Saturday, May 19, 2012

Purple Out For JJ: Updated Sizes

***I have updated the order form to reflect what sizes are left. They have sold so many shirts that they have run out of youth small, adult small, and adult medium.

The Colonial Kids For A Cause have been slinging "LemonAid" in the Colonial neighborhood during the tournament for 10 years now. Each year they try to raise more money than the last for a number of different charities. This year they have decided to team up with The Henry House Foundation and Cook's Children to sell t shirts to tournament goers in an effort to "Purple Out" the crowd for Friday's round. They have also secured a donor who will match up to $10,000 which is unbelievable. The kids got together and came up with this t shirt design to sell for $10 + $2 shipping. 100% of proceeds go to charity! (These kids could work for Sterling Cooper Draper Price)

T Shirt Front
T Shirt Back
                                 (I love it when kids make you remember how cool simple is)
How To Order:
If you don't have a magnifying glass handy, please fill out the following information and send checks to:
6628 Bryant Irvin Road
Suite 125
Fort Worth, TX 76132
Shipping Address:
Phone #:
T-­SHIRT SIZES: (Please indicate quantity of each) ___Youth M ___Youth L ___Adult L ___Adult XL ___Adult XXL
Total Enclosed $:

 *Please Make Checks Payable To The Henry House Foundation ------------------------------------------------------------

For those going to the tournament, you can email your order to: and pick up and pay for your t shirt on May 25th or 26th at 2448 Colonial Parkway, Fort Worth, TX and check out the "LemonAid" stand in the flesh. If you choose to pick up, t shirts are only $10.

The Spitblood community has shown their commitment to giving in the past, so let's order more t shirts than they could have imagined and help support this great cause.

***Mankdog, you better be the first to order 10

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