 of the final polls:
Oklahoma 36
Texas 28
TCU 10
Kansas State 6
West Virginia 5
Oklahoma State 3
Kansas 2
Baylor 1
Texas Tech 1
Iowa State 0

BCS Bowl wins:
Oklahoma  3 (in 8 appearances)
Texas 3 (4)
West Virginia 3 (3)
TCU 1 (2)
Kansas 1 (1)
Oklahoma State 1 (1)
Kansas State 0 (1)
Iowa State 0 (0)
Baylor 0 (0)
Texas Tech 0 (0)

Total bowl wins:
Oklahoma 27 (in 45 appearances)
Texas 26 (50)
West Virginia 14 (31)
Oklahoma State 14 (22)
TCU 13 (28)
Texas Tech 12 (34)
Baylor 10 (18)
Kansas State 6 (15)
Kansas 6 (12)
Iowa State 3 (11)

Times that ESPN College Game Day has been to campus:
Oklahoma 6
Texas 6
Oklahoma State 3
Kansas State 1
West Virginia 1
Texas Tech 1
Kansas 0
Iowa State 0
Baylor 0

Big 12 Orientation Redux

We're less than a week away from TCU's official entry into the Big 12- and even though we've finished our profiles of the other individual schools of the conference, we've still got more Big 12-themed content for you this week. Right now, though, we want to give you all a chance to catch up if you've gotten a bit behind. Yes, you'll notice that this list is somewhat incomplete. And yes, this is essentially just the blog version of a clip show:

West Virginia introduction

West Virginia football

West Virginia Basketball, Part I

West Virginia Basketball, Part II

West Virginia Baseball

West Virginia's other sports

West Virginia's famous alumni

Iowa State introduction

Iowa State football

Iowa State basketball

Iowa State baseball

Iowa State's other sports

WHAT A DICK! The Paul Rhoads edition

Iowa State's famous alumni

Kansas State introduction

Kansas State football

Kansas State basketball

Kansas State baseball

WHAT A DICK! The Tim Fitzgerald edition

Kansas State's other sports

Kansas State's famous alumni

Kansas introduction

Kansas football

Kansas basketball

Kansas baseball

Kansas' other sports

Kansas' famous alumni

Oklahoma State introduction

Oklahoma State football

Oklahoma State basketball

Oklahoma State baseball

Oklahoma State's other sports

WHAT A DICK! The Johnny Bright incident

Oklahoma State's famous alumni

Oklahoma introduction

Oklahoma football

Oklahoma basketball

Oklahoma baseball

WHAT A DICK! The Joe Don Looney edition

WHAT A DICK! The Bootlegger's Boy edition

Oklahoma's other sports

Oklahoma's famous alumni

Baylor introduction

Baylor football

Baylor basketball

Baylor baseball

Baylor's other sports

WHAT A DICK! Cat Murder edition

Baylor's famous alumni

Lubbock JC introduction

Tech football

Tech basketball

Tech baseball

Tech's famous alumni

UT-Austin introduction

UT-Austin football

UT-Austin basketball

UT-Austin baseball

UT-Austin's famous alumni

Morning Dump


LaDainian Tomlinson returns to campus

LT ready for life's new challenges Star-Telegram

Predicting the 2012 season: Week 1 ESPN

Predicting the 2012 season: Week 2 ESPN

Big 12:

Big 12 Welcome Party planned for June 30th at Billy Bob's

TCU runners could close distance on Big 12 Star-Telegram

Horned Frog soccer team must deal with inexperience, new league Star-Telegram

Big 12 represents new challenge for TCU volleyball Star-Telegram

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Big 12 Orientation: UT-Austin's famous alumni

When you're awarding more than 10,000 degrees every year, you're bound to have a few famous faces among your former students. Here are a few of the more familiar Longhorns:

Tom Hicks- He made his money the Mitt Romney way, but Hicks will always be remembered for somehow being a worse sports franchise owner than Jerry the same town, no less!  Seriously, $65 million for Chan Ho Park?

Matthew McConaughey- What's so funny about McConaughey's brilliant breakout role of Wooderson in Dazed and Confused is that the actor himself appears to have completely missed the point.  Wooderson was a fucking loser, and so is McConaughey for basing his real-life persona on him. 

Lena Guerrero- Guerrero, who is no longer with us, was at one time seen as quite the trailblazer in Texas politics.  In 1984, she was elected to the Texas House of Representatives at age 25.  Seven years later, she became the first woman and first ethnic minority to be selected to serve on the ultra-powerful Texas Railroad Commission when she received the appointment of then-governor Ann Richards.  When it came time for voters to prolong her term, though, it was revealed that she had never- as she claimed- actually graduated from UT-Austin.  Whoops!

 Charles Whitman- Eagle Scout, Marine, UT-Austin student.  Murdered his wife and mother before going all Columbine from the top of the UT-Austin tower. 

Robert Rodriguez- In the '90s, Rodriguez was a big up & coming director after his career started off with movies like El Mariachi, Desperado and From Dusk 'Til Dawn?  Now he's made FOUR Spy Kids movies, the epically-underwhelming Sin City and something called The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D.  Such a visionary...

Renee Zellweger-  Remember when your Mom used to tell you to stop making that face because it might stick that way?  Zellweger is proof she was right. 

Janis Joplin- She probably should've used some of that heroin money on a hair brush.

Baylor's New Commode.

Great work, cuppycup.  Whoever you are.  

WHAT A DICK! The Longhorn Network Edition.

DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!  That poor girl.  That poor, poor girl.  Doesn't even have a chance!  "Mack Brown would tell it again..." Oh yeah, little lady?  You know what else Mack Brown would do?  He'd sneak into your room after your parents were asleep and devour your soul with his butter teeth.  He'd nab top recruiting class after top recruiting class and win five games with them.  He'd turn Colt McCoy into a deity and lead an entire generation of unspoiled youths into believing he's some sort of heterosexual hero.    He'd sign Garrett Gilbert, thus boosting his perceived talent level because that's how Rivals works which would then give SMU false hopes based on a pay-for-ratings internet publication.  The only thing worse than SMU with real hope is SMU with false hope, because they bugger you about it so much more.  Mack would start his own network and then not have any major service providers pick it up, making it one of the biggest media flops in recent memory.... actually, that's pretty great, scratch that.  Worst of all, though, Mack would make me root for USC.  USC!!  A program by all merits more evil than Texas, yet I still cheered my ass off for them in 2005.  WHY MUST YOU DESTROY MY MORALS?!?!

Seriously, read the comments for the vidja on youtube.  It's fucking NAUSEATING. T-shirt fans, unite! A few of them do their own retelling.  It's like "50 Shades of Vince Young."  You can practically see those folks typing one handed.  Vomit.  I hate the Longhorn Network.

Seriously, ESPN exec who greenlit the LHN.  What a dick!

Morning Dump

Big 12 stuff:

TCU has Big 12 Celebration planned for June 30-July 1 at Billy Bob's

Comparing WVU and TCU's entrances into the Big 12 The Daily Athenaeum


Schedule analysis: TCU Horned Frogs ESPN

Under the radar: TCU Horned Frogs ESPN


Frogs accept invitation to play in 2012 South Padre Island tournament

Other sports:

TCU long jumper Gipson ready to take leap at Olympic berth Star-Telegram

TCU middle-distance runner O'Brien named Academic All-American

TCU men's golf team could make a splash in the Big 12 Star-Telegram

Big 12 a natural fit for TCU women's golf, coach says Star-Telegram

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who wants to sign up for boxing with me?

My real job had me busy most of the day, but I didn't want you all to go completely without any Spit Blood content. Check out how awesome this dude is.

BCS rankings to = BCS dollars?

According to some reports, the rumored $400 million in television revenue that would be hauled in by bidding out broadcast rights for a college football playoff would be divvied up based on merit based on past performance- specifically, where a conference or school ranked in previous BCS standings

Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports took the final BCS standings dating back to 2007, and used them to rank the conferences (according to their 2014 membership) to give us a better picture of how they might fare in a meritocratic system:

1. SEC (407 aggregate points)
2. Big 12 (361)
3. Big Ten (259)
4. Pac 12 (224)
5. ACC (184)
6. Big East (130)
7. BYU by themselves (31)
8. MWC (30)
9. CUSA (5)
10. MAC (4)
11t. Notre Dame by themselves, WAC and Sun Belt (0)

With 361 points out of the 1635 total, that works out to about 22.1%.  Coming out of $400 million, that would equal a share of about $88.4 million for the Big 12...or about $8.8 million per school...per year...on top of the roughly $20 million being pulled in annually for each school from the regular-season TV contract.  Maybe that would make Notre Dame consider their football independence?  If you break down the last five years' final BCS standings by individual school, you start to see why TCU won't just be riding the coattails of their future conference rivals:

1. Alabama (81 aggregate points)
2. Ohio State (79)
3t. LSU and Oklahoma (78)
5. Boise State (74)
6t. Oregon and Virginia Tech (73)
8. TCU (68)
9. Florida (59)
10. UT-Austin (56)
11. Oklahoma State (55)
12. Stanford (49)
13. Wisconsin (46)
14t. Georgia and USC (42)
16. Cincinnati (41)
17t. Georgia Tech and Missouri (39)
19. Arkansas (38)
20t. Penn State and West Virginia (35)

Other notables:
28. Texas Tech (19)
31. Kansas (18)
36. Baylor (14)
44. Houston (7)
Texas A&M (0)
SMU (0)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big 12 Orientation: UT-Austin Baseball

"I told you, I'm FINE to DRIVE! Now gimme my damn KEYS!"

UT-Austin Baseball at-a-glance:
-Program founded: 1894
-6 national championships (most recent: 2005)
-34 College World Series appearances (most recent: 2011)
-55 NCAA Tournament appearances (most recent: 2011)
-77 conference titles (7 in the Big 12)
-15 conference tournament championships (4 in the Big 12)
-9 college baseball hall of famers
-4 Dick Howser Trophy winners
-55 1st team All-Americans

History with TCU: The Horned Frogs and Longhorns have met 279 times on the diamond, with UT-Austin holding a commanding 219-58-2 lead in the series. The two teams haven't played each other in Fort Worth since 1997, although the 'Horns have deigned to play in Tarrant County on a number of occasions by granting the Frogs permission to host them at The Ballpark in Arlington, most recently in 2001.  The two teams had an agreed to play a home & home pair of non-conference games in 2009, but at the last minute Augie Garrido bravely backed out of taking his team to Lupton.  Fate, and the NCAA Tournament committee, forced the teams together down in Austin two years in a row for the Super Regionals.  The Longhorns prevailed two games to one in '09, and the Frogs earned their first trip to Omaha by taking two of three from UT-Austin at Disch-Falk in '10.  They celebrated the series win by dog-piling on the Longhorn logo in center field, eliciting quite a bit of butt hurtedness out of the puke orange and white faithful. 

Notable former Longhorns:

  • Roger Clemens.  Just like O.J. Simpson didn't kill his wife, the non-asshole Clemens did not do steroids...

  • Wayne Graham.  He's the head coach now at Rice, where he won a national title in 2003.

  • Brooks Kieschnick.  He's the TJ Ford of Longhorn baseball.

  • Calvin Schiradli.  He took the L for the Red Sox in Games 6 and 7 of the '86 World Series

  • Huston Street.  Not to be confused with Houston Street in downtown Fort Worth.

Recent History: When legendary coach Cliff Gustafson abruptly "retired" after being caught misusing funds from his annual baseball camps in 1996, he was the NCAA's all-time winningest coach.  To replace him, they selected Cal State Fullerton head coach Augie Garrido, who would later break Gustafson's record in 2005.  After having won three national titles at Fullerton, Garrido became the first coach to win titles at two different schools when UT-Austin won it all in 2002.  Two years later, the Longhorns lost to Fullerton in the championship series and Garrido and his team refused to accept their runner-up trophy or take part in the presentation.  So sportsmanship is definitely big with him.  They won it all again in 2005, and have been back to Omaha in 2009 (after Garrido's DUI arrest) and 2011.  This year's team, however, was the first UT-Austin baseball team not to make the NCAA Tournament since 1998.

Outlook for next year:  If you were like me and got a chuckle out of the Longhorns being left out of the NCAA Tournament, enjoy it while you can.  This year's team was decimated by injuries- incluing a season-ender to ace pitcher Sam Stafford before they even took the field- and suspensions.  The MLB Draft didn't hit their current roster nearly as hard as it did some other teams in the top half of the Big 12, and they- like TCU- got some big contributions from some young guys.  Third baseman Erich Weiss, who hit .350 this year and led the Longhorns with 38 RBI, leads a batting order that returns mostly intact and will be under the direction of a yet to be named new hitting coach next year.  Corey Knebel (2.08 as a sophomore this year) and Parker French (2.84 as a freshman) are slated to be the front-end of what will likely be another dangerous Longhorn pitching staff.  I'd expect them to be right in the thick of the Big 12 title hunt in 2013.

Daily Discussion: A cure for senioritis?

Channel 4 ran a story last night about a new tactic being employed by the TCU admissions department to curb incoming students from slacking off in their final semester of high school.  If a prospective students' final transcript shows a sharp decline in quality after they were accepted to TCU, they are now being asked to explain themselves.  In some cases, their admission can be rescinded.

 What do you think- is this a noble move by TCU to insure that students arrive on campus with the correct mindset for academic achievement, or is this a scheme to improve incoming students' GPA so that the admissions department folks can be asked to speak at the next conference they attend?  Is senioritis a problem that extends into a student's time in college, or is it a relaxed victory lap that kids deserve before heading off to face the next challenge in their young lives?

Morning Dump


Trent Johnson and his Frogs face stiff test in stepping up to Big 12 play Star-Telegram

Frogs to take part in November tournament on South Padre Island Bloomington Pantagraph

Hank Thorns works out for Nuggets coaches Denver Stiffs

JR Cadot works out for Bulls & Rockets Bahamas Tribune


TCU officially hires ex-Astro Saarloos as pitching coach Star-Telegram

Track & Field:

Whitney Gipson a finalist for the Bowerman Award Star-Telegram

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New locker room coming along

Earlier this afternoon, TCU Media Relations director Mark Cohen (@tcusid) tweeted this picture of the progress being made on the football team's new locker room.  My guess is that, when they're finished, there won't be a program anywhere else in the country that can snub their noses at the flush accommodations provided to TCU football players. 

Big 12 Orientation, Week 9: UT-Austin Basketball.


UT-Au Basketball At-A-Glance:

  • Team Founded in 1906.
  • 1638-962 Overall Record.
  • 0 Natty Titles.
  • 3 Final Fours (1943, 1947, 2003).
  • 7 Elite Eight Appearances.
  • 10 Sweet Sixteen Appearances.
  • 28 NCAA Tournament Berths.
  • 0 Big 12 Tourney Titles.
  • 3 Big 12 Regular Season Titles.
  • 1 Squandered Kevin Durant Opportunity.
History with TCU:  The Horns and Frogs have met 161 times with the Horns winning 99 of those matchups.  Believe it or not, UT hasn't done TCU any scheduling favors in basketball either, with the only post-SWC meeting happening in 2008, an 8 point UT win.  That's all I got.

Famous Ex-Longhorns:
  • Durant, but not his fake glasses.
  • TJ Ford, back before he was a walking insurance claim.
  • Lamarcus Aldridge, Portlandia's Own.
  • Meh.
Recent History:  UT used to be good at basketball, but for whatever reason Rick Barnes has never been able to put it all together, with his only Final Four appearance coming in 2003 during the TJ Ford era.  Now we have their downturn to think for Baylor's rise.  Also, cheating.  LOTS of cheating.  However, to his credit the team has never missed the NCAA's since he arrived on campus in 1998, most recently bowing out in round 1.  That's been a bit of a common thread for his teams:  In the 13 times UT has gone to the Dance with Barnes, only 5 times have they survived opening weekend.  Clearly we'd kill for that kind of consistency, but UT has the arrogant attitude that they should win every sport no matter the circumstance, so Barnes' days could be numbered.  Stay tuned.

2012 Outlook:  Last year's UT squad managed a 20-14 overall record and an even 9-9 split in Conference, good enough for 6th place in the Big 12.  They were then dismissed by 6 seed Cincinnati in the opening round of the East Regional of the NCAA Tournament.  The team was young with only 2 Seniors, but after watching Kentucky win the whole thing with freshmen, you can't really use that as an excuse anymore.  That said, it's a positive for the Longhorns that they only lose 2 Seniors to graduation, although losing leading scorer J'Covan Brown as an early entrant to the NBA draft certainly hurts.  However, they do return guards Sheldon Brown and Myck Kabongo, both true freshmen last year who will have a full year under their belts.  Hopefully they will learn to share the ball a little more because being ranked 200+ in assists won't cut it without a star player.  Both were members of Rivals 8th ranked recruiting class for 2011, along with 4 others and combined with this past year's 11th ranked unit, UT could be dangerous.   If they play to their potential, good things could happen, but, come on, this is UT we're talking about! They NEVER play to their potential!  It's why we love them.   The Conference will be Baylor and Kansas' to lose, and TCU's to REALLY lose.

Miscellania:  Have you ever seen someone at precisely the moment of retirement?  Do you want to?  WATCH!

Jersey # changes

The official roster on has been updated today, and you might want to pay attention unless you want to be one of those fans who has to thumb through their game programs after every play to figure out which players were involved. First the returning players who have changed jersey numbers:

-Taylo Fabuluje: # 59 (was #69).  The sophomore transfer from BYU that is expected to start at left tackle subtracted 10 from his old number, and will now join right tackle James Dunbar (#56) in bookending the offensive line with numbers in the 50s.

-Cliff Murphy: # 43 (was #98).  Murphy hasn't seen much playing time in his first few years on campus,  so perhaps switching to Tank Carder's old number will be a fortuitous move.  It might look a little odd at defensive end, but then again #43 doesn't really look normal anywhere and look how well it worked for Tank!

-Geoff Hooker: # 30 (was #16).  Hooker, who got more and more playing time on special teams as last season wore on, now has a more traditional number for a safety.  He'll be sharing 30 with senior running back Aundre Dean this season.

-Jamelle Naff: # 77 (was #76).  A year older and one number better, huh?  Naff, a redshirt freshman who will provide depth on the interior of the offensive line, switched back to the number he wore at Del City High School in the Oklahoma City area.

-Chris Kim: # 32 (was #36).  Kim, a junior walk-on safety who has appeared in just one game in his career, has perhaps the most perplexing jersey number change.  He switches from #36- a number that was suddenly solely his after Deryck Gildon's departure- to #32, which he'll share with Waymon James.  That means he can't serve on any special teams unit (such as kick return) that James is as well.

Here are the jersey numbers being worn by the incoming freshmen and other newcomers:

# 4 Jordan Moore.  Asking to share a jersey number with the star quarterback? Bold move!  But he was granted his request, so maybe the coaching staff likes what they've seen so far from the safety from Georgia.

# 6 Deante' Grey.  The speedy wide receiver (he was a state finalist in the 100m) from Houston Westside will be sharing a jersey number with junior safety Elisha Olabode. 

# 7 Kolby Listenbee. The former QB from Arlington Bowie enrolled early and wore this number during spring practice, when it would appear that he earned himself some playing time for this fall.

# 9 Josh Doctson. After transferring in from Wyoming, Doctson wore #87 during spring practice.  He now changes to a number he'll share with redshirt freshman safety Jamie Byrd, but he'll have to sit out a year before hitting the field in a game for TCU.

# 18 Keivon Gamble. Expected to compete for playing time at corner immediately, this JUCO transfer took Quentily Harmon's number when he enrolled in the spring.

#20 Aaron Green.  The transfer running back from Nebraska, who will have to sit out this year before being eligible to play as a sophomore at TCU in 2013, will tack a 0 behind the #2 he wore in Lincoln and at Madison High in San Antonio.  

# 21 Zach Jackson.  The other part of the Peach Tree State safety duo the Frogs inked in February, Jackson took #21 since his high school number (#45) has been retired by TCU.

# 23 BJ Catalon.  Expect to see a lot of this number in the fall.  The early enrollee should get the ball quite a bit wearing Aaron Brown's old number after Ed Wesley's departure.

# 31 Derrick Kindred.  He'll have to share it with senior punter Cale Patterson for a year, but then Kindred can create his own legacy with #31.

# 33 Jaden Oberkrom.  He's expected to compete for the starting place kicker job, so #33 will likely be a number that evokes a wide range of emotions from Frog fans. 

# 37 Ethan Perry.  This wasn't a popular number to be seen trotting onto the field last year, and that won't change now.  Nothing against Perry...we just hope the Frogs aren't having to punt very often!

# 40 James McFarland.  Were you still wondering whether he'd play LB or DE?  This should clear that up for you.

# 46 AJ Hilliard.  What a great number for what we expect to be the next big thing at LB for the Frogs- it worked pretty well for David Hawthorne, didn't it?  And it'll provide a measure of continuity for Hilliard, since he wore it at Klein Oak too.

#47 Paul "PJ Dawson.  The JUCO transfer, who will be eligible immediately, was also given a classically awkward number like so many of the highly-successful TCU linebackers under Patterson. 

# 69 Aviante Collins.  This was the number given to Tayo Fabuluje last fall, and now a year later he's starting at left tackle.  Is this a good omen for Collins?

# 74 Halapoulivaati Vaitai.  This is the same number he wore playing tackle at Haltom High.  Don't worry about pronouncing his name- you can just call him "Big V"

# 76 Chad Childs.  A four-year starter at La Grange, Childs is expected to be a force on the interior of the offensive line in coming years.  Wearing Jake Kirkpatrick's number ought to give him some motivation.

# 83 Gerren Ballard.  Good, solid number for this intriguingly athletic tight end prospect.

# 87 Griffin Gilbert.  He wore #7 as a high school senior at Lake Travis, but for now at least they'll slap an 8 in front of that as they figure out whether he'll play wide receiver or tight end.

# 94 Joey Hunt.  Thought you'd miss seeing #94 in the middle of the defensive line this year?  I'm not saying Hunt will replace DJ Yendrey, but he may just get some PT as a true freshman.

# 95 Devonte Fields.  He wore #18 at Arlington Martin, but #95 seems much more fitting for the NFL-caliber defensive end he's expected to blossom into quickly.

# 98 Josh Carraway.  He's a bit undersized but crazy athletic and tenacious for a defensive end...just like Jerry Hughes...who also wore #98.  I like it.

# 99 Terrell Lathan.  He arrived on campus at 6'5" and 260lbs.  He needs a big number!

Of course, this round of jersey number assignments did not include incoming freshman running back LeDarius Anthony, who has not enrolled just yet.  There are still some prime jersey numbers not claimed by anyone- like #'s 1, 13, 22, 26, 34, 35, 36, 48, 62, 78 and 79.  Anthony, along with any incoming walk-on's as well as guys that are currently sharing numbers, will have those to choose from.