Thursday, May 31, 2012

Save the Date: August 25th

There are still a lot of details left to be worked out, but we just want to grab a space on your calendar.  It's time to start honing your short game, because the 3rd Annual Spit Blood Scramble will be held on Saturday, August 25th- again hosted by our friends at Whitestone Golf Club out in Benbrook.

So if you're in a wedding that day, just send a gift.  If that's the day of your own wedding, well, it's probably not too late to move your nuptials to another day, now is it?  Last year we had 85 of you yahoos participating, and raised over $8,000 for charity.  This year, we're aiming for 100 entrants and at least 10 G's.

Plenty of additional information, such as prizes and how to sign up, will be coming in the weeks to come.  But for now, give us a casual show of hands in the comments section as to who all is planning on teeing it and with us this summer.


VikingFrog said...

I will be there in full force to defend my Trophies.

Little moe with the gimpy leg said...

ill be there boom box in-hand