Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Up & Down Night

It's already been a roller-coaster of a season for the TCU baseball team, so it's somewhat fitting that the high of Tuesday's comeback win over Oklahoma was immediately followed by the low of news coming out that three players have been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules.

The three suspended players are all true freshmen: catcher/first baseman Braden Mattson, pitcher Chris Murphy and infielder Michael Resnick.  No indication yet what rules they broke or how long they'll be gone, but they're already off of the official roster on so you can use your imagination.  Mattson had played the most of the three, having batted .190 in 63 at-bats earlier in the year before being injured.  Murphy had an ERA of 9.00 in 5 total appearances, and Resnick had one base hit in 12 at-bats. 

One would assume that the rest of the team already knew about this before the game, though, which makes it all the more impressive that they showed the resiliency to go out and come from behind in the late innings to defeat a team that had so befuddled them in recent years.  The win makes the Frogs 6-2 against teams they'll see as part of the Big 12 next year, and 27-15 overall.  In the regional projections put out by Perfect Game USA yesterday (when TCU's RPI was 42), the Frogs are predicted to be the #2 seed in the Waco Regional hosted by Baylor.  The win over OU, though, boosted the Frogs up to #36 in the RPI- so next week's projections may be even better depending on what happens with New Mexico this weekend.


SnK said...

They got caught cooking meth in a chemistry lab under University Laundry. People around campus have been referring to Resnick and Murphy as "Walt and Jesse" and Mattson as "Gus Fring".

You said use your imagination...

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

Good riddance. They are obviously awful at what they do judging by their stats

BigMo said...

Thats what you get when you think you are God himself on campus. Then when reality hits from not showing up to practice because you are "too good" for the rest of the team. Stats say it all, as well as their pathetic attitudes.

A lot of these freshman need to be put through bootcamps.